Harris Family of Essex, England, and Virginia
Arthur Harris b abt 1473, of Essex, England. He md Joan Percy abt 1495, daughter of Sir Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, and Maud Herbert.
Child of Arthur Harris and Joan Percy was:

William Harris b abt 1498, of Pritwell, Essex, England, d 1556. He md [1] Joan Smythe abt 1525, [2] Joanna Cooke, and [3] Anne Rutter. Joan Smythe was b abt 1504.
Child of William Harris and Joan Smythe was:

William Harris b abt 1530, Essex, England. He md Jane Semer abt 1555. She was b abt 1534.
Child of William Harris and Jane Semer was:

William Harris b abt 1565, Essex, England. He md Joan Hardings abt 1588. She was b abt 1569.
Child of William Harris and Joan Hardings was:

William Harris, immigrant, ch 1596, Willingale Doe, Essex, England. He md (prob) Ellen
abt 1625, daughter of Anthony Burrows. She was b abt 1605.
Child of William Harris and Ellen Burrows was:

Maj. Robert Harris, b abt 1640, of New Kent, VA, d 1701, New Kent, VA. He md Elizabeth (Mary) Claiborne [a] abt 1666, dau of Col. William Claiborne and Elizabeth Boteler.
Children of Robert Harris and Elizabeth (Mary) Claiborne were:

  • William Harris b abt 1669.
  • Thomas Harris b 1675, of Jamestown, VA, d 1725; md Mary Giles.
Capt. William Harris b 1669, New Kent, VA, d bef 1733, Hanover, VA. He md Temperance Overton abt 1695, New Kent, VA, daughter of William Overton and Elizabeth Waters.
Children of William Harris and Temperance Overton were:
  • Robert Harris b abt 1696.
  • Elizabeth Harris b bef 27 Nov 1698, Hanover, VA, d abt 1770, Hanover, VA; md John Hudson 1711, New Kent, VA.
  • George Harris b bef 13 Apr 1701.
  • John Harris b abt Mar 1703, Hanover, VA, d 1778 Caroline, VA; md [1] Mary Stanley, and [2] Ann Clough.
  • Benjamin Harris b abt 1705, Hanover, VA, d 1765, Louisa, VA; md [1] Mary, and [2] Sara Dumas.
  • William Harris b 1707, Hanover, VA, d 6 Dec 1792, Hanover, VA; md Elizabeth Burnett.
  • Jemima Harris b abt 1709, Hanover, VA; md William Overton.
  • Edward Harris b abt 1711, Hanover, VA; md Ann.
  • David Harris b 1712, Hanover, VA, d abt 1790.

Maj. Robert Harris [b] b abt 1696, Hanover, VA, d bef 8 Aug 1765, Albemarle, VA. He md Mourning Glenn 13 Jan 1720, daughter of James Glenn and Mourning Winn. She was b abt 1702, New Kent, VA, d 8 May 1775, Albemarle, VA.
Children of Robert Harris and Mourning Glenn were:

  • Anna Harris b 31 Mar 1724, Hanover, VA; md John Dabney.
  • Christopher Harris b 22 Feb 1725, Hanover, VA; md [1] Mary Dabney 22 Feb 1745, and [2] Agnes McCord.
  • Tyree Harris b 8 Apr 1728, Hanover, VA; md [1] Miss Chapman, and [2] Miss Simpson.
  • Mary Harris b 10 Feb 1729, Hanover, VA; md James Harris.
  • Mourning Glenn Harris b 27 Mar 1732, Hanover, VA; md John Jouett.
  • Lucy Harris b 12 Apr 1734, Hanover, VA; md William Shelton, Albemarle, VA.
  • Sarah Harris b 24 May 1736, Hanover, VA; md John Rodes 1756.
  • Robert Harris b 8 Mar 1741, Hanover, VA; md Lucretia Dalton.
  • Rachel Harris b 24 Jun 1744.
  • Frances Harris b 27 Jan 1746, Louisa, VA; md Joel Crawford.
  • William Harris b 15 Mar 1752, Louisa, VA; md [1] Miss Mitchell, and [2] Miss Thompson.

Rachel Harris b 24 Jun 1744, Louisa, VA. She md Capt. William Dalton abt 1760, son of Samuel Dalton and Anne Dandridge Redd.

The connection of Major Robert Harris, as son of William Harris is based upon the research of William L. Deyo (former President of the Virginia Genealogical Society), published in his three-part booklet The Family and Ancestry of William Dabney of Virginia and His Two Wives, Jane Quarles and Anna Harris, Additions and Corrections, and Latest Findings on the Harris Family. Through research and analysis of the records in England and Virginia, and using the Harris research of J. McFarland Williams as a springboard, he presents compelling evidence, based upon the intricate familial interconnections of the Harris family with the Boteler/Butler and other families, both in England and in Virginia. He also mentions that in following the latest research on the Harrises, that he found misinterpretation of the records in England, which he verified by obtaining the wills of every Harris individual shown in the above lineage preceding Major Robert Harris. William Harris, shown here as father of Major Robert Harris, was "servant" to Col. William Claiborne, in this case such descriptive title being actually "apprentice". Tradition has long stated that Major Robert Harris married the daughter of Col. Claiborne, and only recently has it been acknowledged that Claiborne did indeed have a second daughter. She is called Mary according to tradition, but Mr. Deyo states that similarly to William Overton's wife (called Mary in some records but Elizabeth in the will of her mother), her name was Elizabeth, and that Mary was her christening name and the one she chose to use. The compelling interconnections and familial relationships are far too complex to address here, and the author invites any who are interested in Mr. Deyo's research to contact him at [email protected].

a. The following record is offered as proof that Col. William Claiborne had more than one daughter.

Deeds & Orders 1650 - 1652, pg. 36-William Claiborne 1648

Whereas there are certain debts and other things due to me at Chichecon (i.e. Chicacone) and other places up the Bay. These presents are to appoint and authorize my kinsman Mr. Samuel Smith to ask and receive as also to implead and acquit and compound for any the said debts with any persons inhabitants or beings in the said places and in particular as being guardian unto my two daughters. I do hereby authorize the said Samuel Smythe to take all those cattle at Chiceon into his custody for their use and to receive a heifer due from the estate of James Cloughton for a bull he killed of theirs.

witness hereunto my hand and seal this second day of April 1648

          W. Claiborne

Witness: Christopher Williams

b. Born in Hanover County, Virginia, Maj. Robert Harris was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from Hanover County in the assembly of 1736-40, and in the session of 6 May 1742. In the session of 4 Sep 1744, William Meriwether represented Hanover in place of Robert Harris, who had accepted the place of surveyor of Louisa County, where he settled in 1742. He also served as Justice of the Peace for Louisa County in 1742. He later removed to Albemarle County, where his will was recorded in 1765.
WLD; Virginia Genealogies and Biographies, Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons, Volume I, p 252; Southern Genealogies, Historical Southern Families, Volume XIX, Harris of Hanover County, p 107-108; William Deyo.
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