Coggeshall of Essex, England, and Newport, Rhode Island
John Coggeshall [a] b 1535, London, England, d 1 Jan 1600/01, Halstead, Essex, England. He md [1] Elizabeth, and [2] Katherine Wangford 1564. She was b abt 1542, Essex, England, d aft 22 Mar 1608/09, Halstead, Essex, England.
Child of John Coggeshall and Katherine Wangford were:
  • Katherine Coggeshall b bef 26 Dec 1564; md Thomas Harrington 2 Mar 1583/84, Halstead, Essex, England.
  • Elizabeth Coggeshall b bef 27 Feb 1571/72, d bef 23 Feb 1604/05; md Rev. John Watson.
  • John Coggeshall b 24 Jul 1756.
John Coggeshall [b] b 24 Jul 1576, Halstead, Essex, England, d bef 4 Aug 1615, Halstead, Essex, England. He md Anne Butter abt 1599-1600, daughter of Pierce Butter. She was b abt 1583, Halstead, Essex, England, d bef 10 Nov 1648, Hedingham, Essex, England.
Children of John Coggeshall and Ann Butter were:
  • John Coggeshall b bef 9 Dec 1601.
  • Anne Coggeshall b bef 2 Apr 1604, Halstead, Essex, England; md Richard Raymond.
  • Katherine Coggeshall b bef 18 Apr 1607, Halstead, Essex, England, d 14 May 1640; unmd.
John Coggeshall [c] b bef 9 Dec 1601, of Halstead, Essex, England, d 27 Nov 1647, Newport, RI. He md Mary (Hodge?) abt 1619. She was b abt 1602, prob Essex, England, d 8 Nov 1684, Newport, RI.
Children of John Coggeshall and Mary Hodge were:
  • John Coggeshall b abt 1620.
  • Joshua Coggeshall b abt 1623, Essex, England, d 1688; md Joan West 22 Dec 1652
  • Anne Coggeshall b bef 7 May 1626, Essex, Eng, d 1686-87; md Peter Easton 15 Nov 1643.
  • Mary Coggeshall b bef 22 Jun 1628, Essex, Eng, d young.
  • James Coggeshall b bef 14 Mar 1629/30, Essex, Eng, d young.
  • Waite Coggeshall b bef 11 Sep 1634, Boston, Suffolk, MA; md Daniel Gould 18 Dec 1651.
  • Hananiel Coggeshall b bef 3 May 1635, Boston, MA, d young.
  • Bedaiah (prob Obediah) Coggeshall b bef 30 Jul 1637, Boston, MA, d young.
Maj. John Coggeshall [d] b abt 1620, Halstead, Essex, England, d 1 Oct 1708, Portsmouth, Newport, RI. He md [1] Elizabeth Baulstone 17 Jun 1647, Newport, RI (divorced), [2] Patience Throckmorton Dec 1655, Providence, RI, daughter of John Throckmorton and Rebecca Colvill, and [3] Mary Hedge 1 Oct 1679.
Children of John Coggeshall and Patience Throckmorton were:
  • Freegift Coggeshall b 1 Mar 1657/58.
  • James Coggeshall b 17 Feb 1659/60, d 1669, Newport, RI.
  • Mary Coggeshall b 10 Mar 1661/62, Newport, RI.
  • Joseph Coggeshall b 30 May 1664, d 1676, Newport, RI.
  • Rebecca Coggeshall b 20 Jun 1667,, Newport, RI.
  • Patience Coggeshall b 30 Aug 1669, Newport, RI, d 3 Aug 1747, New Shoreham, Newport, RI; md Samuel Rathbone 3 Nov 1692, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
  • Benjamin Coggeshall b 27 Jul 1672, d 1739, Newport, RI.
  • Content Coggeshall b 28 Mar 1674, d 1675, Newport, RI.
  • Content Coggeshall b 10 May 1676, Newport, RI.
Freegift Coggeshall b 1 Mar 1657/58, Newport, RI, d 27 Feb 1727/28, Newport, RI. He md Elizabeth Matthews 31 Dec 1684, Newport, RI, daughter of Thomas Matthews and Anne. She was b 1664, Yarmouth, Plymouth, MA, d 6 Jun 1748, Newport, RI.
Children of Freegift Coggeshall and Elizabeth Matthews were:
  • Patience Coggeshall b 6 Dec 1685.
  • Freegift Coggeshall b 30 Sep 1689, Newport, RI.
  • Sarah Coggeshall b abt 1691, Newport, RI, d 1720.
  • Elizabeth Coggeshall b abt 1693, Newport, RI, d 1753.
  • William Coggeshall b abt 1695, Newport, RI.
  • Mary Coggeshall b 1697, Newport, RI, d 1753.
  • Thomas Coggeshall b 1697, Newport, RI.
  • Nathaniel Coggeshall b abt 1700, Newport, RI, d 1701.
  • Nathaniel Coggeshall b abt 1702, Newport, RI.
  • Rebecca Coggeshall b abt 1704, d 1714.
Patience Coggeshall b 6 Dec 1685, Newport, RI, d 21 Dec 1721, Middletown, Newport, RI. She md Benedict Arnold III 23 Jan 1709, Newport, Newport, RI, son of Benedict Arnold II and Mary Turner.

a. Believed to have been, at one time, a merchant in London, he held Munchensies in Halstead, Essex, once the seat of the noble family of Munchensy, and to which he made great additions in 1563. The arms he used were Argent, a cross between four escallops sable, this being the same as the knightly family of Coggeshall of Coggeshall, Essex, although his exact connection to this family has not been discovered. He married twice, first to Elizabeth by whom he had two sons, John "the elder" and Richard.

b. Called John "the younger" to distinguish him from his elder half brother, he married Anne Butter, sister of John Butter of Thorington, Essex, who in his will named many of his relatives, including his sister Anne Coggeshall's three children. She survived her husband and made her will 16 Apr 1645, which was proved 10 Nov 1648.

c. A mercer and merchant, he was baptized at Halstead, Essex, England. In 1620, while still a minor, he was complainant in a bill in Chancery brought for him by his mother and guardian, the widow Anne Coggeshall, regarding certain lands in Halstead which had been mortgaged by his father in 1605. On 1 Jun 1629, John Coggeshall, gentleman, and his wife Mary, along with John Warman and his wife, sold lands in Halstead and Sible Hedingham, Essex. On 22 Jun 1632, he appears in a list of 33 men "transported to New-England to the Plantacon there" who have "tendred and taken the oath of allegeance according to the Statute." Not long after this, he, his wife Mary, and their children sailed for New England in the ship Lyon (or Lion), arriving at Boston on 16 Sep 1632. He likely first settled at Roxbury where the names of he and his wife are found in the list of members of Rev. John Elliot's church there. Not long afterwards he removed to Boston, where "Mr. John Coggeshall" and wife Mary were admitted to the First Church 20 Apr 1634, and where he was chosen a deacon. He served as a selectman of Boston in 1635, and also as a deputy from Boston to the General Court from 1634-1637. However, as a supporter of Rev. John Wheelwright and Anne Hutchinson, he was expelled from the General Court and disenfranchised on 2 Nov 1637. In 1638, he went to the Island of Aquidneck (Rhode Island), where he and 18 others signed a compact incorporating themselves "into a Bodie Politick" at Pocasset (later Portsmouth) on 7 Mar 1637/38, and on 28 Apr 1639, he and eight others signed another compact preparatory to settling farther south on the island, at Newtown, afterwards Newport. At Newport, he received the next to largest share of land, nearly 400 acres. There he served as an assistant in 1640-1644, and moderator in 1647 of the first General Assembly of the Colony, which Assembly elected him to the office of president, an office he was holding at his death 27 Nov 1647, having served less than a year.

d. He held many important offices in the Colony, being general treasurer for Portsmouth and Newport 1653-54, and for Providence and Warwick in 1654, commissioner 1654-1663, assistant 1663-16665, 1672, 1674, 1676, and 1683-1686, general treasurer 1664-1672, deputy 1665, 1667-1671, 1675, and 1683, general recorder 1676-1677 and 1691-1692, deputy governor 1686 and 1689-1690, among others. By first wife Elizabeth Baulstone (from whom he obtained a divorce in 1655), he had three children. By second wife Patience Throckmorton, he had nine children, and following her death at age 36 in 1676, he married, thirdly, Mary Hedge, by whom he had four children.

GL: English Origins of New England Families, Series 1, Volume 1, Coggeshall, by Frederick Samuel Fish, pp. 556-569, an article appearing in NEHGR, republished by Genealogical Publishing Company.
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