de Ros, Barons of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England
Piers de Ros [a] b abt 1082, of Holderness, Yorkshire, England, d bef 1130. He md Adeline Espec [b] abt 1103, daughter of William Espec, Lord of Helmsley.
Known children of Piers de Ros and Adeline Espec were:
  • Everard de Ros b abt 1112, Yorkshire, England, d bef 1153; md Eustache.
  • Robert de Ros b abt 1120.
Robert de Ros [c] b abt 1120, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d 1162/63. He md Sibyl de Valognes [d] abt 1142. She was b abt 1126, Yorkshire, England, d bef 1218, Yorkshire, England.
Children of Robert de Ros and Sibyl de Valognes were:
  • Everard de Ros b abt 1148.
  • Joan de Ros b abt 1150, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England. She md Stephen de Meinell abt 1166, son of Robert de Meinell.

Everard de Ros [e] b abt 1148, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d 1183. He md Rohese Trussebut abt 1166, daughter of Sir William de Trussebut, Lord of Warter, and Aubrey de Harcourt. She was b abt 1152, Warter, East Riding, Yorkshire, England, d bef Dec 1196.
Children of Everard de Ros and Rohese Trussebut were:

  • Sir Robert de Ros b abt 1170.
  • Piers de Ros b abt 1176.
Sir Robert de Ros [f], Magna Carta Surety, Knight Templar, b abt 1170, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d bef 23 Dec 1226. He md Isabel of Scotland 1191, Haddington, Lincolnshire, England, daughter of William I, King of Scotland, "the Lion", and mistress, Isabel Avenal.
Children of Robert de Ros and Isabel of Scotland were:
  • Sir William de Ros b abt 1197. See LINE A
  • Robert de Ros b abt 1202. See LINE B
Sir William de Ros [g] b abt 1197, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d prob 1264, prob Poitou, France. He md Lucy Fitz Piers abt 1226, daughter of Piers Fitz Herbert and Alice Fitz Robert de Warkworth.
Children of William de Ros and Lucy Fitz Piers were:
  • Sir Robert de Ros, Lord of Helmsley, b abt 1226. See LINE A1
  • Sir William de Ros, Baron Ros, b abt 1232. See LINE A2

  • LINE A1
    Sir Robert de Ros [h] b abt 1226, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, and Belvoir, Leicestershire, England, d 17 May 1285. He md Isabel d'Aubigny 1243-1244, daughter of Sir William d'Aubigny, Lord of Belvoir, and Isabel.
    Children of Sir Robert de Ros and Isabel D'Aubigny were:
    • Isabel de Ros b abt 1250. She md Sir Walter de Faucomberge, Lord Fauconberg, abt 1278, son of Walter de Faucomberge and Agnes de Brus.
    • Sir William de Ros, Baron Ros, b abt 1252.
    • Joan de Ros b abt 1254, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d 13 Oct 1348; md Sir John Lovel.
    Sir William de Ros [i], Lord Ros of Helmsley, b abt 1252, of Hamlake, Yorkshire, England, bef 16 Aug 1316, Kirkham, Lancashire, England. He md Maud de Vaux [j] 1287, daughter of John de Vaux and Sibyl de Longchamps. She was b abt 1268, d bef 1316, Norfolk, England.
    Children of William de Ros and Maud de Vaux were:
    • Agnes de Ros b abt 1288, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d sh bef 25 Nov 1328; md Sir Payn Tibetot abt 25 Apr 1298.
    • Sir William de Ros b abt 1290.
    • John de Ros b abt 1292, Watton, Yorkshire or Norfolk, England, d bef 16 Nov 1338; md Margaret Goushill bef 22 Apr 1314, Whittington, Shropshire, England.
    Sir William de Ros [k], Lord Ros, b abt 1290, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d 3 Feb 1342/43. He md Margery de Badlesmere [l] bef 25 Nov 1316, Wark, Northumberland, England, daughter of Sir Bartholomew de Badlesmere, Lord Badlesmere, and Margaret de Clare.
    Children of William de Ros and Maud de Badlesmere were:
    • Alice de Ros b abt 1319, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d bef 4 Jul 1344; md Sir Nicholas de Meinell, Lord Meinell, abt 1328, Yorkshire, England, son of Sir Nicholas de Meinell, Lord Meinell, and Lucy de Thwenge.
    • Maud de Ros b abt 1320, of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England. She md Sir John de Welles, Lord Welles, abt 1336, son of Sir Adam de Welles, Lord Welles, and Margaret Bardolf.
    • Elizabeth de Ros b abt 1322, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d abt 16 May 1380, Harringworth, Northamptonshire, England; md Sir William La Zouche, Baron of Harringworth, bef 16 Jul 1334.
    • Sir William de Ros, Lord Ros, Knight, b 19 May 1329, Frieston, Lincolnshire, England, d s.p. bef 3 Dec 1352; md Margaret de Neville bef 8 May 1341.
    • Sir Thomas de Ros, Lord Ros, Knight, b 13 Jan 1336/37.
    Sir Thomas de Ros [m], Lord Ros, Knight, b 13 Jan 1336/37, Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire, England, d 8 Jun 1384, Uffington, Lincolnshire, England. He md Beatrice de Stafford [n] abt 1 Jan 1358/59, Northamptonshire, England, daughter of Sir Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford, Knight of the Garter, and Margaret de Audley.
    Children of Sir Thomas de Ros and Beatrice de Stafford were:
    • Elizabeth de Ros b abt 1364, d Mar 1424. She md Sir Thomas de Clifford, Lord Clifford, abt 1380, son of Sir Roger de Clifford, Earl of Westmorland, Lord Clifford, and Maud de Beauchamp.
    • Margaret de Ros b abt 1366, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d bef 1414. She md Sir Reynold de Grey, Lord Grey, abt Nov 1378, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, son of Sir Reynold de Grey, Lord Grey, and Alianore le Strange.
    • Sir William de Ros, Lord Ros, b 1368.
    Sir William de Ros [o], Lord Ros, Knight, Treasurer of England, b 1368, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, d 1 Sep 1414, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England. He md Margaret Fitz Alan abt 9 Oct 1394, daughter of Sir John Fitz Alan, Marshal of England, Lord Arundel and Maltravers, and Eleanor Maltravers.
    Children of William de Ros and Margaret Fitz Alan were:
    • John de Ros b 1397, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England, d 22 Mar 1420/21, battle of Bauge; md Margery le Despenser.
    • Margaret de Ros b abt 1400, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England, d aft 1423. She md Sir James Tuchet, Lord Audley, abt 1415, son of Sir John Tuchet, Lord Tuchet, and Elizabeth Stafford.
    • Thomas de Ros b 26 Sep 1406, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England, d 18 Aug 1430; md Eleanor de Beauchamp Dec 1423.
    LINE A2
    Sir William de Ros [p] b abt 1232, of Igmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England, d bef 28 May 1310. He md Eustache Fitz Hugh bef 29 Sep 1268, daughter of Ralph Fitz Hugh.
    Identified children of William de Ros and Eustache Fitz Hugh were:
    • Isabel de Ros b abt 1270, of Igmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England, d 1309. She md Sir Marmaduke de Thweng, Lord Thweng, 1273, son of Sir Marmaduke de Thweng and Lucy de Brus.
    • Lucy de Ros b abt 1278, of Igmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England, d aft 1332. She md Sir Robert de Plumpton, Knight, abt 1292, prob Yorkshire, England, son of Sir Robert de Plumpton and Isabella de Westwick.
    • Juetta/Ivetta de Ros b abt 1283, of Igmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England, d bef 1331. She md Sir Geoffrey le Scrope, Knight, abt 1298, Yorkshire, England, son of William le Scrope and Constance de Newsom.
Sir Robert de Ros [q] b abt 1202, of Wark on Tweed, Northumberland, England, d bef Nov 1270. He md [2] Christian Bertram abt 1240, daughter of Sir Roger Bertram and Agnes.
Child of Robert de Ros and Christian Bertram was:

Robert de Ros [r] b abt 1245, of Wark on Tweed, Northumberland, England, d bef 20 Apr 1274. He md Margaret de Brus abt 1264, daughter of Sir Peter II de Brus, Lord of Skelton, and Hawise/Helwise de Lancaster.
Child of Robert de Ros and Margaret de Brus was:

William de Ros [s] b abt 1272, of Kendal Castle, Kendal, Westmorland, England, d bef 9 May 1310. The identity of his wife is undetermined.
Child of William de Ros was:

Sir Thomas de Ros b abt 1306, of Kendal, Westmoreland, England, d 1390/91. He md Daughter of Sir John Preston.
Child of Thomas de Ros and Unknown Preston was:

John de Ros b abt 1330, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, d 1358. He md Katherine Latimer abt 1352, daughter of Sir Thomas Latimer. She was b abt 1334.
Child of John de Ros and Katherine Latimer was:

Elizabeth de Ros b 1356, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. She md William Parr, Marquis of Parr, 1383, son of Sir John Parr, Knight, and Matilda de Leyburne.

a. His parentage is unknown, but he probably derived his surname from Ros in Holderness, Yorkshire. He was steward (dapifer) of the Count of Aumale, lord of Holderness. Piers gave land in Gilling near Helmsley, and the church, to St. Mary's Abbey in Yorkshire.

b. Adeline was the youngest of three sisters and coheirs of Walter Espec, Lord of Helmsley, who was founder of three monasteries, Kirkham (1122) and Rievaulx (1131), both in Yorkshire, as well as Wardon in Bedfordshire (1134). Walter Espec died in 1155 leaving no heirs, and Helmsley, which had been granted to him by Henry I, went to his sister, Adeline, and thus to the Ros family, while Walter's Bedfordshire lands were divided amongst his other two sisters, Albreda, and Hawise. Their father, William Espec, appears in Domesday as a tenant-in-chief of Old Wardon in Bedfordshire.

c. Confirmed to Rievaulx the gift of his uncle Walter Espec in 1147-53, for the souls of his father and his brother, Everard. He was sometimes constable, probably to the Count of Aumale, lord of Holderness. He attested a charter of Count William about 1150, as well as Henry II's charter to Scarborough, where for several years, he was in charge of works at the King's castle.

d. After the death of her first husband, Sibyl married, about 1166, William de Percy (who died bef 1175), and thirdly, in 1181 or 1182, Ralph d'Aubigny (who died 1192).

e. Everard de Ros was still a minor at his father's death. He was a supporter of the King in the rebellion of 1173.

f. Nicknamed Furfan, Robert de Ros, as a minor at his father's death was the ward of the King in 1185, when his lands were in the custody of Ranulph de Glanville. In 1190 he had livery of the lands of his Trussebut inheritance. He served as Sheriff of Cumberland 1213-15. As the son-in-law of William the Lion, King of Scotland, he was of his escort into England November 1200, to do homage. He was loyal and closely associated to King John, but was one of his most vigorous opponents in the matter of Magna Carta, being one of the 25 elected to see its provisions were obeyed. He was a benefactor of Rievaulx and Kirkham, and of the Templars, and also founded a hospital for the lepers in Northumberland. His date of death is not known, but his son and heir, William de Ros, did homage for his father's lands 23 December 1226, so whether he had died by this time, or as some speculate, as a Templar, had retired from secular life, is not known.

g. William de Ros was included with his father in the Bull of excommunication of January 1215/16, and remained an active ally of Prince Louis until the final battle at Lincoln, 19 May 1217, where he was captured, later paying for his release from prison in October. In the service of the King in May 1224, he was sent to Poitou, and in August of that year took part in the siege of Bedford Castle. In January of 1235/36, he attested the confirmation of Magna Carta at Winchester, and in 1237 he was of the escort of the King of Scots to his meeting with Henry at York, attesting to the agreement between the two Kings. His lands were seized in 1242-43 for failure to attend the 1241 muster at Rhuddlan, and the King's expedition to France in May 1242. In 1252, he went on pilgrimage to Santiago. He and son, Robert, were summoned for service in Scotland 1257/58, against the Welsh in 1258 and 1263/64, and to London in 1260-61. It is stated that he appears to have taken no part in the Baron's war and was reputed to be loyal.

h. Chief commissioner in Herefordshire in 1258 (to inquire as to excesses in that county), summoned the same year, and later, for service in Scotland, and against the Welsh. Sided with Simon de Montfort in 1263/64, and was holding Northampton, under the younger Simon, when the King took it in April, but within several days he had safe conduct to meet with the King. On 24 December he was summoned to de Montfort's Parliament in London. On 18 May 1265, Prince Edward escaped from his custody at Hereford and Robert surrendered Gloucester Castle to the Prince 29 June. Ten days after the battle of Evesham, at the Prince's insistance, Robert received full pardon. In November of 1276, he was one of the Council at Westminster who gave judgment against Prince Llewelyn, and was summoned for the consequent campaign. He was buried at Kirkham, Lancashire.

i. Summoned against the Scots in 1291, and later years, to May 1316, and in 1291, for a short time, was among the candidates for the throne of Scotland. Summoned to Parliament 6 February 1298/99 to 16 October 1315, by writs considered to have become Lord Ros of Helmsley. After the rebellion of Robert de Ros of Wark, who held Wark of him, that castle was granted to him December 1301, for good service in Gascony and elsewhere. Appointed Joint Warden of Northumberland in November 1307, and Joint Lieutenant and Warden of Scotland 21 June 1308. He was summoned to the King's coronation February 1307/08. In addition to his heir, William, he left a younger son, John de Ros (of Watton), and a daughter, Agnes, wife of Payn de Tiptoft.

j. Maud de Vaux was younger daughter and coheir, in 1287, of John de Vaux, son of Sir Oliver de Vaux. She probably predeceased her husband and was buried at Pentney Priory in Norfolk.

k. Residing in Wark Castle in August 1310. He was summoned for service in Scotland 1316-19, 1322, 1323, 1327, and 1335, and to Parliament 20 November 1317 to 21 Feb 1339/40. Received the surrender of Knaresborough, as a joint commander in January 1317/18, and remained loyal during the Earl of Lancaster's rebellion in 1321-22. Summoned for service in Gascony in December of 1324. He was appointed, by Prince Edward's government, Sheriff of Yorkshire (Nov 1326) and was a member of the Council of Regency in February 1326/27. In November 1327, he served as a commissioner to negotiate with the Scots for peace, as well as a similar role with France in February 1329/30. In 1334, he entertained the King at Helmsley, and during the King's absence in Flanders, he was one of the commissioners to preserve the peace in that country. He took part in the defense of Newcastle against the Scots. Buried at Kirkham in Lancashire.

l. Margery was the eldest of four daughters of Bartholomew, first Lord Badlesmere, stated to be aged 32 when she became heir to her brother, Giles. who died 3 February 1342/43. As the widow of William de Ros, she had a royal license to marry whom she would of the King's allegiance, which license, dated 6 Mar 1350/51 was to Sir Thomas de Arundel, who was killed shortly thereafter. She married thirdly (as probably his third wife), Sir John Avenal, the King's Lieutenant in Brittany, from whom she sued for divorce in April 1355.

m. Took part in the King's expedition in Normandy, 1355 and in the campaigns of 1356 and 1359-60. Summoned to Parliament 1362 to 1383, and served as Joint Warden of the West March of Scotland, 1367, and the East March in 1371. In 1368 he was ordered to reside on his lands in Ireland with his armed forces, to prevent loss and destruction of the country, where he served as Trier of Petitions 1363-1377. He was a banneret at the time he was knighted in or before 1372. He died at Uffington in Lincolnshire.

n. Beatrice de Stafford was the widow of Maurice Fitz Maurice, Earl of Desmond, at her marriage to Thomas de Ros. She married thirdly, by 20 August 1385, Sir Richard de Burley, who predeceased her.

o. Privy Council to Richard II and Henry IV, he was summoned to Parliament 1393-1413. He was present at the interview with Henry in the Tower, 29 September, at which Richard signed his abdication, and in the first Parliament of Henry IV on 23 October, assented to the imprisonment of the late King. He served as Treasurer of England, from September 1403 to November 1404. He died at Belvoir and was buried in the priory. His inquisition post mortem mentions younger sons, William, Thomas, Robert, and Richard, and a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Robert, Lord Morley. The Rivevaulx Chartulary records also daughters Margaret, who married James, son of John (Audley), Lord Audley, Beatrice, and Alice. Note that Margaret married James Tuchet, son of Lord Audley, John Tuchet, who took the name Audley, but were, in fact, Tuchets.

p. Presumably the third son of William de Ros (d abt 1264), he was summoned, along with his elder brothers, Robert and Piers, against the Scots January 1257/58. In October 1268 he was summoned to answer for marrying without the King's license, and on 8 June 1294, along with sixty others, including his kin, William de Ros of Helmsley and Robert de Ros of Wark, was summoned to attend the King on urgent affairs in Gascony, and appears to have served there. In addition to his son and heir, William, he left a younger son, Thomas, as well as daughters Mary (a prioress), Margaret, Lucy, wife of Sir Robert de Plumpton, Isabel, wife of Marmaduke de Thweng, and Juetta, wife of Sir Geoffrey Scrope. Sir William de Ros of Igmanthorpe and his wife Eustache, who predeceased him, were both buried in the church of Grey Friars, Yorkshire.

q. Referred to as Robert de Ros of Wark, records show that in April of 1230, he was going overseas in the King's expedition into France, and in 1234, he was appointed a Justice of the Bench in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and Northumberland. He was with the King at York, 25 September 1237, when Alexander II of Scotland disclaimed Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland, and was summoned against the Scots in May of 1244. He and John de Baliol were sent as guardians of Princess Margaret, accompanying she and her husband, King Alexander III back to Scotland after their marriage on 26 Dec 1251. In 1255, after Margaret made complain against Robert, he was summoned to England and his lands were seized and large fine levied against him. He was later pardoned as wholly innocent of the charges brought against him, his lands were restored and the fine remitted. He married, perhaps secondly, Christine, daughter and in her issue coheir of Roger Bertram.

r. While the younger son, his father made him his heir, and thus he succeeded to Wark. His wife, Margaret de Brus, was the third of four sisters and coheirs of Piers de Brus, her share of the inheritance being Kendal in Westmorland. Their elder son, and heir, Robert de Ros, who became Lord Ros of Wark in 1295, took the side of the Scots against the Crown of England, and died in poverty shortly before 20 April 1274, his lands forfeited, and his title stripped.

s. Margaret (de Brus) de Ros, who died shortly before 30 Jauary 1306/07, divided her lands between her younger son, William, who founded a family of Ros in Kendal, and her nephew, Marmaduke, 1st Lord Thweng.
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