Darcy of Lincolnshire, Lords of Knayth
Norman de Adreci, Lord of Nocton, b abt 1062, of Nocton, Lincolnshire, England, d aft 1115. The identity of his wife is not known.
Child of Norman de Adreci was:

Robert Darcy, Lord of Nocton, b abt 1105, of Nocton, Lincolnshire, England, d bef 1154. He md Alice de Calz abt 1132, daughter of Robert de Calz and Isabel de Ferrieres. She was b abt 1117.
Child of Robert Darcy and Alice de Calz was:

Thomas Darcy b abt 1136, of Nocton, Lincolnshire, England, d 2 Jul 1180. He md Alice d'Eyncourt abt 1158, daughter of Ralph d'Eyncourt and Basilia. She was b abt 1144, d 1183.
Child of Thomas Darcy and Alice d'Eyncourt was:

Thomas Darcy [a] b abt 1168, of Nocton, Lincolnshire, England, d 1206. He md Joan abt 1187. She was b abt 1172.
Child of Thomas Darcy and Joan was:

Sir Norman Darcy b abt 1190, of Nocton, Lincolnshire, England, d bef 16 May 1254. He md Agnes abt 1212. She was b abt 1194.
Child of Norman Darcy and Agnes was:

Sir Philip Darcy [b] b abt 1218, of Nocton, Coningsby, Dunston, Stallingborough, and Cawkwell, Lincolnshire, England, d abt May 1264. He md Isabel Bertram abt 1240, daughter of Sir Roger Bertram, Lord of Mitford, and Agnes.
Child of Philip Darcy and Isabel Bertram was:

Sir Roger Darcy [c] b abt 1256, of Nocton, Coningsby, et al, Lincolnshire, England, d bef 12 May 1284. He md Isabel d'Aton abt 1275, daughter of Sir William d'Aton. She was b abt 1260, of West Ayton, Yorkshire, England.
Child of Roger Darcy and Isabel d'Aton was:

Sir John Darcy [d], Lord of Knayth, b abt 1282, of Lincolnshire, England, d 30 May 1347. He md [1] Emmeline Heron abt 1312, daughter of Sir Walter Heron and Alice de Hastings, and [2] Joan de Burgh 1 Jul 1329.
Child of John Darcy and Emmeline Heron was:

Sir John Darcy [e], Lord of Knayth, b abt 1314, of Lincolnshire, England, d 5 Mar 1355/56. He md Elizabeth de Meinell abt 7 Jan 1344/45, daughter of Sir Nicholas de Meinell, Lord Meinell, and Alice de Ros.
Chidren of John Darcy and Elizabeth de Meinell were:

  • Sir Philip Darcy, Lord of Knayth b 21 May 1352, d 24 Apr 1399; md Elizabeth Gray.
  • Alice Darcy b abt 1354.

Alice Darcy b abt 1354, d aft 20 Aug 1405, Durham, England. She md Sir John de Colville abt 1376, son of Sir William Colville and Joan de Fauconberg.

a. Aged 18 in 1186, he died 1206, leaving a widow, Joan.

b. Had livery of his father's lands 16 Oct 1254, they having been placed in his keeping 6 Feb 1253/54, his father being old and infirm.

c. Of Oldcotes and Styrrup, Nottinghamshire, he was younger brother of Sir Norman Darcy of Nocton.

d. He was under age 15 Jun 1292, and was outlawed for felony in or before 1306, and lost his lands in Oldcotes. At the instance of Aymer de Valence, he was pardoned 19 May 1308, and served in the latter's retinue in 1313, 1320 and 1321, and again in an expedition to Scotland in 1322. In Jan 1316/17, he was appointed Constable of Norham Castle, and served as Sheriff of co. Notts and Derby, 1319-22. He was Knight of the Shire for Nottingham in 1320, Sheriff of Lancaster Feb 1322/23 to Jul 1323, and was on the King's service against the Scots 24 Feb 1322/23 to 4 Apr 1323. He was a banneret Aug 1323, Justiciar of Ireland 18 Nov 1323 to 12 Mar 1326/27 and again 21 Aug 1328 to 27 Feb 1330/31, and Sheriff of co. York, 1327-28. He was appointed special envoy to the King of France concerning the marriage of Prince Edward, and summoned to Parliament from 27 Jan 1331/32 to 2 Jan 1333/34, whereby he is held to have become Lord Darcy. Having served again as Justiciar of Ireland (1332-1337), he was appointed that office for life 3 Mar 1339/40. He served as Chamberlain to the King, and accompanied the Earl of Northampton in his expedition to Brittany in Aug 1342. In 1343/44 he was appointed Constable of Nottingham Castle, and of the Tower of London 12 Mar 1345/46, both for life. Having been at the battle of Crecy, he was one of those sent from before Calais to announce the victory to Parliament. On the day of his death he was pardoned for any and all previous offences and debts.

e. He was aged 30 and more at his father's death. He was granted an annuity of 200 pounds for life, to maintain himself as a banneret. In the King's retinue, he was at the battle of Crecy and the seige of Calais. He was appointed Constable of the Tower of London for life, but was permitted to grant the office away. Summoned to Parliament from 20 Nov 1348 to 15 Mar 1353/54, as Johanni Darcy de Knayth. He married first, bef 8 Jul 1332, Alianore de Holand; she died s.p.m. bef 21 Nov 1341, and he secondly married Elizabeth de Meinell (disp. dated 7 Jan 1344/45). The King took his fealty and they had livery of her lands 10 Oct 1348.

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