The Cary Family of Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
John Cary [a] b 1610, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, d 31 Oct 1681, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. He md Elizabeth Godfrey Jun 1644, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, daughter of Francis Godfrey and Elizabeth. She was b 29 Oct 1623, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d 1 Nov 1680, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Children of John Cary and Elizabeth Godfrey were:
  • Deac. John Cary b 4 Nov 1645, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d 14 Jul 1721, Bristol, RI; md Abigail Penniman 7 Dec 1670, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Francis Cary b 19 Jan 1647/48, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d 1718, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md Lydia Brett 1676, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Elizabeth Cary b 20 Dec 1649, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; md Deac. William Brett abt 1671, prob Plymouth, MA.
  • James Cary b 28 Mar 1652, Duxbury, MA, d 20 Nov 1706, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md Mary Standish 4 Jan 1680/81, Braintree, MA.
  • Mary Cary b 8 Jul 1654, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.
  • Jonathan Cary b 24 Sep 1656.
  • David Cary b 27 Jan 1658/59, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 1718, Bridgewater; md Elizabeth.
  • Hannah Cary b 30 Apr 1661, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md John Thurston 15 Aug 1688.
  • Deac. Joseph Cary b 18 Apr 1663, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d prob Windham, CT; md Hannah abt 1700.
  • Rebeckah Cary b 30 Mar 1665, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 29 Oct 1697, Bridgewater; md Samuel Allen 2 Dec 1685, Bridgewater.
  • Sarah Cary b 2 Aug 1667, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 16 Jun 1741, Stratford, Fairfield, CT; md Deac. Josiah Standish 26 Mar 1753, Stratford, Fairfield, CT.
  • Mehitabel Cary b 24 Dec 1670, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d bef Jul 1724; md [1] Elisha Adams, [2] Miles Standish.
Jonathan Cary [b] b 24 Sep 1656, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 1695, Brockton or Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. He md Sarah Allen 1685, Brockton or Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, daughter of Deac. Samuel Allen and Sarah Partridge.
Children of Jonathan Cary and Sarah Allen were:
  • John Cary b abt 1687.
  • Deac. Recompense Cary b 1688, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 18 May 1759, Bridgewater; md [1] Mary Crossman 25 Dec 1711, Bridgewater, [2] Sarah Brett 11 Jan 1725/26, Bridgewater.
  • Jonathan Cary b 1692.
Jonathan Cary [c] b 1692, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 12 Oct 1770, Bridgewater. He md [1] Susanna Keith, and [2] Experience Carver 10 Dec 1719, Bridgewater, daughter of Deac. Eleazer Carver and Experience Blake.
Children of Jonathan Cary and Experience Carver were:
  • Seth Cary b 1721, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Eleazer Cary b 1723, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 1806, Bridgewater; md [1] Elizabeth Fobes 1745, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, [2] Mary Washburn 1753, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Susannah Cary b 1725, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md William Hooper abt 1746, Bridgewater.
  • Anne Cary b 1728, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md Nathan Mitchell 1754, Bridgewater.
  • Jonathan Cary b 1730.
  • Eliphalet Cary b 1732, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 1822; md Hannah abt 1752, Bridgewater.
  • Experience Cary b 1734, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Benjamin Cary b 1738, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Jesse Cary b 1742, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Jonathan Cary b 1730, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. He md Lois Hooper 7 Mar 1754, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, daughter of William Hooper and Lois Thomas.
Children of Jonathan Cary and Lois Hooper were:
  • Jonathan Cary b 21 Dec 1754, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d in Rev. War.
  • Lois Cary b 12 Sep 1756.
  • Seth Cary b 1759, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Eunice Cary b 19 Aug 1760, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md Isaac Washburn abt 1781, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Lois Cary b 12 Sep 1756, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. She md Solomon Keith 1777, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, son of Ephraim Keith and Sarah Washburn.

a. One of the original 54 proprietors of Bridgewater, he was among only 16 who remained and actually settled there. After the incorporation of the town in 1656, he served as constable and was elected town clerk in 1657, an office he held until his death. He was well-educated and one of the most respected men in Bridgewater, and it is said that he taught the first class in Latin in the Colony.

b. He lived a relatively short life, predeceasing his father. He left three children, all sons.

c. Youngest son, he lived in South Bridgewater. His first wife was Susanna Keith, by whom he had no children.

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