de Umfreville
Odinel de Umfreville [a] b abt 1135, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, England, d 1182. He md Alice de Lucy abt 1155, daughter of Sir Richard de Lucy, Justiciar of England, Knight, and Rohese de Boulogne.
Children of Odinel de Umfreville and Alice de Lucy were:
  • Margery de Umfreville b abt 1160, prob Northumberland, England, d 1182. She md Sir William d'Aubigny, Magna Carta Surety, Lord of Belvoir, abt 1173, son of Sir William d'Aubigny, Lord of Belvoir, and Maud Fitz Robert.
  • Robert de Umfreville b abt 1163, d s.p. bef 1194.
  • Alice de Umfreville b abt 1165, Northumberland, England. She md Sir William Bertram, Lord of Mitford, abt 1180, son of Sir Roger Bertram, Lord of Mitford, and Ada.
  • Richard de Umfreville b abt 1168.
Richard de Umfreville b abt 1168, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, England, d 1226. The identity of his wife is undetermined.
Child of Richard de Umfreville was:

Gilbert de Umfreville [b], Lord of Prudhoe, b abt 1205, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, England, d 1245. He md Maud/Mathilda of Angus 1243, daughter of Sir Malcolm of Angus, Earl of Angus, and Mary de Berkelely.
Child of Gilbert de Umfreville and Maud of Angus was:

Sir Gilbert de Umfreville [c], Earl of Angus, b 1244, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, England, d bef 13 Oct 1307. He md Elizabeth Comyn abt 1266, daughter of Sir Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, and Elizabeth de Quincy.
Child of Gilbert de Umfreville and Elizabeth Comyn was:

Sir Robert de Umfreville [d], Earl of Angus, b abt 1270, d Mar 1325. He md Lucy de Kyme by 2 Sep 1303, daughter of Sir Philip de Kyme, Lord Kyme, Knight, and Joan Bigod. She was b abt 1278.
Child of Robert de Umfreville and Lucy de Kyme was:

Elizabeth de Umfreville b abt 1306. She md Sir Gilbert de Boroughdon abt 1326. Their daughter, Eleanor de Boroughdon, md Henry Tailboys bef 1352, son of William Tailboys and Margaret.

a. He was the son of another Odinel de Umfreville, son of Robert de Umfreville (d abt 1145), son of Robert de Umfreville, whom, it is said, was granted Redesdale in Northumberland by William the Conqueror.

b. Son and heir of Richard de Umfreville, he did homage for his father's lands 8 Jan 1226/27. By right of his wife, Maud, suo jure, Countess of Angus, daughter of Malcolm, Earl of Angus, he may have been Earl of Angus. She was the widow of John Comyn, who died s.p. in France, 1242. As the widow of Gilbert de Umfreville, who died shortly before 13 Mar 1244/45, she married, thirdly, before 2 Dec 1247, Richard of Chilham (or Dover), grandson of King John.

c. He joined the rising of the Barons in 1265 against the King. He was styled Earl of Angus in Jun 1267. In 1291, as Governor of Dundee and Forfar Castles, as well as the whole of Angus, he refused to surrender it to England unless, under indemnity from the King, and from all the Competitors to the Scottish Crown. He was summoned to Parliament 26 Aug, 1 Oct, and 2 Nov 1295, whereby he is held to have become Lord Umfreville. He was further so summoned from 6 Feb 1298/99 to 26 Aug 1307. He married Elizabeth, the third daughter of Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan. He died shortly before 13 Oct 1307; his widow survived him.

d. Second, but first surviving son and heir, his elder brother Gilbert having died v.p. and s.p. in 1303, he was aged 30 and more at his father's death. He did homage and had livery of his father's lands 6 Nov 1307. He was summoned in Jan 1307/08 to attend the coronation of Edward II, who appointed him Joint King's Lieut. and Keeper of Scotland 21 Jun 1308, Joint Guardian between Berwick and the Forth on 16 Aug 1308, and a commissioner to treat with the Scots on four occasions between Nov 1308 and Mar 1317/18. He was summoned to Parliament from 19 Jan 1307/08 to 26 Dec 1323. He married firstly, Lucy, daughter and in her issue coheir to Sir Philip de Kyme, first Lord Kyme, and secondly, Alianore, who survived him.

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