de Welle/de Welles of Lincolnshire, England
William de Welle [a] b abt 1120, d bef 1198. He md abt 1142, a Matilda de Gant of Walter de Gant and Maud/Matilda of Brittany.
Child of William de Welle and Matilda de Gant was:

Robert de Welle [b] b abt 1155, d abt 1206. He md Maud abt 1178. She was b abt 1162, d aft 1206.
Child of Robert de Welle and Maud was:

William de Welle [c] b abt 1184, d 1241-42. He md Emma de Grainsby abt 1206/07, daughter of William de Grainsby. She was b abt 1192, d aft 1226.
Child of William de Welle and Emma de Grainsby was:

Robert de Welles [d] b abt 1218, d Sep 1265. He md Isabel de Periton abt 1244, daughter of Adam de Periton and Sarah. She was b abt 1226, of Ellington, Northumberland, England, d bef 5 Jan 1315.
Child of Robert de Welles and Isabel de Periton was:

Sir Adam de Welles [e], Lord Welles, b abt 1256, of Faxton, Northamptonshire, England, d 1 Sep 1311. He md Joan Engaine abt 1290, daughter of Sir John Engaine and Joan de Greinville
Child of Adam de Welles and Joan Engaine was:

Sir Adam de Welles, Lord Welles, b 1296, of Faxton, Northamptonshire, England, d aft 23 Feb 1344/45. He md Margaret Bardolf bef 1334, daughter of Sir Thomas Bardolf, Lord Bardolf, Knight, and Agnes.
Child of Adam de Welles and Margaret Bardolf was:

Sir John de Welles, Lord Welles, b abt 1320, d 11 Oct 1361. He md Maud de Ros abt 1336, daughter of Sir William de Ros, Lord Ros, and Margery de Badlesmere.
Child of John de Welles and Maud de Ros was:

Margery de Welles b abt 1348, d 29 May 1422. She md [1] John de Huntingfield, and [2] Sir Stephen le Scrope, Lord Scrope, abt 1372, son of Henry le Scrope, Lord Scrope, and Joan/Agnes.

a. Identified simply as William, son of Walter, son of Ragemer, the latter two whom were tenants of Gilbert and Walter de Gant, he witnessed deeds of the Gant family in the middle of the 12th century. In 1166 he was tenant of Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Northampton, and made gifts to the abbey of Louth Park and priories of Sempringham and Greenfield in Lincolnshire. He married a sister of Gilbert de Gant, and was deceased before 1198.

b. He farmed the Honor of Haughley in Suffolk, and is mentioned often in the Pipe Rolls at the end of the 12th century as surety for the debts of Simon, Earl of Northampton. He made grants to Greenfield Priory, Bardney Abbey, and to William Rufus, who is called his kinsman. He married Maud, who survived him.

c. He served in the expedition to Ireland in 1210, and in Mar 1215/16 he paid a fine to buy the King's favor, but in May 1217, his lands were granted to Fulk d'Oyri. He was back in the King's favor and accepted as loyal by the autumn of 1217 and aided the Crown against William de Forz in 1221. Between 1220 and 1232, he was active in judicial affairs for the King. He married, in or before 1207, Emma, daughter and heir of William de Grainsby. He died 1241-42, when his son Robert was in possession of his lands.

d. He was granted free warren in his demesne lands 9 Sep 1251, and in Feb 1251/52 had protection to join King Henry, his overlord, Gilbert de Gant being an opponent of the Crown. He md Isabel, second daughter and coheir of Adam de Periton, probably by his wife Sarah. He died shortly before 24 Sep 1265, and his widow married, before 1269, William, Lord Vescy, who also predeceased her.

e. He accompanied Hugh le Despenser on his mission to the King of the Romans in Jun 1294, and was summoned for service overseas 1297, and continually against the Scots from 1299-1310. He fought in the King's division at Falkirk 22 Jul 1298, and was Constable of Rockingham Castle and Keeper of the forest between Stamford and Oxford 17 Jan 1298/99 to Aug 1307. He was summoned to Parliament from 6 Feb 1298/99 to 16 Jun 1311, whereby he became Lord Welles or Welle. He was at the siege of Carlaverock Jul 1300, and served against the Scots 1303-04 and in 1310. He married Joan, widow of Walter Fitz Robert and daughter of Sir John Engaine by Joan, daughter and heir of Sir Gilbert de Greinville. She survived him.
CP: Vol XII/2[436-438]; AR: Line 41[30], Line 64[32].
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