Carver of Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Robert Carver [a] b prob. 1594, prob Boston, Lincolnshire, England, d Apr 1680, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA. He md Christian Turner 4 Aug 1617, Wiltshire, England. She was b 1596, prob Wiltshire, England, d abt 22 Jul 1658, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA.
Children of Robert Carver and Christian Turner were:
  • Elizabeth Carver b abt 1632.
  • John Carver b abt 1636.

John Carver [b] b 1635-37, prob Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d 23 Jun 1679, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA. He md Millicent Ford 4 Nov 1658, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, daughter of Deac. William Ford and Anna. She was b abt 1640, England, d bef 4 May 1696, Plymouth, MA.
Children of John Carver and Millicent Ford were:

  • William Carver b 6 Sep 1659, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d 2 Oct 1760, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA; md [1] Elizabeth Foster 18 Jan 1681/82, Marshfield, [2] Mrs. Elizabeth Rouse 28 Jan 1718/19, Marshfield.
  • John Carver b abt 1661, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d abt 1747, Plympton, Plymouth, MA; md Mary Barnes 24 Oct 1689, Plymouth, MA.
  • Elizabeth Carver b 4 Mar 1662/63, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d 4 Apr 1694, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA.
  • Robert Carver b abt 1665, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA.
  • Deac. Eleazer Carver b abt 1668.
  • David Carver b abt 1669, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d 17 Sep 1727, Canterbury, CT; md [1] Ruth Whitmarsh 16 Dec 1696, Weymouth, Norfolk, MA, [2] Hannah Dyer 1709, Weymouth, Norfolk, MA, [3] Sarah Butterfield 14 Jan 1721/22.
  • Mehitable Carver b abt 1671, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d bef 19 Apr 1679, Plymouth, MA.
  • Mercy Carver b 11 Feb 1671/72, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA.
  • Anna Carver b 20 Feb 1674/75, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d 21 Mar 1766, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md [1] Joseph Richards, [2] Joseph Pratt.
Deac. Eleazer Carver [c] b abt 1668, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA, d 25 Jan 1743/44, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. He md Experience Blake 11 Jun 1695, Milton, Norfolk, MA, daughter of William Blake.
Children of Eleazer Carver and Experience Blake were:
  • Eleazer Carver b 4 Mar 1695/96, prob Taunton, Plymouth, MA, d Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md Katherine Elmes 2 Dec 1719, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Nathaniel Carver b abt 1698, prof Taunton, Plymouth, MA; md Abigail Allen 1736, prob Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Joseph Carver b 1700, prob Taunton, Plymouth, MA, d 24 Sep 1778, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA; md Elizabeth Snow 4 May 1725, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Experience Carver b abt 1702.
  • Mehitable Carver b abt 1705, prob Taunton, Plymouth, MA; md Seth Alden 2 Jan 1739/40, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Experience Carver b abt 1702, prob Taunton, Plymouth, MA. She md Jonathan Cary 10 Dec 1719, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, son of Jonathan Cary and Sarah Allen.

a. Robert Carver was born in England in 1594 and came to Marshfield in Plymouth Colony as early as 1638, where on 3 Sep he was listed as a proprietor there. He appears on the list of those able to bear arms in 1643, and was admitted a freeman 7 Jun 1648. He also served as a juryman and held various town offices. His occupation is gleaned from a 1640 land record, in which Edmond Hawes sold to Robert Carver, sawyer, of Duxbury, ten acres of upland, "with all his labours in and aboute the same, the consideration being 2000 feet of sawn boards". He died in April of 1680, being aged 85 years. While many print sources state he was brother, or nephew to, Gov. John Carver, there is no evidence to support this.

b. It is uncertain whether he was born in England, or perhaps at Duxbury, shortly after his father's arrival. He was admitted a freeman of the Colony 6 Jun 1660 and his name appears frequently on lists of jurors. He was chosen Constable of Marshfield 4 Jun 1661 by the General Court of Plymouth Colony, and served as surveyor of highways. He married Millicent the daughter of Deacon William Ford, a miller by trade, who came from England in 1639 and was one of the early settlers of Bridgewater. John Carver died at the relatively young age of 41, a year before his father. He and Millicent had nine children, and after his death she married Thomas Drake of Weymouth.

c. Eleazer is stated to have been of Taunton and Bridgewater, and eventually settled in South Bridgewater where he served as a Deacon. He married Experience Blake, one of nine children of William Blake of Milton, and widow of Samuel Sumner. They had five children, whose births are not recorded in Bridgewater, and probably were born at Taunton, which unfortunately suffered a loss of its records by fire in 1838.

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