Simon de Montfort and the Counts of Evreux
Amauri de Montfort [a] b abt 995, of Montfort, Normandy, d 1031. He md Bertrade de Gometz abt 1020. She was b abt 1004.
Child of Amauri de Montfort and Bertrade de Gometz was:

Simon I de Montfort [b], Seigneur of Montfort l'Amauri, b abt 1026, Montfort, Normandy, d 25 Sep 1087. He md:
[1] Isabel de Bardoul abt 1048, daughter of Hugh de Bardoul, Seigneur of Brozes. She was b abt 1034.
Child of Simon I de Montfort and Isabel de Bardoul was:

    Isabel/Elizabeth de Montfort b abt 1053, Montfort, Eure, France. She md Sir Ralph III de Toeni, Lord of Flamsead, aka "de Conches", abt 1070, France, son of Roger I de Toeni, Standard Bearer of Normandy, aka "de Conches", and Godeheut.
[3] Agnes d'Evreux abt 1068, Normandy, France, daughter of Richard d'Evreux, Count d'Evreux, and Adelaide/Adele.
Children of Simon I de Montfort and Agnes d'Evreux were:
  • Bertrade de Montfort b abt 1074, Montfort, Eure, France, d 14 Feb 1116/17, Fontrevault, Maine-et-Loire, France. She md Fulk IV of Anjou, Count of Anjou, 1090-1091, son of Aubri-Geoffrey, Count of the Gatinais, and Ermengarde of Anjou.
  • Amauri de Montfort, Count of Evreux, b abt 1076.
Amauri de Montfort [c], Count of Evreux, b abt 1076, Montfort l'Amauri, Eure, France, d Apr 1137. He md Agnes de Garlende 1120, France, daughter of Ansel de Garlende, Seneschal of France, Seigneur de Garlende, and Beatrice de Montlhery. She was b abt 1098, France, d 1181.
Children of Amauri de Montfort and Agnes de Garlende were:
  • Simon II de Montfort, Count of Evreux, b abt 1121.
  • Agnes/Elizabeth de Montfort b abt 1123, Montfort-Sur-Risle, Eure, France, d 15 Dec 1181. She md Sir Waleran de Beaumont, Earl of Worcester, Count of Meulan, abt 1140, son of Sir Robert de Beaumont, Earl of Leicester, Count of Meulan, and Isabel de Vermandois.

Simon II de Montfort [d], Count of Evreux, b abt 1121, Montfort-Sur-Risle, Eure, France, d 13 Mar 1180/81. He md Maud abt 1142. She was b abt 1126, d bef 1169.
Child of Simon II de Montfort and Maud was:

Bertrade de Montfort b abt 1155, Chester, Cheshire, England, d 12 Jul 1189, Eure, Normandy, France. She md Sir Hugh of Kevelioc, Earl of Chester, 1169, Cheshire, England, son of Sir Ranulph de Gernon, Earl of Chester, and Maud Fitz Robert de Caen.

a. He attested charters of Robert I of France iin 1022, 1028, and 1031. He appears to have begun the building of Montfort, which was completed by his son, Simon. He is said to have married Bertrade. His date of death is not known; he left two sons, Simon, his successor, and Mainer.

b. He took a leading part in 1063 in persuading Duke William to recall Ralph de Tosny and Hugh de Grandmesnil from exile. He was at Fecamp with William in Apr 1066 and in the same year, at Meulan, Simon and his wife confirmed a gift by Richard Fitz Herluin of certain lands to the Abbey of Coulombs, said lands being part of the inheritance of Simon's wife. In 1067, in Paris, he witnessed a charter of Philip I, and in 1072, with his son Amauri, attested another charter of the same King. He married three times, the name of the second wife not being known (nor is it believed he had any issue with her). By his first wife, Isabel, he had a son Amauri (died s.p. bef 1089), who succeeded him, and a daughter, Isabel (or Elizabeth) who married Ralph de Tosny. By third wife, Agnes, he appears to have had Richard (d circa 1092), and Simon, who in turn succeeded their half-brother Amauri, and by her he also certainly had another son, also named Amauri, who succeeded the last-named Simon, as well as a daughter, Bertrade, who was the 4th wife of Fulk IV, Count of Anjou. She is stated to have deserted Fulk for Philip I of France.

c. On the death of his maternal uncle, William, Count d'Evreux, Amauri claimed the comte, and when Henry I denied him the inheritance, he lead a widespread revolt and obtained possession of Evreux. The following year, after Henry I besieged Evreux, his nephew, Theobald, Count of Champagne, reconciled him with Amauri, who surrendered the castle to Henry I and thereupon received his uncle's comte. But in 1123, Amauri joined the revolt of Waleran, Count of Meulan (who subsequently married Amauri's daughter, Agnes), against Henry. The following year Amauri fought at Bourgtheroulde, and was captured when fleeing from the field by William de Grandcourt, who, rather than hand over his prisoner to captivity, went into exile with him. Before the end of the year, Amauri had made his peace with the King, and seems thereafter to have maintained good relations with the King over the remainder of his reign. He firstly married Richeude, daughter of Baldwin, Count of Hainault, from whom he separated. He then married secondly, Agnes, niece of Stephen de Garlende, with whom he received Rochefort and Gournay-sur-Marne. She was likely the mother of his eldest son, Amauri, and certainly mother of Simon and of a daughter, Agnes. He died 18 or 19 Apr, but the year is not known, and was buried at the Abbey of Haute-Bruyere, which he had founded.

d. Being a vassal of both the King of France and King of England, his position was uneasy when both were at war with each other in 1159. He adhered to England and handed over his castles of Rochefort, Montfort, and Epernon to Henry II, which forced Louis to make a truce. In 1173, Simon joined the revolt of the "young King", but was captured when the Count of Flanders took the castle of Aumale. In 1177 he attested the treaty of Ivry and was with Henry II at Verneuil. He married Maud, whose parentage is unknown, and they had two sons, Amauri and Simon, and a daughter, Bertrade.

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