Richard Fitz Scrob of Richard's Castle
Richard Fitz Scrob [a] b abt 1020, of Richard's Castle, Herefordshire, England, d 1067. The identity of his wife is not known.
Child of Richard Fitz Scrob was:

Osborn Fitz Richard [b] b abt 1045, Richard's Castle, Herefordshire, England, d aft 1100. He md Nesta verch Gruffydd abt 1072, daughter of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, Prince of North Wales, King of Gwynedd and Powys, and Aldgyth/Edith.
Children of Osborn Fitz Richard and Nesta verch Gruffydd were:

  • Hugh Fitz Osborn b abt 1078.
  • Nesta b abt 1082, Herefordshire, England. She md Bernard de Neufmarche, Baron of Brecnoch, abt 1095.
Hugh Fitz Osborn [c] b abt 1078, of Richard's Castle, Herefordshire, England. He md Eustache de Say abt 1106. She was b abt 1089.
Child of Hugh Fitz Osborn and Eustache de Say was:

Hugh de Say [d] b abt 1118, of Richard's Castle, Herefordshire, England, d abt 1190. He md Lucy de Clifford abt 1152, daughter of Sir Walter Fitz Richard de Clifford, Lord of Clifford, and Margaret de Toeni.
Child of Hugh de Say and Lucy de Clifford was:

Hugh de Say [e] b abt 1156, of Richard's Castle, Herefordshire, England, d 1197. He md Mabel Marmion abt 1180, daughter of Robert Marmion and Maud de Beauchamp.
Child of Hugh de Say and Mabel Marmion was:

Margaret de Say [f] b abt 1192, of Richard's Castle, Herefordshire, England, d abt 1242. She md [1] Hugh de Ferrieres abt 1205, [2] Robert de Mortimer 1210, son of Robert de Mortimer, and [3] William de Stuteville abt 1219.

a. A Norman favorite of Edward the Confessor, who was allowed by the Godwin party to remain in England in 1053, and is believed to have built and given his name to Richard's Castle in Hereford.

b. Domesday tenant, he lived until the time of Henry I, when he made a grant of land to Worcester Priory, which was later confirmed and added to by his son, Hugh.

c. He and his wife, Eustache de Say, an heiress, founded the Westwood nunnery in Worcester as a cell to Fontrevault.

d. Heir to his brother Osborn Fitz Hugh (also styled Osbert or Osbern de Say), who died either unmarried or s.p. in 1186. He married Lucy, daughter of Walter de Clifford, and in addition to their son and heir Hugh de Say, had a younger son, Richard, and a daughter Lucy, presumably wife of Thomas de Arderne. He died before Mich. 1190. Widow Lucy married secondly, probably about 1195, Sir Bartholomew de Mortimer.

e. He was Keeper of Norton Castle (in Radnor), and fought under Richard I in Normandy in 1194. In 1196, he and Roger de Mortimer of Wigmore were defeated near Radnor by the Welsh prince Rhys. He appears to have been living in eary 1197, but died s.p.m. before Michaelmas of that year. His widow, Mabel, was remarried by Easter 1201 to one Reynold, whose identity is not further known, and she was deceased before Michaelmas 1210.

f. Widow of Hugh de Ferrieres, she brought Richard's Castle to her marriage to Robert de Mortimer. After his death before 5 Jul 1219, she married, thirdly, William de Stuteville, who survived her. She likely had at least one son by her third marriage, as widower William de Stuteville was still holding various lands in right of his wife Margaret at the time of his death in 1259.

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