From Counts of Amiens, Valois and Vexin to Barons de Sudeley, and Ewyas
Ralph/Raoul de Guoy, Count of Amiens, Valois, and Vexin, b abt 892, d 936. He md Eldegarde abt 920. She was b abt 906.
Child of Ralph de Guoy and Eldegarde was:

Walter I, Count of Amiens, Valois, and Vexin, b abt 934, d 992/998. He md Adele abt 956. She was b abt 943.
Child of Walter I and Adele was:

Walter II, Count of Amiens, Valois, and Vexin, "the White", b abt 960, d 1017/1024. He md Adele abt 983. She was b abt 966.
Children of Walter II and Adele were:
  • Raoul II, Count of Amiens, Valois and Vexin, b abt 993. See LINE A
  • Dreux of Mantes b abt 996. See LINE B
Raoul II, Count of Amiens and Valois, b abt 993, d 1040. He md Adelaide de Breteuil abt 1020, daughter of Hilduin, Count of Breteuil, and Emmeline de Chartres. She was b abt 1006.
Child of Raoul II and Adelaide de Breteuil was:

Raoul III, Count of Valois and Vexin, "the Great", b 1025, d 1074. He md Adele of Bar-sur-Aube abt 1044, daughter of Nocher III, Count of Bar-sur-Aube. She was b abt 1028, d 1053.
Children of Raoul III and Adele of Bar-sur-Aube were:

Dreux of Mantes [a], b abt 996, France, d 1035. He md Godgifu abt 1014, daughter of Aethelred II, King of England, and Emma of Normandy.
Child of Dreux of Mantes and Godgifu was:

Sir Ralph of Mantes [b], Earl of Hereford, "the Timid, aka Ralph de Sudeley, b abt 1018, of Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire, England, d 21 Dec 1057. He md Gytha abt 1044. She was b abt 1026.
Child of Ralph of Mantes and Gytha was:

Sir Harold de Ewyas [c], Lord of Ewyas Harold, aka Harold de Sudeley, b abt 1055, of Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England, d aft 1115. The identity of his wife is not known.
Children of Harold de Ewyas were:
  • Sir Robert Fitz Harold de Ewyas, Lord of Ewyas Harold, b abt 1094. See LINE B1
  • John de Sudeley b abt 1108. See LINE B2
  • LINE B1
    Sir Robert Fitz Harold de Ewyas, Lord of Ewyas Harold, b abt 1095, prob Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England, d aft 1166.
    Child of Robert Fitz Harold de Ewyas was:

    Sir Robert de Ewyas, Lord of Ewyas Harold, b abt 1140, prob Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England, d 1198. He md Pernel/Petronilla abt 1175. She was b abt 1152.
    Child of Robert de Ewyas and Pernel was:

    Sibyl de Ewyas b abt 1182, prob Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England, d bef 1 Jul 1236. She md:

    LINE B2
    John de Sudeley [d] b abt 1108, of Sudeley and Toddington, Gloucestershire, England, d 1092. He md Grace de Tracy [e] bef 1130. She was b abt 1112, of Devonshire, England.
    Child of John de Sudeley and Grace de Tracy was:

    William de Tracy b abt 1135, of Sudeley and Toddington, Gloucestershire, England.

a. He married Godgifu, sister of King Edward the Confessor. He died in 1035 on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Robert I, Duke of Normandy. His widow married secondly, Eustace, Count of Boulogne, with whom she had no issue.

b. Also seen as Ralph "de Sudeley", a pre-conquest Earldom of Hereford has been assigned to him, and while he is often referred to as Earl, the evidence is obscure and historians differ in their opinion. He came to England around 1041, with Edward the Confessor, and received large grants in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. He held Sudeley and Toddington in co. Glouc., and Chilvers Coton in co. Warwick. When Eustace, Count of Boulogne, landed in England, he is called "Earl Ralph" and is stated to have been one of those who brought assistance. In 1051 when Godwine, Earl of Kent, rebelled and collected an army at Tetbury, Leofric, Earl of Mercia, and Siward, Earl of Northumberland went to the aid of the the King at Gloucester, and that same year Ralph and Odda, Earl of Devon and Somerset, were appointed by the King to command the fleet. In 1055, he was sent with a large army to protect Hereford against the rebel Aelfgar, Earl of Chester, and Griffin, his Welsh ally. But shortly after the battle started, Ralph fled from the field with his French and Norman followers, leaving Hereford to be sacked and burned by the Welsh, from whence he is sometimes referred to as "Ralph the Timid".

c. In 1086, in addition to his father's holdings, he also held Burton Dasset, co. Warwick, and also Droitwich in co. Worc. He made grants of land in Sudeley to Winchcombe Abbey. He is often shown in contemporary sources as married to Maud, daughter of Hugh Lupus, but both Complete Peerage and Ancestral Roots state that the identity of his wife is not known.

d.In 1130 he accounted, under Gloucestershire, for 10 marks of silver for a plea of his wife. His son, Ralph, took his father's name, while son William took his mother's name and became the ancestor of the Viscounts Tracy.

e. Grace de Tracy is shown in Complete Peerage, and the recent Domesday People, by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, as the daughter of William de Tracy, a natural son of King Henry I. Ancestral Roots, 7th ed., states she was "probably not William's daughter and certainly not his heir" and based upon the chronology offered in Ancestral Roots, combined with that from postings on soc.genealogy.medieval (presumably from Keats-Rohan's work), this author is sceptical that Grace was a daughter of the natural son of King Henry I, and thus, this connection is not shown here.

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