Lacy of Ireland, and Herefordshire, England
Hugh I de Lacy b abt 1010, prob Normandy. He md Emma abt 1032. She was b abt 1015.
Children of Unknown de Lacy and Emma were:
  • Ilbert de Lacy b abt 1036. see LINE A
  • Walter de Lacy b abt 1042. see LINE B
Ilbert de Lacy [a], Lord of Pontefract, b abt 1036, prob Normandy, d abt 1093. He md Hawise abt 1058. She was b abt 1042.
Child of Ilbert de Lacy and Hawise was:

Robert de Lacy [b] b abt 1074, d bef 1129. He md Matilda abt 1195. She was b abt 1178.
Child of Robert de Lacy and Matilda was:

Albreda de Lacy [c] b abt 1100. She md Robert de Lisours abt 1113, son of Fulk de Lisours and Albreda.

Walter de Lacy [d], Lord of Weobley, b abt 1042, prob Normandy, d 27 Mar 1085. He md Ermeline abt 1066. She was b abt 1048.
Children of Walter de Lacy and Ermeline were:
  • Hugh II de Lacy b abt 1073, d s.p.m. bef 1115; md Adeline.
  • Agnes de Lacy b abt 1076. She md Geoffrey Talbot abt 1090. Their daughter, Sibyl Talbot md Payn Fitz John abt 1112.
  • Emma de Lacy b abt 1078.
Emma de Lacy [d] b abt 1078. She md Unknown abt 1095.
Child of Emma de Lacy and Unknown was:

Gilbert de Lacy [e] b abt 1110, d 1163. He md Agnes abt 1132. She was b abt 1118.
Child of Gilbert de Lacy and Agnes was:

Sir Hugh de Lacy [f], Lord of Ludlow, Earl of Meath, b abt 1138, d 1186. He md [1] Rohese de Monmouth abt 1163, daughter of Baderon of Monmouth and Rohese de Clare; and [2] Rose o'Conor aft 1180. Rohese de Monmouth was b abt 1145.
Children of Hugh de Lacy and Rohese de Monmouth were: Sir Walter de Lacy [g], Lord of Meath and Weobley, b abt 1172, of Ewyas Lacy, Herefordshire, England, d 1241. He md Margaret/Margery de Braose abt Nov 1195, daughter of William de Braose, Lord of Bramber, Briouze, Brecon, Over-Gwent, and Maud de St. Valery.
Children of Walter de Lacy and Margaret de Braose were:
  • Gilbert de Lacy b abt 1196.
  • Petronilla de Lacy b abt 1198, Meath, Ireland, d aft 25 Nov 1288. She md Sir Ralph VI de Toeni, Lord of Flamstead, Nov 1234, son of Sir Roger IV de Toeni, Lord of Flamstead, Knight, and Constance de Beaumont.
  • Egidia de Lacy b abt 1208, prob Meath, Ireland. She md Sir Richard de Burgh, Lord of Connacht, Lord Lieut. of Ireland, "the Great", 21 Apr 1225, Antrim, Ireland, son of Sir William de Burgh, Lord of Connacht, and Daughter O'Brien.
Gilbert de Lacy b abt 1196, of Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England, d 1230. He md Isabel Bigod abt 1225, prob Norfolk, England, daughter of Sir Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, Magna Charta Surety, and Maud Marshal.
Children of Gilbert de Lacy and Isabel Bigod were:
  • Maud de Lacy b abt 1228, Herefordshire, England, d 11 Apr 1304, Meath, Ireland. She md Sir Geoffrey de Geneville, Lord Geneville, Justiciar of Ireland, abt 1244, Meath, Ireland, son of Simon de Joinville, Seneschal of Champagne, and Beatrix of Burgundy.
  • Margaret de Lacy b abt 1230, Ewyas Lacy, Herefordshire, England, d 1256. She md Sir John de Verdun, Lord of Westmeath, bef 14 May 1244, son of Theobald le Boteler and Rohese de Verdun.

a. Little is known of Ilbert de Lacy, aside from the fact that he appears to have held the honour of Pontefract, and that he had a (likely younger) brother, Walter. He is believed to have come into England at the time of the conquest, and to have been dead by the end of the reign of Willam Rufus, at which time his son, Robert, had succeeded to his estates.

b. Robert de Lacy is evidently the first member of the Lacy family to have founded a monastery, that of the Cluniac priory of St. John, Pontefract, sometime during the reign of William I, and also is believed by some to have been responsible for the building of the Lacy castle at Clitheroe. Robert, along with his son Ilbert II, were banished from their English lands around 1114. Robert de Lacy and his wife, Matilda left three known children, a daughter, Aubrey/Albreda, and two sons, Ilbert II and Henry, although there was likely another son, Robert. The elder Robert was dead by 1129, when Robert de Lisoures paid for permission to marry his daughter, Aubrey (Albreda). Ilbert II evidently died without heirs, as he was succeeded by his brother Henry, who also left no heirs.

c. Albreda (or Aubrey) de Lacy became her father's sole heir, and through their daughter, Albreda de Lisoures, the Lacy line was continued by her son, John de Lacy, Constable of Chester.

d. Walter de Lacy, the younger brother of Ilbert, held the honour of Weobley in Herefordshire, and by his wife Ermeline, left sons Roger, who "rebelled and was banished from England", Hugh, and Walter, as well as daughters, Emma and Ermeline. Walter became an abbot, and Hugh died s.p. Ermeline is presumed to have died without male heirs, thus Emma de Lacy became her father's heir. The identity of her husband has never been discovered, but their son, Gilbert took his mother's name, and as had occurred with the line of his brother Ilbert, Walter's line was continued by a female heir.

e. Gilbert, son of an unknown father and the heiress Emma de Lacy, took his mother's name, and recovered the family's lands from Henry II.

f. He was granted Meath in Ireland. By his first wife, Roese/Rohese de Monmouth, he had two sons, Walter and Hugh, as well as a daughter Elayne, who married Robert de Beaufo. He secondly married Rose, the daughter of Roderic o'Connor, King of Connaught, for which he was recalled to England in 1181 for marrying without leave, and by 1182 he was back in Ireland. By this second marriage he had a son William de Lacy. Additional children assigned to him are a son, Gilbert, and two daughters, one who married Geoffrey de Marisco/Marsh, and one who married William Fitz Alan, but by which of his wives is unclear. It is also known that his second wife, Rose o'Connor, had at least two other sons, Thomas and Henry, who's surnames are shown as Blund. As her known son by Hugh de Lacy, William, was sometimes called Le Blund, it is possible that Thomas and Henry were sons by her marriage to Hugh de Lacy.

g. Walter de Lacy was the eldest son of Hugh and his first wife, Rohese de Monmouth. He lost possession of his Irish lands in 1210, but by 1213, they had been restored to him, and was, after that time, in the favor of King John. He is said to have died "blind and infirm" early in 1241.

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