Washburn of Worcestershire, England, and Plymouth, Massachusetts
John Washburn b abt 1505, of Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England, d Jan 1548. He md Emma abt 1530. She was b abt 1510, d May 1547.
Child of John Washburn and Emma was:

John Washburn b abt 1532, Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England, d Oct 1593, Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England. He md [2] Joan Whitehead 8 May 1561. She was b abt 1542, d Apr 1567.
Child of John Washburn and Joan Whitehead was:

John Washburn b 1566, Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England, d 1624, Worcestershire, England. He md Martha (widow Timbrell and Stevens) abt 1596, Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England. She was b abt 1570, d abt Jun 1626, Worcestershire, England.
Child of John Washburn and Martha was:

John Washburn [a] bapt. 2 Jul 1597, Bengeworth, Evesham, Worcestershire, England, d 17 Mar 1670/71, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. He md Margery Moore 23 Nov 1618, Bengeworth, daughter of Robert Moore and Ellen Taylor. She was bapt. 3 Nov 1588, Bengeworth, d 1662, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Children of John Washburn and Margery Moore were:

  • Philip Washburn b 3 Oct 1619, Bengeworth, Evesham, Worcestershire, England, d bef 7 Jun 1622.
  • John Washburn bapt 26 Nov 1620.
  • Philip Washburn b abt 1624, Bengeworth, Evesham, Worcestershire, England; md Elizabeth Irish.
John Washburn [b] bapt 26 Nov 1620, Bengeworth, Evesham, Worcestershire, England, d 12 Nov 1686, prob Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. He md Elizabeth Mitchell 6 Dec 1645, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, daughter of Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke.
Children of John Washburn and Elizabeth Mitchell were:
  • John Washburn b abt 1646, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d 1719-1724, Bridgewater, Plymouth; md Rebecca Lapham 16 Apr 1679, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Thomas Washburn b 1647-1648, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 1729; md (1) Abigail Leonard, and (2) Deliverance Packard bef 29 Oct 1684, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Joseph Washburn b abt 1650, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 20 Apr 1733, Bridgewater; md Hannah Latham abt 1678, Bridgewater, Plymouth.
  • Samuel Washburn b 1651.
  • Elizabeth Washburn b abt 1652, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 1741/42, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
  • Jonathan Washburn b 1653, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 1720, Bridgewater or Taunton, Plymouth; md Mary Vaughan 1683, Bridgewater or Taunton, Plymouth, MA.
  • Benjamin Washburn b 1655, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 12 Dec 1690.
  • Mary Washburn b 1661, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 28 Feb 1739/40; md Samuel Kingsley 1693-94, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.
  • Jane Washburn b 1666, Duxbury, Plymouth, d bef 21 Sep 1698, Hingham, Plymouth, MA; md William Orcutt aft 28 Jul 1690, Plymouth, MA.
  • James Washburn b 15 May 1672, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 11 Jun 1740, Bridgewater, Plymouth; md Mary Bowden 20 Oct 1693, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Sarah Washburn b 1675, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 1746, Bridgewater, Plymouth; md John Ames 12 Jan 1696/97, West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Samuel Washburn b 1651, Duxbury, Plymouth, d 24 Mar 1719/20, Bridgewater. He md Deborah Packard 1676-1677, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, daughter of Samuel Packard and Elizabeth.
Children of Samuel Washhburn and Deborah Packard were:
  • Samuel Washburn b 6 Apr 1678, Bridgewater, Plymouth, d aft 8 Apr 1735, Bridgewater; md Deliverance Leonard 9 Jan 1700/01, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Nehemiah Washburn b 11 Jul 1682, Bridgewater, d 17 Dec 1748, Bridgewater; md Jane Howard 26 Mar 1713, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Noah Washburn b 11 Jul 1682, Bridgewater, d 17 Oct 1716, Bridgewater; md Elizabeth Shaw 25 Jan 1710, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Israel Washburn b 24 Feb 1683.
  • Benjamin Washburn b 1688, Plymouth, MA, d 24 Nov 1774, Middleboro, MA.
  • Hannah Washburn b 1690, Bridgewater, Plymouth, d 4 Mar 1766, Bridgewater; md John Keith 18 Apr 1711, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
Israel Washburn b 24 Feb 1683, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 8 Jan 1741, Raynham, Bristol, MA. He md Waitstill Sumner 3 Nov 1708, Bridgewater, Plymouth, daughter of Samuel Summer and Experience Blake.
Children of Israel Washburn and Waitstill Sumner were:
  • Sarah Washburn b 14 Aug 1709.
  • Deborah Washburn b 1 Jun 1712, of Bridgewater, Plymouth, d 1759; md (1) John Ripley abt 1729, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, and (2) Nathaniel Bolton.
  • Seth Washburn b 1714, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA.
  • Israel Washburn b 11 Aug 1718, Bridgewater, Plymouth, d 21 Jan 1796, Raynham, Bristol, MA; md (1) Leah Fobes 3 Jan 1740, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, and (2) Hannah Keith.

Sarah Washburn b 14 Aug 1709, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, d 7 Mar 1796, Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. She md Ephraim Keith 21 Sep 1732, West Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, son of Joseph Keith and Elizabeth Fobes.

a. Baptized in Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England, he came to Duxbury in 1632. His wife, Margery, along with their two sons, John and Philip, arrived in 1635, coming on the ship Elizabeth and Ann. He and his two sons were among those listed as able to bear arms in 1643, and he was admitted a freeman of Duxbury 6 Jun 1646. He served as surveyor of highways 5 March 1638/39 and 6 Jun 1649, as well as in various other civic capacities. In January of 1634/36, he purchased a house and palisado from Edward Bumpass. On April 6, 1640, William Sherman and "John Washborne" were "to have such accommodations of land as may be spared in the place where they desire", and on April 5, 1641 it was ordered that John Washbourne might have forty acres in Duxburrow "if it be there to be had." John and his son, John, were two of the 56 original proprietors of the town of Bridgewater, whereto the family removed about 1665.

b. As noted above, he arrived in Bridgewater with his brother Philip and their mother, Margery, in 1635, settling in Bridgewater and later removing to Duxbury. He inherited from his father a house and lands at Green's Harbor, Duxbury, which he sold in 1670 and then took up residence in Bridgewater. He took an active part in King Philip's War. His occupation was that of a tailor, by which he appears to have accumulated considerable property. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke, daughter of Mayflower passenger, Francis Cooke.
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