Viscounts of Thouars
Aimery IV, Vicomte de Thouars, b abt 1032, d 1093. He md Aurengarde de Mauleon abt 1053. She was b abt 1038.
Children of Aimery IV of Thouars and Aurengarde de Mauleon were:

Eleanor de Thouars b abt 1058. She md Boso II, Viscount of Chastellerault, 1075, son of Hugh de Chastellerault and Gerberga de la Rochefoucauld.
Child of Eleanor de Thouars and Boso II was:

Aimery I, Vicomte de Chastellerault, b abt 1078, d 7 Nov 1151. He md Dangereuse abt 1100, daughter of Bartholomew de l'Isle Bouchard and Gerberga. She was b abt 1082.
Children of Aimery I and Dangereuse were:
  • Eleanor de Chastellerault b abt 1106, d aft Mar 1129/30. She md William VIII of Poitou/X of Aquitaine, Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine, 1121, son of William VII of Poitou/IX of Aquitaine, Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine, and Philippa of Toulouse.
  • William de Thouars, Vicomte de Thouars, b abt 1108. See LINE A
  • Raoul/Ralph, Seigneur de Fay la Vineuse, b abt 1114. See LINE B
William de Thouars, Vicomte de Thouars, b abt 1108 He md Aenor de Leusigne abt 1126. She was b abt 1112.
Child of William de Thouars and Aenor de Leusigne was:

Gui/Guy de Thouars, Count of Brittany, b abt 1140, d 1218. He md Constance of Brittany 1199, daughter of Conan IV, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, and Margaret de Huntingdon.
Child of Gui/Guy de Thouars and Constance of Brittany was:

Alix de Thouars b abt 1200, d 21 Nov 1221. She md Pierre "Mauclerc" de Dreux, Count of Brittany, abt 1212, son of Robert II de Dreux, Count of Dreux and Braine, and Yolande de

LINE B (Proposed)
Raoul/Ralph [a], Seigneur de Fay la Vineuse, b abt 1114. He md Elizabeth de Fay, Dame de Fay la Vineuse, abt 1136. She was b abt 1120.
Child of Raoul/Ralph and Elizabeth de Fay was:

Ralph de Fay b abt 1145. The name of his wife is not known.
Child of Ralph de Fay was:

Ralph de Fay b abt 1172, of Bramley, Surrey, England, d 1223. He md Beatrice de Turnham abt 1193, daughter of Stephen de Turnham, Seneschal of Poitou or Anjou, and Edeline de Broc. She was b abt 1179.
Child of Ralph de Fay and Beatrice de Turnham was:

Maud de Fay b abt 1203, d 1249. She md [1] William de Braose, and [2] Roger de Clere abt 1216, son of Ralph de Clere and Margaret Fitz Henry.

a. Raoul/Ralph was a younger son of Aimery I. The connection of the Fay family to this Raoul, or Ralph, is based upon Ralph de Fay (d 1223) being called "kinsman" of Queen Eleanor in several early records, as well as the use of the name Ralph. Queen Eleanor, or Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of both Louis VII of France and Henry II Curtmantle of England, was a near-contemporary of Ralph de Fay and was still living while Ralph was a young man. Eleanor's mother, Eleanor de Chastellerault was a sister of Ralph de Fay's grandfather. This is a PROPOSED connection which is currently under discussion and investigation by several knowledgeable professionals on soc.genealogy.medieval. It should also be noted that the intervening generation of Ralph de Fay, son of Raoul/Ralph and father of Ralph de Fay (d 1223) has been suggested based upon the chronology. For a complete discussion and presentation of the records which lend credence to this proposed connection, please go to soc. genealogy.medieval.
SGM: Adrian Channing, Rosie Bevan, Richard Borthwick.

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