Hermann Billung and Dukes of Saxony
Hermann Billung b abt 920, d 27 Mar 973. He md Hildegarde of Westerbourg abt 936. She was b abt 923.
Children of Hermann Billung and Hildegarde of Westerbourg were:
  • Matilda Billung b abt 938, d 25 May 1008. She md:
      [1] Baldwin III, Count of Flanders, abt 956, son of Arnold I, Count of Flanders and Artois, and Alix de Vermandois.
      [2] Godfrey II of Ardennes, Count of Verdun, abt 962, son of Gozelon of Lower Lorraine, Count of the Bidgau, and Oda of Metz.
    • Bernhard I, Duke of Saxony, b abt 952.

    Bernhard I, Duke of Saxony, b abt 952, d 9 Feb 1010/11. He md Hildegarde abt 984. She was abt 968, d 3 Oct 1011.
    Child of Bernhard I and Hildegarde was:

    Bernhard II, Duke of Saxony, b abt 995, d 1057. He md Elica von Schweinfurt abt 1020, daughter of Henry, Count of Schweinfurt, and Gerberge. She was b abt 1004, d aft 1055.
    Children of Bernhard II and Elica von Schweinfurt were:

    Ordulf, Duke of Saxony, b abt 1023, d 28 Mar 1072. He md Wulfhilde Nov 1042, daughter of St. Olaf II, King of Norway, and Astrid.
    Child of Ordulf and Wulfhilde was:

    Magnus, Duke of Saxony, b bef 1045, d 23 Aug 1106. He md Sophia abt 1068, daughter of Bela I, King of Hungary, and Rixa.
    Child of Magnus and Sophia was:

    Wulfhilde of Saxony b abt 1075, d 29 Dec 1126. She md Henry I, Duke of Bavaria, abt 1097, son of Welf IV, Duke of Bavaria, and Judith of Flanders.

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