Boteler/Botiler of Wem, Shropshire
Ralph le Botiler [a] b abt 1218, of Oversley, Warwickshire, England, d 10 Jan 1277/78. He md Maud Pantulf abt 1238, daughter of Sir William Pantulf. She was b abt 1224, Wem, Shropshire, England.
Child of Ralph le Botiler and Maud Pantulf was:

William le Botiler [b] b abt 1242, of Wem, Shropshire, England, d bef 11 Dec 1283. He md Angharad/Ankaret verch Gruffydd aft 2 Oct 1261, daughter of Sir Gruffydd ap Madog, Lord of Bromfield, and Emma de Aldithley.
Children of William le Botiler and Angharad verch Gruffydd were:

Sir William le Botiler [c], Lord le Botiller, b 11 Jan 1273/74, of Wem, Shropshire, England, d bef 14 Sep 1334. He md:
[1] Beatrice bef 1298. She was b abt 1280.
Child of William le Botiler and Beatrice was:

    William le Botiler b 8 Sep 1296, of Wem, Shropshire, England, d Dec 1361. He md Margaret Fitz Alan abt 1320, daughter of Sir Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel, and Alasia di Saluzzo.
    Child of William le Botiler and Margaret Fitz Alan was:

    Sir William le Botiler b bef 1331, of Wem, Shropshire, and Oversley, Warwickshire, England, d 14 Aug 1369. He md Elizabeth (perh Holand) bef Jul 1343. She was b abt 1334.
    Child of William le Botiler and Elizabeth was:

    Elizabeth le Botiler b bef 1345, of Wem, Shropshire, and Oversley, Warwickshire, England, d 19 Jun 1411. She md Sir Robert de Ferrers abt 27 Sep 1369, son of Sir Robert de Ferrers, Lord of Chartley, Knight, and Joan de la Mote.

[2] Ela de Herdeburgh [d] bef 1298, daughter of Roger de Herdeburgh and Ida de Odingsells.
Children of William le Botiler and Ela de Herdeburgh were:
  • Ankaret le Botiler b abt 1307, Wem, Shropshire, England. She md [1] John le Strange abt 1320, son of Sir Fulk le Strange, Lord of Blackmere, and Eleanor Giffard; and [2] Thomas de Ferrers.
  • Alice le Botiler b abt 1310; md Nicholas Longford.
  • Edward le Botiler b abt 1312, of Buckinghamshire, England, d 1374/75.

There are three distinct families by the name Boteler, (1) those which settled early in Ireland, the first of which was Theobald le Boteler, some of whose descendants took the anglicized name Butler; (2) the family of Boteler of Warrington in Lancashire; and (3) the family of Botiler, Boteler, Botiller of Wem in Shropshire, and of Oversley in Warwickshire. This particular family, of Wem and Oversley, appear to have been recorded most often as Botiler, and as such are shown with this spelling.

a. Assumed the name Botiler from his position as butler to Robert, Earl of Leicester, and seated himself at Oversley in Warwickshire, where he founded Alcester Priory in 1140. Maud, daughter and heir of William Pantulf, brought to her husband her inheritance of Wem in Shropshire.

b. Son and heir of Ralph le Botiler, he succeeded his father shortly before 3 Jul 1281. He was summoned, 24 May 1282 and 14 Mar 1282/83, and to attend the King at Shrewsbury, 28 Jun 1283. He married, by the instance of James de Alditheley, "for Ankeretta, his niece, to marry William, son of Ralph le Botiller", Angharad, the daughter of Griffith ap Madoc, Lord of Bromfield. She was still living 21 Sep 1334.

c. Succeeded his brothers, John, died s.p. bef 4 Sep 1287, and Gawain, died s.p. bef 3 Mar 1289/90, and had livery of their lands 8 Apr 1296. Having served in the wars with Scotland, he was summoned to Parliament 10 Mar 1307/08 to 10 Oct 1325, whereby he became Lord le Botiller. His first wife, Beatrice, whom he married before 1298, was still living 1305-6. He married, secondly, before Feb 1315/16, Ela, daughter and coheir of Roger de Herdeburgh.

d. Mr. Douglas Richardson, in postings to gen-medieval, revealed his discovery that Edward le Botiler and his four sisters, including Ankaret, wife of John le Strange and Thomas de Ferrers, were children of William le Botiler by his second wife, Ela Herdeburgh. If so, the chronology, based upon the dates given above in Complete Peerage, would indicate that (1) William le Botiler must have married his second wife well before the rough date of "before Feb 1315/16", but rather closer to ten years earlier, as (2) daughter Ankaret, with mother as Ela Herdeburgh, had a child, John le Strange who was born 13 Jan 1322. As CP states that William le Botiler's first wife, Beatrice, was still living in 1306, even if Beatrice died late in 1306, William would not have fathered a child by second wife Ela until 1307, so their proposed daughter Ankaret would have been still only age 15 when her son was born, and perhaps even younger, say 13 or 14, based on this second wife scenario. This means that Ankaret was almost probably the first child of the five children Mr. Richardson claims were from their father's second marriage.

CP: Vol II[230-232]; AR Line 84A[30], Line 77[32-34].
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