Counts of Guines
Raoul of Guines, Count of Guines, b 997, d 1036. He md Rosetta de St. Pol abt 1016. She was b abt 1002.
Child of Raoul of Guines and Rosetta de St. Pol was:

Eustace of Guines, Count of Guines, b abt 1022, d 1052. He md Susanne de Gramines abt 1042. She was b abt 1026.
Child of Eustace of Guines and Susanne de Gramines was:

Baldwin I of Guines, Count of Guines, b abt 1048, d 1091. He md Adele abt 1070. She was b abt 1056.
Child of Baldwin I of Guines and Adele was:

Gisele of Guines b abt 1085. She md Wenemar I, Margrave of Ghent, abt 1102. He was b abt 1078, d 1140.
Child of Gisele of Guines and Wenemar I was:

Arnoul/Arnulf I of Guines, Count of Guines and Ghent, b abt 1112, d 1169. He md Maud de St. Omer abt 1133, daughter of William II de St. Omer. She was b abt 1118.
Children of Arnoul/Arnulf I of Guines and Maud de St. Omer were:
Baldwin II of Guines, Count of Guines, b abt 1144, d 2 Jan 1205. He md Christine d'Ardres abt 1165, daughter of Arnold IV de Marcq. She was b abt 1152.
Child of Baldwin II of Guines and Christine d'Ardres was:

Arnoul/Arnulf II of Guines, Count Guines, b abt 1170, d 1220. He md Beatrice de Bourberg abt 1190, daughter of Walter de Bourberg. She was b abt 1175, d 1214.
Child of Arnoul/Arnulf II of Guines and Beatrice de Bourberg was:

Baldwin III of Guines, Count of Guines, b abt 1198, d 1244. He md Mahaut de Fiennes abt 1220, daughter of William I de Fiennes and Agnes de Dammartin.
Child of Baldwin III of Guines and Mahaut de Fiennes was:

Arnoul/Arnulf III of Guines, Count of Guines, b abt 1230, d 1283. The identity of his wife is undetermined.
Child of Arnoul/Arnulf III of Guines was:

Margaret of Guines b abt 1265, d 1304. She md Sir Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, bef 27 Feb 1280/81, son of Sir Walter de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, and Aveline Fitz John.

CP Vol VI[224]; AR: Line 111[25-26]; SGM: Paul McBride.

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