Fitz Geoffrey, Earls and Justiciars
Piers de Lutegareshale, b abt 1134, Wiltshire, England, d 14 Jan 1179/80, Pleshey, Essex, England. He md Maud de Buckland abt 1158. She was b abt 1138.
Child of Piers de Lutegareshale and Maud was:

Sir Geoffrey Fitz Piers [a], Earl of Essex, Justiciar of England, b abt 1159, Walden, Essex, England, d 14 Oct 1213, Shouldham, Norfolk, England. He md:
[1] Beatrice de Say bef 25 Jan 1184/85, daughter of William de Say.
Child of Geoffrey Fitz Piers and Beatrice de Say was:

    Maud Fitz Geoffrey de Mandeville [b] b abt 1184, Warwickshire, England, d 27 Aug 1236. She md [1] Sir Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, Constable of England, abt 1197, Essex, England, son of Humphrey IV de Bohun and Margaret de Huntingdon. She md [2] Roger de Daunteseye.
[2] Aveline de Clare, abt 1204, daughter of Sir Roger de Clare, Earl of Hertford, and Maud de St. Hilary.
Children of Geoffrey Fitz Piers and Aveline de Clare were:
  • John Fitz Geoffrey, Jusiciar of Ireland, b abt 1207.
  • Hawise Fitz Geoffrey b abt 1211, Shere, Surrey, England, d bef 1243. She md Sir Reynold de Mohun abt 1226, son of Sir Reynold de Mohun and Alice de Briwere.
Sir John Fitz Geoffrey [c], Justiciar of Ireland, Knight, b abt 1205, Shere, Surrey, England, d 23 Nov 1258, England. He md Isabel Bigod abt 1235, daughter of Sir Hugh Bigod, Magna Charta Surety, Earl of Norfolk, and Maud Marshal.
Children of John Fitz Geoffrey and Isabel Bigod were:
  • Isabel Fitz John b abt 1236, Shere, Surrey, England. She md Sir Robert de Vipont, Lord of Appleby, abt 1259, Essex, England, son of Sir John de Vipont, Lord of Appleby, and Sibyl de Ferrers.
  • Maud Fitz John b abt 1240, Bernard Castle, Warwickshire, England, d 16 Apr 1301, Grey Friars, Worcestershire, England. She md [1] Gerard de Furnival, and [2] Sir William de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, abt 1255, Worcestershire, England, son of Sir William de Beauchamp and Isabel Mauduit.
  • Aveline Fitz John b abt 1242, Shere, Surrey, England, d abt 20 May 1274. She md Sir Walter de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, abt 1255, Surrey, England, son of Sir Richard de Burgh, Lord of Connaught, and Egidia/Jill de Lacy.
  • Sir John Fitz John b abt 1244, d abt 6 Nov 1275; md Margery Basset bef 18 Feb 1257/58.
  • Sir Richard Fitz John b abt 1250, of Shere, Surrey, England, d 1297, Gascony; md Emma.
  • Joan Fitz John b abt 1248, Shere, Surrey, England, d 4 Apr 1303. She md Theobald le Boteler abt 1267-1268, Shere, Surrey, England, son of Theobald le Boteler and Margery/Margaret de Burgh.

a. Second son (the first being Robert Fitz Piers) and eventually heir of his father, he was a Justice of the Forest, 1185-89, Sheriff of Northants, 1184-89, and 1191-1194, of Essex and Hertfordshire, 1190-93, of Yorkshire, 1198-1200, and of Staffordshire, 1198-1204. He was appointed Justiciar of England on or before 11 Jul 1198, and held the office until his death. In 1190, for payment of 3,000 marks, he obtained the lands to which his wife's grandmother, Beatrice, had become heir on the death of her nephew, William de Mandeville, Earl of Essex. He persuaded the magnates to swear fealty to King John, who at the Coronation on 27 May 1199, girded him with the sword of the earldom of Essex. He served as Sheriff of Westmorland, 1199-1200, of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, 1199-1204, of Hants and Salop 1201-1204, and of Yorkshire, 1202-1204. On 26 Apr 1204, the King gave him the manor of Aylesbury, to him and his heirs at a rent of 60 pounds a year, and by the service of a knight's fee. On 11 Sep 1208, the King gave him Queenhithe in London, to him and his heirs at a rent of 30 pounds a year and a payment of 60 shillings a year to the Lepers of St. Giles, and on 24 Jul 1213, he was given the forest of Huntingdon, to him and his heirs. He was buried at Shouldham Priory, which he had founded before 15 Jun 1198.

b. Countess of Hereford in right of her first husband, Henry de Bohun, and Countess of Essex as the heir to her brother, William, she married secondly, Roger de Dauntesey. By 1232, most of her inheritance had been granted to she and Roger, but simultaneously, they were involved in a suit of divorce, which sentence of divorce was pronounced in Court Christian, and Maud had a writ of livery in Apr 1233 for all the lands of her inheritance then in Roger's hands. But the sentence was revoked by virtue of Papal letters, and Roger was given livery of her lands. They had no issue, she dying in Aug 1236; he was still living in August 1238. Upon her death, her son by her first marriage, Humphrey de Bohun, succeeded to the earldom of Essex.

c. Only son of Geoffrey Fitz Piers by his second wife, he did homage to the King 3 Jun 1227, whereby for a fine of 300 marks, he had livery of a portion of his father's lands, of which his half-brother, William, Earl of Essex, had died seized. He was appointed Justiciar of Ireland, 4 Nov 1245, holding this office until 1256. He was given the manor of Whaddon, 14 Nov 1242 by the King. He and wife Isabel Bigod had two sons, John and Richard, both of whom died s.p. Upon the death of the latter in 1297, his four sisters, or their representatives, were found to be his coheirs.

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