Braose, Lords of Abergavenny and Bramber
William de Braose b abt 1038, of Briouze, Normandy, d abt 1095, prob England. He md (poss.) Eva de Boissey abt 1073/74. She was b abt 1040.
Child of William de Braose and Eva de Boissey was:

Philip de Braose, Lord of Briouze and Bramber, b abt 1076, of Bramber, Sussex, England, and Briouze, Normandy, d 1134-1135, Holy Land, Palestine. He md Aenor de Totnes abt 1104, daughter of Juhel de Totnes and Daughter de Picquigny. She was b abt 1090, Devonshire, England.
Children of Philip de Braose and Aenor de Toteneis were:

  • William de Braose b abt 1106, Bramber, Sussex, England.
  • Maud de Braose b abt 1116, Gower, Wales. She md Sir William de Beauchamp abt 1130, son of Sir Walter de Beauchamp and Emmeline de Abitot.
William de Braose [a], Lord of Abergavenny, b abt 1106, of Bramber, Sussex, England, and Briouze, Normandy, d 1192-1193, England. He md Bertha of Hereford abt Aug 1148, Herefordshire, England, daughter of Sir Miles Fitz Walter, Earl of Hereford, and Sibyl de Neufmarche.
Children of William de Braose and Bertha Fitz Walter were:
  • Sybil de Braose b abt 1152, Bramber, Sussex, England, d aft 5 Feb 1227/28. She md Sir William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, abt 1165, son of Sir Robert de Ferrieres, Earl of Derby, and Margaret Peverel.
  • Sir William de Braose, Lord of Bramber, b abt 1153.
  • Bertha de Braose [b] b abt 1155, Bramber, Sussex, England. She md Sir Walter de Beauchamp, Lord Beauchamp, abt 1174, Bramber Essex, England, son of Sir William de Beauchamp, Baron Beauchamp, and Joane de Walerie.
Sir William de Braose [c], Lord of Bramber, Briouze, Brecon, Over-Gwent, b abt 1153, Bramber, Sussex, England, d 9 Aug 1211, Corbeil, Marne, France. He md Maud de St. Valery abt 1168. She was b abt 1155, Bramber, Sussex, England, d 1211 (murdered), Windsor, Berkshire, England.
Children of William de Braose and Maud de St. Valery were:
  • Maud/Matilda de Braose b abt 1170, Bramber, Sussex, England; md Rhys ap Rhys.
  • Sir William de Braose, Lord of Bramber, b abt 1172. See LINE A
  • Sir Reginald de Braose b abt 1175. See LINE B
  • Margaret/Margery de Braose b abt 1183, Abergavenny, Wales, d aft 1255. She md Sir Walter de Lacy, Lord of Meath and Weobley, abt Nov 1195, son of Hugh de Lacy and Rohese de Monmouth.
Sir William de Braose, Lord of Bramber, b abt 1172, Bramber, Sussex, England, d 1211, (murdered) Windsor, Berkshire, England. He md Maud de Clare abt 1206, daughter of Sir Richard de Clare, Earl of Hereford and Gloucester, and Amice Fitz Robert.
Children of William de Braose and Maud de Clare were:
  • Sir John de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower, b abt 1209.
  • Maud de Braose b abt 1210. She md Henry de Tracy abt 1224, son of Oliver de Tracy and Eve de Torrington.
Sir John de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower, b abt 1209, of Sussex, England. He md Margaret/Margred verch Llewelyn 1220, daughter of Llewelyn ap Iorwerth, Prince of North Wales, and a daughter of the Lord of the Isles.
Children of John de Braose and Margaret verch Llewelyn were:
  • Sir William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower, b abt 1222. See LINE A1
  • Sir Richard de Braose b bef 1232. See LINE A2

  • LINE A1
    Sir William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower, b abt 1224, d sh bef 6 Jan 1290/91. He md [1] Aline de Multon abt 1252, daughter of Thomas de Multon and Maud de Vaux. He md [2] Agnes de Moeles, and [3] Mary de Ros abt 1271.
    Child of William de Braose and Aline de Multon was:

    Sir William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower, b abt 1258, d sh bef 1 May 1326. He md [1] Unknown, and [2] Elizabeth de Sully.
    Children of William de Braose and unknown first wife were:

    • Aline de Braose b abt 1283, d bef 21 Aug 1331. She md [1] Sir John de Mowbray, Lord Mowbray, 1298, Swansea, England, son of Sir Roger de Mowbray, Lord Mowbray, and Rohese de Clare. She md [2] Sir Richard de Peshale.
    • Joan de Braose b abt 1285, d bef 23 Jun 1324; md [1] James de Bohun bef 1301, and [2] Sir Richard Foliot.

    LINE A2
    Sir Richard de Braose [d] b bef 1232, of Stinton in Salle, Norfolk, England, d bef 18 June 1292. He md Alice le Rus bef 9 Sep 1265, daughter of William le Rus and Agatha de Clere.
    Children of Richard de Braose and Alice le Rus were:
Sir Reginald de Braose [f], Lord of Abergavenny, b abt 1175, Bramber, Sussex, England, d 9 Jun 1228, Breconshire, Wales. He md [1] Gracia de Briwere bef 1204, daughter of Sir William de Briwere and Beatrice de Vaux. He md [2] Gwladus-Dhu verch Llewelyn 1215.
Child of Reginald de Braose and Gracia de Briwere was:

Sir William de Braose [g], Lord of Abergavenny, b bef 1197, Brecknock (Breconshire), Wales, d 2 May 1230, Wales. He md Eva Marshal 2 May 1220, Pembrokeshire, Wales, daughter of Sir William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, Mareschal of England, and Isabel de Clare.
Children of William de Braose and Eva Marshall were:

  • Eva de Braose [h] b abt 1222, Bramber, Sussex, England, d bef 28 Jul 1255. She md Sir William III de Cantelou, Lord of Abergavenny, 25 Jul 1238, son of William II de Cantelou, King's Steward, and Millicent de Gournay.
  • Maud de Braose b abt 1225, Bramber Castle, Breconshire, Wales, d bef 23 Mar 1300/01. She md Sir Roger de Mortimer 1247, son of Ralph de Mortimer and Gwladys-Dhu verch Llewelyn.
  • Eleanor de Braose b abt 1229, Wales, d bef 1265. She md Sir Humphrey VI de Bohun abt 1245, son of Sir Humphrey V de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, and Maud d'Eu.
  • Isabel de Braose b abt 1232, Bramber, Sussex, England; md David ap Llewelyn, Prince of Wales.

There is no connection between this family and that of de Brus; while both are Norman in origination, they came from distinctly different areas of Normandy, and bore distinctly different arms. It should also be noted that the spelling used here of Braose is the form which, according to Cokayne's The Complete Peerage, was adopted in peerages. CP states that "in some 25 early references to this name, not in charter latin, it appears as Breouse, Breuse, or Brewys", and additionally, that the descendants of William (d aft 1179) spelled the name as Brewes. Perhaps the latter two of these spellings may have lead to some fanciful notion based on pronunciation which lead to the conclusion that Brewes and Brewys must be the same as Brus. Another version of this surname is seen in Weis' Ancestral Roots and Magna Charta Sureties, as Braiose, and is perhaps the "purest" form of the name; CP states that the family's Norman home was "Briouze-Saint-Gervais (formerly Braiose)".

a. Lord of Briouze in Normandy and of Bramber in Sussex, he was son and heir of Philip de Braose, of the same, by Aenor, daughter and heir of Juhel, son of Alvred, Lord of Barnstaple and Totnes. He was Sheriff of Hereford, Easter 1173-75, at which earlier date was probably already in possession of the Lordship of Over-Gwent. He married, in or before 1150, Bertha, second sister and coheir of William of Hereford. He was still living in 1179.

b. Note that the marriage of Bertha de Braose to Walter de Beauchamp, which is widely seen, is in question. This marriage would have been within the prohibited degree, as Walter would have married the niece of his grandmother.

c. As a result of his quarrel with King John, his lands were foreited (1208), and his wife and first son, William, were starved to death in the dungeons of Corfe (or Windsor) in 1210. He died the following year, and was buried in the Abbey of St. Victor, Paris.

d. Younger son of Sir John de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower, and Margaret, daughter of Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales, Richard de Braose was summoned 12 December 1276 to 14 Jun 1287, and to attend the King at Shrewsbury 28 June 1283. He married Alice le Rus, widow of Richard Lungespeye. She was the daughter and heir of William le Rus by Agatha, daughter and heir of Roger de Clere of Bramley, Surrey and Ludborough, Lincolnshire, by his wife Maud. Richard and his wife were buried at Woodbridge Priory.

e. Mary, the wife of Sir John de Weyland, has been claimed in several sources to be the granddaughter of Richard de Braose (by his son John), but from a feet of fines record she is stated to be the daughter of Richard and Alice.

f. He had livery of his father's lands 26 May 1216, but gave up Bramber in or after 1220 to his nephew, John, son and heir of his first brother, William.

g. He was hanged by Prince Llewelyn 2 May 1230, having been discovered in the Prince's bedchamber with Joan, Llewelyn's wife. The alleged adultry, and Braose's execution, created tensions which eventually lead to an outbreak of war in southern Wales the following year.

h. Coheir to her father, Eva was the heiress of Abergavenny. William de Cantelou, on 25 July 1238, obtained her wardship and marriage together with the custody of Abergavenny and other lands left to her, and shortly thereafter, she was married to his son, William. The lordship of Abergavenny then passed into the Cantelou family, but for only one generation, when again, a female heir took the Abergavenny title to yet another family.

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