Descendants of Samuel Dalton of North Carolina and Virginia
Samuel Dalton [a] b 24 Mar 1698/99, Albemarle, VA, d 9 Dec 1805, Rockingham, NC. He md Ann Dandridge Redd, Albemarle, VA, daughter of George Redd and Ann Dandridge. She was b 1718, Williamsburg, VA, d 1800, Rockingham Co., NC.
Children of Samuel Dalton and Ann Dandridge Redd were:
  • Capt. William Dalton b 1736. See LINE A
  • Samuel Dalton b 1738. See LINE B
  • Capt. David Dalton b 1740, Albemarle, VA, d 1820, Snow Creek, Stokes, NC; md (1) Susannah Davis abt 1763, Albemarle, (2) Eleanor Goode 30 Dec 1812.
  • Letitia Dalton b 15 May 1742, d 22 Feb 1838, Danbury, Stokes, NC; md Matthew Redd Moore 1757, Albemarle, VA.
  • Charles Robert Dalton b 1744.
  • Rachel Dalton b 1746, Albemarle, VA, d 1836, Snow Creek, Stokes, NC; md William Peters Martin 1766, Stokes, NC.
  • Mary "Polly" Dalton b 1748, Albemarle, VA, d 28 Dec 1841, Patrick, VA; md Col. Archelaus Hughes 25 Sep 1769, Pittsylvania, VA.
  • John Dalton b 1749, d aft 1810; md Lucy Simms.
  • Jane Dalton b 1751, d Rockingham, NC; md Joseph Winston 24 Mar 1769, Stokes, NC.
  • Nancy Ann Dalton b 1752, Albemarle, VA, d 1791; md Adonijah Harbour 20 Aug 1769, Pittsylvlania, VA.
  • Sarah Matilda Dalton b 12 Mar 1754, Albemarle, VA, d 17 Sep 1841, Patrick, VA; md Jonathan Hanby 24 Mar 1769, Pittsylvania, VA.
  • Virginia "Jenny" Iona Dalton b 1755; md David Hanby 12 Feb 1771, Pittsylvania, VA.
Capt. William Dalton b 1736, Albemarle, VA, d 16 Jan 1819, Sumner, TN. He md Rachel
abt 1760, Albemarle, VA, daughter of Maj. Robert Harris and Mourning Glenn.
Children of William Dalton and Rachel Harris were:
  • Lucy Dalton b 15 Dec 1761, Albemarle, VA 16 Sep 1844, Randolph, MO; md John Watts 9 Nov 1788.
  • Anne "Nancy" Dalton b abt 1766.
  • Elizabeth Dalton b 26 Aug 1768, Albemarle, VA; md John Dickerson 19 Dec 1790, Albemarle, VA.
  • William Dalton b abt 1772, Albemarle, VA, d 6 Nov 1827, New Orleans, LA; md (1) Rachel Turner, and (2) Sally Woods.
  • Thomas Dalton b bef 12 Jul 1778, Albemarle, VA, d 9 May 1864, Rockingham, VA; md (1) Mary "Polly" Deatherage, and (2) Charlotte Joyce.
  • Mary "Polly" Dalton b abt 1780, Albemarle, VA; md Terisha Sumpter Turner.
  • Frances "Fanny" Dalton b 18 Jun 1780, Albemarle, VA, d Aug 1843; md James Dowell.
  • Sarah "Sally" Dalton b abt 1782, Albemarle, VA; md William Hubbard 31 Jul 1813, Sumner, TN.
  • Charlotte Dalton b abt 1785, Albemarle, VA, d bef 1830, Sumner, TN; md Thomas Stone.

Anne "Nancy" Dalton b abt 1766, Albemarle, VA. She md Capt. Haman Critz 19 Dec 1790, son of Haman Critz and Elizabeth.

Samuel Dalton [b] b 1738, Albemarle, VA, d 2 Feb 1789, Beaver Island, Rockingham, NC. He md Charlotte Gallahue 29 Sep 1767, Pittsylvania, VA, daughter of William Gallahue and Anne Kenner.
Children of Samuel Dalton and Charlotte Gallahue were:
  • William Gallahue Dalton b 2 Sep 1768, VA, d 1820, Opelausus, LA; md Delilah Holstain 1791.
  • Nicholas Dalton b 4 Apr 1770.
  • Samuel A. Dalton b 1 Aug 1772, Rockingham, NC, d abt 1839, Stokes, NC; md (1) Elizabeth Scales 3 Nov 1794, Rockingham, NC, (2) Sarah Clement aft 1816.
  • Nancy Ann Kenner Dalton b 2 May 1773, NC, d 7 Sep 1840, Williamson, TN; md Absalom Scales 1790.
  • John Dalton b 28 Apr 1775, d 8 Mar 1848, TN; md Elizabeth Gentry 26 Jan 1802, Rockingham Co., NC.
  • Jane Dalton b 1777, NC, d 1 Dec 1833, prob East Baton Rouge, LA; md Thomas Adonijah Harbour 1793.
  • Elizabeth Dalton b 1779; md Valentine Clarkson Martin 1 Dec 1797.
  • Mary Dalton b 23 Apr 1782, d 5 Feb 1859, St. Francisville, LA; md John Harbour abt 1802.
  • Ewell Dalton b 6 May 1788, d 21 Dec 1821, LA; md Lertie Maria Flower 13 Mar 1816.
  • Mourning Kenner Dalton b 2 Feb 1789; md Samuel Harbour 13 May 1809, Wilkinson, MS.
Nicholas Dalton b 4 Apr 1770, Rockingham, NC, d 7 Jan 1838, Beaver Island, Rockingham, NC. He md Rachel Hunter 24 Jun 1793, Rutherford, NC, daughter of James Hunter and Mary McFarland.
Children of Nicholas Dalton and Rachel Hunter were:
  • Samuel A. Dalton b 4 May 1794, d 16 Jun 1874; md Mary Scales 3 Nov 1824.
  • James Hunter Dalton b 19 Feb 1796.
  • Mary McFarland Dalton b 14 Feb 1798, d 11 Apr 1845; md Gabriel Critz 18 May 1819, Rockingham, NC.
  • Charlotte Gallahue Dalton b 27 Oct 1799; md James Pleasant Scales 15 Aug 1817.
  • Ewell Gallahue Dalton b 9 Dec 1801, d 6 Mar 1895; md Sarah/Sally Strong.
  • Robert Hunter Dalton b 21 Feb 1805, d 1901; md Jane Martin Henderson 6 Jan 1832.
  • Nancy Kenner Dalton b 7 Feb 1808; md John Julius Martin 19 Oct 1833.
  • Leander Hughes Dalton b 25 Sep 1809, d 11 Feb 1891; md N. Matilda Stovall.
  • Elizabeth Dalton b 7 Mar 1811, d 1864; md Richard Cardwell.
  • John Hunter Dalton b 1 Feb 1813; md Mary Cecelia Houston.
  • Susan Dalton b 3 Mar 1815; md Alexander Searcy.
  • Nicholas Dalton b 26 Aug 1817, d 18 Sep 1862; md Elizabeth Scales 3 Nov 1842, Rockingham, NC.
  • Pleasant Hunter Dalton b 4 Mar 1821; md Elizabeth Mitchell Carter.
James Hunter Dalton b 19 Feb 1796, Rockingham, NC, d 1886, Patrick, VA. He md Nancy
16 Aug 1820, Critz, Patrick, VA, daughter of Capt. Haman Critz and Anne "Nancy" Dalton.
Children of James Hunter Dalton and Nancy Critz were:
  • Haman Critz Dalton b 1821, Critz, Patrick, VA, d 15 Oct 1862; md Sarah/Sally Penn Critz 4 Jun 1845.
  • Nicholas Dalton b 3 Apr 1822, Critz, Patrick, VA, d 13 Jan 1865, Elmira, NY; md Matilda Ann Thomas 6 Dec 1848.
  • Samuel Pleasant Dalton b 1824, d Feb 1906, Critz, Patrick, VA.
  • Elizabeth Dalton b 1826, Critz, Patrick, VA; md James Tate.
  • Charlotte Gallahue Dalton b 1828, Critz, Patrick, VA, d TN; md William Satterfield 25 Mar 1850.
  • James Robert Dalton b 1830, Critz, Patrick, VA.
  • Sarah Jane Dalton b 1832, Critz, Patrick, VA, d 14 Nov 1909; md George Washington Clark 7 Jan 1872, Patrick, VA.
  • Nancy Kenner Dalton b 1834, Critz, Patrick, VA, d 1894; md John Hamilton Price.
  • Leander Lee Dalton b abt 1837, d abt 1837.
  • Susan Elizabeth Dalton b 1 May 1839.
  • Peter Washington Dalton b 9 Aug 1841, Patrick, VA, d 7 Jun 1934; md Nannie Anderson Dandridge 18 May 1869.

Susan Elizabeth Dalton b 1 May 1839, Critz, Patrick, VA, d 1906, Critz, Patrick, VA. She md James Robert Burroughs 20 Apr 1864, Patrick, VA, son of Robert Thomas Burroughs and Matilda A. Tate.

a. Samuel Dalton, Sr. bore the unusual distinction of having lived to see three centuries, being born in the late seventeenth century and dying early in the nineteenth century, and this longevity was obviously passed on to his children and many of his direct descendants. He was a man of considerable wealth, well-educated, and his home was known as one of hospitality and gala social affairs. Despite attempts to discover his origins, current ongoing research by a tandem of Dalton researchers in Virginia has, thus far, proven inconclusive. Popular theory and family tradition places Samuel Dalton as brother of John Dalton, of the Alexandria, Va. firm of Carlyle and Dalton, and that both were sons of immigrant William Dalton who came to Virginia pre-1690. The source of this theory is the statement "old family papers prove that Samuel Dalton (1699-1802) of Mayo River, Rockingham county, North Carolina and John Dalton (1722-1777), of the firm Carlyle and Dalton in Alexandria, Va., were brothers". While this could well be true, these "old family papers" have never actually been seen by anyone other than the source of these claims. Anne Dandridge Redd, wife of Samuel Dalton, was evidently called Nancy in order to distinguish her from her mother Anne Dandridge, a relative of Martha Dandridge Custis Washington, wife of the President. While no explicit record exists to prove that Samuel Dalton indeed married Anne Dandridge Redd, most Dalton researchers have tended to accept this in lieu of any other evidence to the contrary.

b. The third son of Samuel Dalton, the younger Samuel Dalton, lived a relatively short life in comparison to his father, his untimely death caused by a snake bite. He evidently lingered for a time after this incident, but no doubt, it had an effect on his neurological abilities, and his wife, Charlotte Gallahue, was forced to declare him legally insane when it became obvious he was failing and incapable of writing his will. He was said to be much like his father, full of life, vibrant and well-loved and respected by those who knew him.

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