Tate of Franklin and Bedford Counties, Virginia
James Tate [a] b 1662, d abt 1720, Hanover, VA. He md (poss.) Anne abt 1686, d aft 1743.
Children of James Tate and ?Anne? were:
  • John Tate b abt 1687, New Kent, VA, d 1769, Louisa, VA; md [1] Lucy (poss. Waddy) abt 1725, and [2] Mary Waddy abt 1736.
  • Anne Tate b 29 Aug 1689, New Kent, VA, d 30 Nov 1702, New Kent, VA.
  • Robert Tate b 27 Feb 1690/91.
  • Mary Tate b 20 Apr 1694, New Kent, VA.
  • James Tate b 11 Nov 1698, New Kent, VA, d aft 1750.
  • Upham Tate b 5 Jan 1700/01, New Kent, VA, d 13 Apr 1703, prob New Kent, VA.
  • William Tate b 12 Apr 1702, New Kent, VA, d 1751, Lunenburg Co., VA; md Sarah abt 1722, New Kent, VA.
Robert Tate [b] b 27 Feb 1690/91, New Kent, VA, d 19 Nov 1759, Louisa, VA. He md Anne abt 1711, New Kent, VA. She was b abt 1693, prob VA.
Child of Robert Tate and Anne was:

Henry Tate [c] b abt 1722, New Kent, VA, d 5 Sep 1793, Campbell, VA. He md Sarah/Elizabeth Netherland 13 Aug 1748, daughter of John Netherland and Sarah. She was b 4 Oct 1726, New Kent, VA, d 1802, Lynchburg/Campbell, VA.
Child of Henry Tate and Sarah/Elizabeth Netherland was:

Charles Tate [d] b abt 1750, Louisa, VA, d 1792, Bedford, VA. He md Charity Suddarth abt 1772, daughter of William Suddarth and Partlow Mills.
Child of Charles Tate and Charity Suddarth was:

Obadiah Tate b abt 1778, Bedford, VA, d aft 1850, Bedford, VA. He md Nancy Goggin 12 Dec 1798, Bedford, VA, daughter of Stephen Goggin and Rachel Clark Moorman.
Children of Obadiah Tate and Nancy Goggin were:

  • Milton Anthony Tate b 10 Jan 1800, Bedford, VA, d 11 Mar 1864, Schuyler, IL; md Martha A. Broaddus 11 Dec 1835, McDonough, IL.
  • James B. Tate b abt 1801, prob Bedford, VA; md Elisabeth.
  • Catherine Tate b abt 1803, Bedford, VA; md Lewis Dawson 14 May 1824, Bedford, VA.
  • Arville A. Tate b abt 1804, prob Bedford, VA.
  • Matilda A. Tate b 23 Feb 1806.
Matilda A. Tate b 23 Feb 1806, Bedford, VA, d 7 Dec 1892, Patrick, VA. She md Robert Thomas Burroughs 5 Dec 1827, Bedford, VA, son of Joseph Burroughs and Mary Pierce.

a. Nothing is known about the origins of James Tate. The identity of his wife is uncertain, although one published source believes her name to have been Anne. Other researchers believe, because of the reoccurring obvious surnames used as first names in several succeeding generations, that his wife's maiden name was either Upham or Waddy. The births of all but one of their seven children are recorded in St. Peter's Parish, in New Kent, Virginia, where James Tate and his family lived. He appears in the records as a landowner of 160 acres (1704). By occupation he was a tailor, and records exist of payments for his services as such. In 1704, St. Peter's Parish was divided; the land upon which James Tate lived became St. Paul's Parish, and he appears in the records there through 1719. In 1708, he was appointed a processioner in St. Paul's Parish. In 1720, Hanover County was created from New Kent, and St. Paul's Parish became part of this new county. His exact date of death is not known, but it is presumed to be sometime between 1720 and August 1727, the latter date in which his wife is referred to as widow Tate in the vestry records. She is presumed to have died by 1743, the last time in which her name appears in the records.

b. Robert Tate and wife Anne had at least six children; only their six sons are known, but it is entirely possible they had one or more daughters. He appears in records of Hanover County as a surveyor of roads in September 1730, and where, in 1741, he purchased 400 acres. He died intestate in 1759.

c. Henry Tate was likely a carpenter by profession as a court record shows one William Price apprenticed to him to learn the trade of carpentry. Henry's wife, Sarah Netherland, had inherited land from her father, and apparently they lived on this land in Louisa County at some point, as their first nine, of twelve, children were born there. In 1754, Henry and Sarah Tate sold this land and removed to Bedford County, Virginia. In 1755, Henry Tate took the oath of allegiance to the King, but when the Revolution began, he furnished supplies to the army on four recorded occasions. In 1781, this Tate family found itself in another county, without having physically moved, when Campbell County was formed from Bedford. Henry Tate left a will, dated 1784, which named all of his children (in birth order), as well as wife Sarah.

d. It appears that Charles Tate and his family lived in Bedford County, Virginia, as he appears in tax records there, and his will was also probated in Bedford. He married twice, first to Charity Suddarth, and secondly to Nancy, surname unknown. All eight children were from the first marriage.

Tate and Allied Families of the South, by Ethel S. Updike; GJB [44a].
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