Berenger, Counts of Barcelona
Raymond III Borrel, Count of Barcelona, b abt 978, d 1019. He md Ermesende of
abt 997, daughter of Roger I of Carcassonne and Adelaide. She was b abt 982.
Children of Raymond III Borrel and Ermesende of Carcassonne were:
  • Berenger I Raymond, Count of Barcelona, b abt 1000.
  • Godeheut b abt 1006. She md Roger I de Toeni, Standard Bearer of Normandy, abt 1022, son of Ralph II de Toeni, Seigneur of Tosni and Conches.
Berenger I Raymond, Count of Barcelona, b abt 1000, d 1035. He md:

[1/2?] Sancha of Castile abt 1020, daughter of Sancho Garcia, Count of Castile, and Urraca Gomez. She was b abt 1006.
Child of Berenger Raymond I and Sancha of Castile was:
    Raymond I Berenger [a], Count of Barcelona, b abt 1025, d 1067. He md Almodis de la
    abt 1055, daughter of Bernard, Count de La Marche, and Amelia of Aulay.
    Child of Raymond I Berenger and Almodis de la Marche was:

    Raymond II Berenger, Count of Barcelona, b abt 1056, Spain, d 5 Dec 1082 (murdered). He md Mahaut of Apulia abt 1075, daughter of Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia, Calabria, and Sicily, and Sikelgaita of Salerno.
    Child of Raymond II Berenger and Mahaut of Apulia was:

    Raymond III Berenger, Count of Barcelona, b abt 1080. He md Dulce of Gevaudan abt 1105, daughter of Gilbert, Count of Provence, and Gerberge of Provence.
    Children of Raymond Berenger III and Dulce/Aldonza of Gevaudan were:
    • Berenguela of Barcelona b abt 1112, Barcelona, Spain, d 3 Feb 1148/49, Palencia, Leon, Spain. She md Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon, bef Jul 1124, son of Raymond of Burgundy, Count of Burgundy, and Urraca of Castile and Leon.
    • Raymond IV Berenger, Marquis of Barcelona, b abt 1118.
    Raymond IV Berenger, Count of Barcelona, b abt 1118, Barcelona, Spain, d 6 Aug 1162. He md Petronilla of Aragon 1151, daughter of Ramiro II, King of Aragon, "the Monk", and Agnes of Poitou.
    Child Raymond IV Berenger and Petronilla of Aragon was:

    Alfonso II, King of Aragon, b 4 Apr 1152, d 25 Apr 1196. He md Sancha of Castile 19 Jan 1174/75, Spain, daughter of Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon, and Richilde of Poland.
    Children of Alfonso II and Sancha of Castile were:

    • Pedro II, King of Aragon, b 1176. See LINE A
    • Alfonso, Count of Provence, b abt 1178. See LINE B
    LINE A
    Pedro II, King of Aragon, b 1176, d 13 Sep 1213, Battle of Muret. He md Marie de Montpellier 1204, daughter of William VIII de Montpellier, Seigneur de Montpellier, and Eudoxia
    Child of Pedro II of Aragon and Marie de Montpellier was:

    James I, King of Aragon, b 1/2 Feb 1208, Montpellier, France, d 25 Jul 1276, Valencia. He md Yolande of Hungary 8 Sep 1235, daughter of Andrew II, King of Hungary, and Yolande de Courtenay.
    Child of James I of Aragon and Yolande of Hungary was:

    Isabella of Aragon b abt 1248, d 1271. She md Philip III, King of France, 1262, son of Louis IX, King of France, "Saint Louis", and Marguerite of Provence.

    LINE B
    Alfonso, Count of Provence, b abt 1178, d abt 1209. He md Gersende of Sabran 1193, daughter of Rainou, Count of Forcalquier. She was b abt 1180.
    Child of Alfonso and Gersende of Sabran was:

    Raymond V Berenger, Count of Provence and Forcalquier, b 1198, Aix-en-Provence, France, d 19 Aug 1245. He md Beatrix of Savoy 5 Jun 1219, daughter of Thomas I of Savoy, Count of Savoy, and Margaret of Geneva.
    Children of Raymond Berenger V and Beatrix of Savoy were:

    • Marguerite of Provence b abt 1220, d 1285;. She md Louis IX, King of France, abt 1235, son of Louis VIII, King of France, and Blanche of Castile.
    • Eleanor of Provence b abt 1222, Aix-en-Provence, France, d 24 Jun 1291, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. She md Henry III Plantagenet, King of England, 14 Jan 1235/36, Canterbury, Kent, England, son of John I Lackland Plantagenet, King of England, and Isabella of Angouleme.
    • Beatrix of Provence b abt 1227. She md Charles I of Naples, King of Naples and Sicily, Count of Anjou, 31 Jan 1245/46, son of Louis VIII, King of France, and Blanche of Castile.
[3] Guisle of Ampurias abt 1030. She was b abt 1006, d aft 1079.
Child of Berenger I Raymond and Guisle of Ampurias was:
a. What is shown here is a variance to Ancestral Roots, Line 108[23] which states that one source shows Sibylle, wife of Henry of Burgundy, as daughter of Raymond Berenger I, d 1035, by (3) wife Guisle d'Ampurias. Integrating additional information posted by Todd Farmerie on SGM, it appears that this statement is in error; that it was the father of Raymond Berenger, namely Berenger Ramond, who died in 1035. Thus it is presumed that the third marriage ascribed to Raymond I Berenger was actually the marriage of his father. The chronology also appears to support this correction.

AR: Line 101[28], Line 104[28], Line 105[29-30], Line 108[23], Line 111[26-30], Line 113[25]; SGM: Todd Farmerie.

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