Throckmorton of England and Rhode Island

Adam de Throckmorton b abt 1200, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England, d 1248, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England. He md Maud Derinston abt 1220, Throckmorton, Worcestershire. She was b abt 1203, Worcestershire, England.
Child of Adam de Throckmorton and Maud Derinston was:

Robert de Throckmorton b abt 1222, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, d abt 1306, Throckmorton, Worcestershire. He md Prudence de Compton abt 1243, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, daughter of Robert de Compton and Lucy. She was b abt 1226, prob Throckmorton.
Child of Robert de Throckmorton and Prudence de Compton was:

Simon de Throckmorton b abt 1245, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England, d 1315, Throckmorton, Worcestershire. He md Isabel Donnisby abt 1266, Throckmorton, Worcestershire. She was b abt 1250, of Kynfer, Staffordshire, England.
Child of Simon de Throckmorton and Isabel Donnisby was:

Robert de Throckmorton b abt 1271, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, d 1335 Throckmorton. He md Joan de Weston, daughter of Richard de Weston and Joan. She was b abt 1282, d 1315.
Child of Robert de Throckmorton and Joan de Weston was:

Giles de Throckmorton b abt 1309, Fladbury, Worcestershire, England. He md Agnes Fraunceys 1328, daughter of John Fraunceys. She was b abt 1312, Coughton Court, Warwickshire, England.
Child of Giles de Throckmorton and Agnes Fraunceys was:

Robert de Throckmorton b abt 1334, Coughton Court, Warwickshire, England, d 1362, Coughton Court, Warwickshire, England. He md Lucy Coleman, daughter of Geoffrey Coleman. She was b abt 1335, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England.
Child of Robert Throckmorton and Lucy Coleman was:

Thomas Throckmorton b abt 1355, Throckmorton, Worcestershire, England, d abt 1412, Fladbury, Worcestershire, England. He md Agnes de Besford 1381, Fladbury, Worcestershire, daughter of Sir Alexander de Besford, Knight, and Beatrice (poss. de Thorndon).
Child of Thomas de Throckmorton and Agnes de Besford was:

John Throckmorton, Esquire, b abt 1382, Coughton, Warwickshire, England, d 13 Apr 1445, Fladbury, Worcestershire, England. He md Eleanor Spinney abt 1405, Suffolk, England, daughter of Sir Guy de la Spine/Spinney, Baron of Coughton, and Katherine Holt. She was b abt 1383, Coughton, Warwickshire, England, d abt 1468, prob Worcestershire, England.
Children of John Throckmorton and Eleanor Spinney were:
  • John Throckmorton b abt 1408.
  • Eleanor Throckmorton b abt 1410; md Richard Knightly.
  • Sir Thomas Throckmorton, Knight, b 1412.
  • Elizabeth Throckmorton b abt 1413; md Robert Russell.
  • Margaret Throckmorton b abt 1415; md John Rous.
  • Mary Throckmorton b abt 1417; md Robert Gifford.
  • Agnes Throckmorton b abt 1418, Coughton, Warwickshire, England; md Thomas Winslow.
  • Maud Throckmorton b abt 1420; md Thomas Greene.
Sir Thomas Throckmorton, Knight, b 1412, Coughton Court, Warwickshire, England, d 13 Jul 1472, Fladbury, Worcestershire, England. He md Margaret Olney abt 1446, Coughton Court, Warwickshire, daughter of Sir Robert Olney, Knight, and Judith Bosum. She was b abt 1426, Weston-Underwood, Buckinghamshire, England, d Fladbury, Worcestershire, England.
Children of Thomas Throckmorton and Margaret Olney were:
  • Margaret Throckmorton b abt 1448; md William Tracy.
  • Mary Throckmorton b abt 1450; md John Middlemore.
  • Sir Robert Throckmorton, Knight, b abt 1452, of Warwickshire, England; md [1] Catherine Marrow, [2] Elizabeth Baynham abt 1490.
  • Dr. William Throckmorton, b abt 1455 d aft 1537.
  • Richard Throckmorton b abt 1458.
  • John Throckmorton b 1460.
  • Judith Throckmorton b abt 1462; md Edward Peyton.
  • Elizabeth Throckmorton (Abbess of Denny), b abt 1464, d 1547.
John Throckmorton b 1460, of South Elmham, Suffolk, England, d bef 1510, England. He md Jane Baynard abt 1483, daughter of Henry Baynard. She was b 1465, Spexall, Suffolk, England, d abt 1539, England.
Children of John Throckmorton and Jane Baynard were:
  • Eleanor Throckmorton b abt 1486.
  • Margaret Throckmorton b abt 1488; md Thomas Sharrtlow.
  • Francis Throckmorton b abt 1490, of S. Elmham, Suffolk, d abt 1536; md Jane(?) Newburgh abt 1520.
  • Elizabeth Throckmorton b abt 1492; md William Claxton.
  • Simon Throckmorton b abt 1495.
  • Margery Throckmorton b abt 1497; md John Fiske.
Simon Throckmorton b abt 1495, Earsham, Norfolk, England, d 12 Jul 1527, Baynham, Suffolk, England. He md Anne Louthe abt 1522, daughter of Edmund Louthe and Edith Stukeley.
Child of Simon Throckmorton and Anne Louthe was:

Lionel Throckmorton b 1525, Suffolk, England, d 24 Nov 1598, of Bungay, Suffolk, England. He md [1] Elizabeth Kemp, [2] Elizabeth Blennerhasset abt 1560, daughter of John Blennerhasset and Elizabeth Cornwallis.
Children of Lionel Throckmorton and Elizabeth Blennerhasset were:

  • John Throckmorton b abt 1562.
  • Bassingborne Throckmorton b 1564.
  • Elizabeth Throckmorton b abt 1567; md Richard Vincor.
  • Robert Throckmorton b abt 1570, d abt 1632; md Anne Elvis.
  • Katherine Throckmorton b abt 1572; md Unknown.
Bassingborne Throckmorton b 1564, Norwich, Norfolk, England, d 21 Sep 1638, Norwich, Norfolk, England. He md [1] Mary Hill 7 Dec 1591, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, [2] Hester Pye abt 1615. Mary Hill was b 1566, prob Suffolk, England, d 1614-15, Norwich, Norfolk, England, daughter of William Hill and Jane Annable.
Children of Bassingborne Throckmorton and Mary Hill were:
  • Lionel Throckmorton b abt 1595; d aft 1677.
  • Mary Throckmorton b abt 1597; md William Rawlie 1617.
  • Thomas Throckmorton b abt 1599, of Bungay, Suffolk, England, d abt 1677; md Margaret.
  • John Throckmorton b bef 9 May 1601.
  • Myles Throckmorton b bef 18 Jun 1605.
  • Robert Throckmorton b abt 1610.
John Throckmorton b bef 9 May 1601, Norwich, Norfolk, England, d abt 1685, Middletown, NJ. He md Rebecca Colvill, daughter of Edward Colvill. She was b 1608, England, d Providence, RI.
Children of John Throckmorton and Rebecca Colvill were:
  • John Throckmorton b abt 1630, prob England; md Alice Stout abt 12 Dec 1670, Middletown, NJ.
  • Daughter Throckmorton b abt 1634, Providence, RI; d bef 30 Oct 1666, md Mr. Taylor.
  • Patience Throckmorton b abt 1635.
  • Freegift Throckmorton b abt 1637, Providence, RI; d 1669.
  • Deliverance Throckmorton b 1642, Providence, RI; md James Ashton 1667.
  • Joseph Throckmorton b abt 1647, Providence, RI.
  • Job Throckmorton b 30 Sep 1650, Providence, RI, d 20 Aug 1709, Middletown, NJ; md Sarah Leonard 2 Feb 1683/84.

Patience Throckmorton b abt 1635, Providence, RI, d 7 Sep 1676, Newport, RI. She md John Coggeshall Dec 1655, son of John Coggeshall and Mary.

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