Talbot of Herefordshire and Cornwall, England
Hugh Talbot b abt 1105, of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. He md Beatrice de Mandeville abt 1125, daughter of William de Mandeville and Margaret.
Child of Hugh Talbot and Beatrix de Mandeville was:

Richard Talbot b abt 1127, of Linton, Herefordshire, England, d 1174/75. He md Daughter de Bulmer abt 1148, daughter of Stephen de Bulmer. She was b abt 1134, of Appletreewick, Yorkshire, England.
Child of Richard Talbot and Daughter de Bulmer was:

Gilbert Talbot b abt 1155, of Hereford, Herefordshire, England, d bef 15 Feb 1230. Wife unknown.
Child of Gilbert Talbot was:

Richard Talbot b abt 1186, of Herefordshire, England, d aft 1231. He md Aline/Aliva Basset abt 1220, daughter of Alan Basset and Aline de Gay.
Child of Richard Talbot and Aline Basset was:

Gilbert Talbot b abt 1224, Herefordshire, England, d 8 Sep 1274. He md Gwenthlian verch
abt 1246, daughter of Rhys-Mechyll ap Rhys, Lord of Dynevor. She was b abt 1232, Dynevor, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
Child of Gilbert Talbot and Gwenthlian verch Rhys was:

Richard Talbot, Governor of Cardiff, b 1250, Herefordshire, England, d 3 Sep 1306, Eccleswall, Herefordshire, England. He md Sarah de Beauchamp aft 7 Jan 1267/68, daughter of Sir William de Beauchamp, Lord of Elmley Castle, and Isabel Mauduit.
Child of Richard Talbot and Sarah de Beauchamp was:

Gilbert Talbot b 18 Oct 1276, Wyke, Cornwall, England, d bef 24 Feb 1345/46, Eccleswall, Herefordshire, England. He md Anne/Ankaret le Botiler abt 1300, daughter of William le Botiler and Angharad verch Gruffydd.
Children of Gilbert Talbot and Anne le Botiler were:

  • Sir Richard Talbot b abt 1302.
  • Philippa Talbot b abt 1305; md Sir Philip de Clanvowe.
Sir Richard Talbot b abt 1302, Wyke, Cornwall, England, d 23 Oct 1356. He md Elizabeth Comyn abt 1325, daughter of Sir John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, and Joan de Valence.
Child of Sir Richard Talbot and Elizabeth Comyn was:

Sir Gilbert Talbot b abt 1332, Herefordshire, England, d 24 Apr 1387, Roales, Spain. He md Petronella Butler bef 8 Sep 1352, daughter of Sir James Butler, Earl of Ormonde, and Eleanor de Bohun.
Children of Gilbert Talbot and Petronella Butler were:

  • Elizabeth Talbot b abt 1354, of Herefordshire, England, d 10 Jan 1400/01; md Henry de Grey bef 1379.
  • Sir Richard Talbot, Lord Talbot, b abt 1358.
Sir Richard Talbot, Lord Talbot, b abt 1358, Blackmere, Cornwall, England, d abt 7 Sep 1396, London, Middlesex, England. He md Ankaret le Strange bef 23 Aug 1383, daughter of Sir John le Strange, Lord of Blackmere, and Isabel/Mary Fitzalan.
Children of Richard Talbot and Ankaret le Strange were:
  • Mary Talbot b abt 1382, d 13 Apr 1433, Hertfordshire, England. She md Sir Thomas Greene, Knight, abt 1397, son of Sir Thomas Greene and Margery Mablethorpe.
  • Sir Gilbert Talbot, Lord Talbot, b 1383, d 19 Oct 1418, Rouen, France; md Joan Plantagenet abt 20 May 1392.
  • Richard Talbot, Archbishop of Dublin, b abt 1385, d 15 Aug 1449.
  • Anne Talbot b abt 1387, d 16 Jan 1439/40; md Hugh de Courtenay, Earl of Devon.
  • Sir John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, b 1390, of Shropshire, England, d 17 Jul 1453, Chastillon, France; md Margaret de Beauchamp abt 1414.

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