The Dukes of Normandy
Eystein Glumra, Jarl of the Upplands, b abt 803, of Norway. The identity of his wife is not known.
Known children of Eystein Glumra were:
  • Ragnvald I, the Wise, Jarl of North and South More and of Ramsdal, b abt 832.
  • Swanhild b abt 846, of Norway. She md Harald I, "Fairhair, 1st King of Norway, abt 866, son of Halfdan, "the Black, King of Vestfold, and Ragnhild.
Ragnvald I, "the Wise", Jarl of North and South More and of Ramsdal, b abt 832, Norway, d 890. He md Hiltrude abt 850, daughter of Hrolf Nefia. She was b abt 834.
Child of Ragnvald the Wise and Hiltrude was:

Rollo/Robert I of Normandy [a], 1st Duke of Normandy, aka Ganger Rolf, b abt 855, Norway, d abt 927-931, prob Normandy, France. He md Poppa of Bayeux abt 886, daughter of Berenger, Count of Bayeux. She was b abt 876.
Children of Rollo/Robert I of Normandy and Poppa of Bayeux were:

William I of Normandy [b], Duke of Normandy, "Long Sword", b abt 891, of Normandy, d 17 Dec 942, Normandy. He md [1] Sprota abt 922, [2] Luitgarde de Vermandois abt 935.
Child of William I of Normandy and Sprota was:

Richard I of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, "Sans Peur/the Fearless", b 28 Aug 933, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, d 20 Nov 996, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy. He md Gunnora aft 968, Normandy. She was b abt 952, d 1031, Normandy. He also had children with one, or more, Unknown Mistresses.
Children of Richard I of Normandy and Gunnora were:

  • Richard II of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, b abt 962. See LINE A
  • Robert d'Evreux b abt 965. See LINE B
  • Mauger of Normandy b abt 968. See LINE C
  • Emma of Normandy b abt 974, Normandy, France. She md Aethelred II, King of England, abt 990, son of Edgar, King of England, and Elfrida.
Child of Richard I of Normandy and Unknown Mistress was:
  • Hawise b abt 978, d 21 Feb 1034. She md Geoffrey of Brittany, Duke of Brittany, abt 997, son of Conan I of Brittany, Duke of Brittany, "le Tort", and Ermengarde of Anjou.
Child of Richard I of Normandy and Unknown Mistress was:
  • Geoffrey, Count of Brionne, b abt 970. See LINE D
Child of Richard I of Normandy and Unknown Mistress was:
Child of Richard I of Normandy and Unknown Mistress was:
Richard II of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, "Le Bon", b abt 962, Normandy, d 28 Aug 1027, Normandy. He md Judith of Brittany abt 988, daughter of Conan I of Brittany, Duke of Brittany, and Ermengarde of Anjou.
Children of Richard II of Normandy and Judith of Brittany were:
  • Richard III of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, b abt 990. See LINE A1
  • Robert I of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, "the Magnificent", b abt 993. See LINE A2
  • Judith of Normandy, b abt 1008. She md Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders and
    , abt 1031, son of Arnold II, Count of Flanders, and Rosela.
  • Alice/Adelaide of Normandy b abt 1010. She md Renaud I of Burgundy, Count of Burgundy, 1023, son of Othon-William of Macon, Count of Burgundy, Macon, and Nevers, and Ermentrude de Roucy.
  • LINE A1
    Richard III of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, b abt 990, of Normandy, France, d 6 Aug 1028.
    Child of Richard III of Normandy and Unknown Mistress was:

    Alice of Normandy b abt 1026, Normandy, France. She md Ranulph I of Bayeux, Vicomte of the Bessin, abt 1042, prob Normandy, France.

    LINE A2
    Robert I of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, "the Magnificent", b abt 993, Normandy, d 22 Jul 1035, Nicea, Turkey. His mistress was Arlette/Herleve of Falaise, daughter of Fulbert of Falaise and Doda. She was b abt 1008, Falaise, Calvados, Normandy.
    Children of Robert of Normandy and Arlette/Herleve of Falaise were:

    • William "The Conqueror" of Normandy, King of England, Duke of Normandy, b 14 Oct 1028.
    • Adelaide of Normandy b abt 1032, d bef 1090. She md:
        [1] Enguerrand II of Ponthieu abt 1048, son of Hugh II of Ponthieu, Count of Ponthieu, and Bertha of Aumale.
        [2] Lambert of Boulogne, Count of Lens, abt 1053/54, son of Eustace I, Count of Boulogne, and Maud of Louvain, and
        [3] Eudes of Champagne, Count of Champagne and Aumale, Earl of
        , abt 1058, son of Stephen of Champagne, Count of Champagne, and Adela.
      William II of Normandy, King of England, Duke of Normandy, "the Conqueror", b 14 Oct 1028, Falaise, Normandy, d 10 Sep 1087, Hermenbraville, Rouen, Normandy. He md Maud/Matilda of Flanders 1053, Normandy, daughter of Baldwin V de Lille, Count of Flanders, and Adele of France.
      Children of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders were:
      • Robert II Curthose, Duke of Normandy, b 1054, Normandy, France, d 10 Feb 1133/34, (a prisoner) Cardiff Castle, Wales.
      • William II Rufus, King of England, b abt 1058, Normandy, France, d 2 Aug 1100, Hampshire, England.
      • Adela b abt 1065, Normandy, France, d 8 Mar 1137/38, Charente-Maritime, France. She md Stephen of Blois, Count of Blois, Chartres, Champagne, Brie, and Tourain, abt 1081, Chartres, France, son of Theobald III of Blois, Count of Blois, and Gundrada.
      • Henry I Beauclerc, King of England, b abt Sep 1068.
      Henry I Beauclerc, King of England, b abt Sep 1068, Selby, Yorkshire, England, d 1 Dec 1135, St. Denis-le-Fremont, Normandy. He md Matilda of Scotland 11 Nov 1100, Westminster Abbey, London, England, daughter of Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scotland, and St. Margaret of
      Children of Henry I Beauclerc and Matilda of Scotland were:
      • Matilda of Germany b abt 1102, London, England, d 10 Sep 1167, Rouen, France. She md Geoffrey V of Anjou, "Le Bon", Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy, 22 May 1127, Sarthe, France, son of Fulk V of Anjou, Count of Anjou, and Erembourg of Maine.
      • William Atheling b bef 5 Aug 1103, Winchester, England, d 25 Nov 1120 (drowned with the wreck of the White Ship); md Isabella of Anjou Jun 1119, Lisieux, France.
      • Richard b abt 1105, d 25 Nov 1120 (drowned with the wreck of the White Ship).
      Henry I Beauclerc also had several Mistresses:
      [1] Unknown Mistress.
      Child of Henry I Beauclerc and Unknown Mistress was:

        Sir Robert de Caen [d], Earl of Gloucester, b abt 1090, d 31 Oct 1147, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. He md Maud Fitz Hamon abt 1115, daughter of Sir Robert Fitz Hamon, Lord of Glamorgan, and Sibyl de Montgomery. He also fathered a son by an unknown mistress.
        Children of Robert de Caen and Maud Fitz Hamon were:
        • Sir William Fitz Robert, Earl of Gloucester, b 23 Nov 1116.
        • Maud Fitz Robert de Caen b abt 1128, of Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, d 29 Jul 1189. She md Sir Ranulph de Gernon, Earl of Chester, abt 1141, Gloucestershire, England, son of Ranulph le Meschin, Earl of Chester, Vicomte of Bayeux, Vicomte d'Avranches, Lord of Cumberland, and Lucy.
        • Sir William Fitz Robert [e], 2nd Earl of Gloucester, b 23 Nov 1116, d 23 Nov 1183. He md Hawise de Beaumont abt 1150, daughter of Sir Robert de Beaumont, Earl of Leicester, Justiciar of England, Knight, and Amice de Montfort.
          Children of William Fitz Robert and Hawise de Beaumont were:

          • Mabel of Gloucester b abt 1152, prob Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, d 1191; md Amauri de Montfort, Count of Evreux.
          • Amice Fitz Robert b 1160, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, d 1 Jan 1224/25. She md Sir Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester, Magna Carta Surety, Lord of Clare, abt 1172, son of Sir Roger de Clare, Earl of Hertford, Lord of Clare, and Maud de St. Hilary.
          • Isabel of Gloucester b abt 1172, d s.p. 14 Oct 1217; md [1] John de Mortain, Earl of Gloucester, 29 Aug 1189 (div.), [2] Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex, Jan 1213/14, and [3] Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, 1217.
        Child of Robert de Caen by an unknown mistress was:
      [2] Sibyl Corbet, daughter of Sir Robert Corbet.
      Children of Henry I Beauclerc and Sibyl Corbet were:
      • Maud b abt 1095. She md Conan III, Duke of Brittany, abt 1108, son of Alan IV "Fergent", Duke of Brittany, and Ermengarde of Anjou.
      • Sir Reginald Fitz Roy, aka de Mortain, Earl of Cornwall, b abt 1098.
      • Sir Reginald Fitz Roy [f], aka de Mortain, Earl of Cornwall, b abt 1098, Kent, England, d 1 Jul 1175, Chertsey, Surrey, England. He md Mabel Fitz Richard abt 1133, daughter of Sir William Fitz Richard, Lord of Cardinand, and Daughter de Mortain.
        Child of Reginald Fitz Roy and Mabel Fitz Richard was:

        Maud Fitz Roy b abt 1143, Dunstanville, Kent, England. She md Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, 1165, son of Sir Waleran de Beaumont, Earl of Worcester, Count of Meulan, and Agnes/Elizabeth de Montfort.

      [3] Nest verch Rhys, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdr-Mawr, Prince of South Wales and Gwladus verch Rhiwallon. She was b abt 1073, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales, d bef 1136.
      Child of Henry I Beauclerc and Nest verch Rhys was:

      [4...] Unknown Mistresses
      Children of Henry I Beauclerc and one, or more, mistresses were:
      • Matilda b 1086, d 25 Nov 1120, English Channel (drowned with the wreck of the White Ship). She md Routrou II de Perche, Count of Perche, abt 1100, son of Geoffrey II, Count of Mortagne and Perche, and Beatrix de Montdidier.
      • Elizabeth b abt 1105. She md Sir Fergus of Galloway, Lord of Galloway, abt 1118.
      • Constance b abt 1108. She md Roscelin de Beaumont, Viscount of Maine, abt 1122, son of Raoul/Ralph IV de Beaumont, Viscount of Maine, and Daughter of Guy de Laval.
    LINE B
    Robert d'Evreux, Count d'Evreux, b abt 965, d 1037, Nicea, Turkey. He md Herleve/Havlive abt 983. She was b abt 968.
    Child of Robert d'Evreux and Herleve/Havlive was:

    Richard d'Evreux, Count d'Evreux, b 986, d 13 Dec 1067. He md Adelaide/Adele abt 1030. She was b abt 1012.
    Child of Richard d'Evreux and Adelaide/Adele was:.

    Agnes d'Evreux b abt 1048. She md Simon I de Montfort, Seigneur de Montfort d'Amauri, abt 1068, son of Amauri de Montfort and Bertrade.

    LINE C
    Mauger of Normandy, Count of Corbeil, b abt 968. He md Germaine of Corbeil abt 986, daughter of Albert of Corbeil. She was b abt 973.
    Child of Mauger of Normandy and Germaine of Corbeil was:

    William, Count of Corbeil, b abt 992, d aft 1060. The identity of his wife is not known.
    Child of William of Corbeil was:

    Bouchard II, Count of Corbeil, b abt 1023, d abt 1095. He md Adelaide de Crecy abt 1042. She was b abt 1026.
    Child of Bouchard II of Corbeil and Adelaide of Crecy was:

    Elise de Corbeil b abt 1050. She md Guy II de Montlhery, Count of Rochefort, abt 1063, son of Guy I de Montlhery, Sire de Montlhery, and Hodierne de Gometz.

    LINE D
    Geoffrey, Count of Brionne, b abt 970, Normandy, France, d abt 1015. Wife unknown.
    Child of Geoffrey of Brionne was:

    Gilbert/Giselbert "Crispin", Count of Brionne and Eu, b abt 1002, d abt 1040. He md Gunnora d'Aunou abt 1020. She was b abt 1007.
    Children of Gilbert Crispin and Gunnora d'Aunou were:

    a. Known as Ganger Rolf, the Viking, he was banished from Norway to the Hebrides around 876, evidently for his warlike activities and disturbances, and in 890, he participated in the Viking attack on Bayeux, where Berenger, the Count of Bayeux was killed, and his young daughter Poppa was abducted and became Rollo's wife. In 911, under the Treaty of St. Claire, he received the Duchy of Normandy from Charles II.

    b. Called Longsword, William I succeeded to the Duchy of Normandy upon his father's death in 927. In about 930, when the Bretons rebelled, he defeated them, taking Brittany, the Channel Islands, the Contentin, and the Averanchin. He was killed in an ambush by servants of Theobald, Count of Blois, and Arnulf, Count of Flanders, in December 942. No doubt, as a son of the infamous Ganger Rolf, he was considered a foreign usurper who posed an immense threat to the French nobility, as well as to the Crown of France.

    c. Seen also as Fredesende, Fressende, and Fressendis, there is disagreement as to her placement as a daughter of Duke Richard I. Her husband, Tancred of Hauteville was first married to one Muriella, and secondly to Fredesina. By this first marriage, Tancred had a son William, of whom exists a record which calls William "nepos" (literal translation, nephew) of Richard, Duke of Normandy. A second record calls Tancred and Fredesina's son, Robert Guiscard, "nepos" of RIchard, Duke of Normandy. Both Muriella and Fredesina are believed to have been either sisters, or aunt and niece, as Muriella appears to have been close to a generation older than Fredesina. Some believe they were sisters and both daughters of Duke Richard I, or of Duke Richard II, while others believe Muriella was the daughter of Richard I, and Fredesina was daughter of Richard II. See soc.genealogy.medieval for a discussion of these issues.

    d. He was born prior to his father's accession to the throne, and was one of Henry I's illegitimate sons. He was created Earl of Gloucester between Jun and Sep 1122. In 1127 he did homage to the Empress Maud recognizing her as the successor to his father. Upon Stephen's succession to the throne, he gave up Falaise, and upon his return to England in Mar 1136, did homage for his English lands, and was a witness to Stephen's Charter of Liberties. About this time, he founded St. Jame's Priory at Bristol. In 1137, when accompanying Stephen to Normandy, they had a falling-out, and the following year his English and Welsh estates were forfeited. Thereupon he prepared for war with Stephen, taking up the cause of his half-sister, Maud (or Matilda), and obtained the surrender of Caen and Bayeux which he handed to her husband, Geoffrey of Anjou. In Sep 1139, he landed in England with Maud, becoming her commander-in-chief in the civil war that ensued. In 1140, he burned Nottingham and the following Feb, with his son-in-law, Ranulph, Earl of Chester, took Stephen prisoner at Lincoln. He was captured in Sep 1141 and imprisoned briefly and was shortly afterwards exchanged for Stephen, without concessions on either side. In Jun 1142, Maud sent him to her husband, Geoffrey of Anjou, to urge him to invade England, but he declined help unti he had conquered Normandy, whereupon Robert joined him in his campaign. But hearing that Maud had been besieged in Oxford, Robert hurriedly returned to England to help her, taking with him her son, afterwards Henry II. Maud managed an escape from Oxford, and Robert and her son, Henry, met her at Wallingford, and then went to Bristol, Robert's chief seat of residence. In 1143 Robert defeated Stephen at Wilton, but Maud's party was by now much reduced and Stephen was able to take Farington. In the spring of 1147, Robert took Maud and her son, Henry, back to Wareham and then on to Anjou. Robert was dead in Oct of that year, having succumbed to the fever. His widow, Mabel, daughter of Robert Fitz Hamon and Sibyl, daughter of Rober de Montgomery, survived him. He and Mabel had sons William, his successor; Roger, who became Bishop of Worcester (1163-79), Hamon, who died in Henry's expedition to Toulouse in 1159; Philip, who first sided with his father, but later adhered to Stephen; Richard, who received his mother's lordship of Creully and died in 1175; another Richard, who was Bishop of Bayeux (1134-42); and Robert (perhaps illegitimate). Of their daughters, Mabel married Ranulph des Gernons; she is described in 1185 as 50 years of age and more.

    e. In Oct 1141, he was surety for his father when he was exchanged for King Stephen, and during his father's absence in Normandy in 1144 he served as Governor of Wareham. In 1147, he overthrew Henry de Tracy at Castle Cary. In 1154 he made an alliance with Roger, Earl of Hereford, by which they agreed to aid each other against all men except King Henry. He was lord of the manor of Glamorgan, as well as Caerleon, residing chiefly at Cardiff. It was there that in 1158 he and his wife and son were captured by Ivor the Little and carried away into the woods, where they were held as prisoners until the Earl redressed Ivor's grievances. In 1173 he took the King's part against his sons, but thereafter he appears to have fallen under suspicion, for the following year he submitted to the King, and in 1175 surrendered to him Bristol Castle. In 1176, it is said that Earl William (his son Robert having died ten years earlier) by the King's desire made John, the King's younger son, heir to his earldom, in conformity with the King's promise that John should marry one of the Earl's daughters, if the Church would allow it, they being related in the third degree. Earl William was present in Mar 1177 when the King arbitrated between the Kings of Castile and Navarre, and in 1178, he witnessed Henry's charter to Waltham Abbey. But during the King's struggles with his sons, when he imprisoned a number of magnates of whose loyalty he was doubtful, Earl William was among them. He died, s.p.m.s. on his birthday in 1183; his wife Hawise survived him. They left three daughters, coheirs, Mabel, who married Amauri de Montfort, Count d'Evreux; Amice, who married Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford; and Isabel, who became Countess of Gloucester, who married John de Mortain, Earl of Gloucester, younger son of Henry II.

    f. He is called Reynold de Dunstanville by Complete Peerage, but Mr. Douglas Richardson disagrees with this nomenclature, stating that he has never seen him referred to as "de Dunstanville" in any official early records or contemporary sources. He is, however, occasionally referred to as "de Mortain", but this is in reference to land he held by right of his wife, whose mother was a daughter of Robert de Mortain. He was one of the 14 illegitimate children by King Henry I, by various mistresses, one of whom being Sibyl Corbet, who was his mother. He married Mabel (called Beatrice in CP), the daughter of William Fitz Richard, a holder of large estates in Cornwall. About Apr 1141, Reginald was created Earl of Cornwall, probably by the Empress Maud, but his title was fully recognized subsequently by King Stephen. He was a witness to the compromise between Stephen and Henry in 1153, and served as Sheriff of Devon from 1173 to 1175. In Oct 1173, he was in command against the rebellious Barons. He died without male issue, whence the earldom reverted to the Crown.

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