Ufford, Earls of Suffolk
Sir Robert de Ufford [a], Justiciar of Ireland, b abt 1235, of Ufford, Suffolk, England, d bef 9 Sep 1298. He md [1] Mary abt 1270. She was b abt 1250, d aft 10 Aug 1280. He md [2] Joan.
Child of Robert de Ufford and Mary was:

Sir Robert de Ufford, [b] Lord Ufford, Knight, b 11 Jun 1279, Suffolk, England, d abt 9 Sep 1316. He md Cecily de Valoines bef 1298, daughter of Sir Robert de Valoines, Knight, and Eve. She was b 1281, d 16 Jul 1325.
Child of Robert de Ufford and Cecily de Valoines was:

Sir Robert de Ufford [c], Earl of Suffolk, Knight of the Garter, b 9 Aug 1298, prob Thurston, Suffolk, England, d 4 Nov 1369. He md Margaret de Norwich 13 Nov 1316, daughter of Sir Walter de Norwich and Katherine de Hedersett. She was b abt 1302, Mettingham, Suffolk, England, d 2 Apr 1368, Suffolk, England.
Children of Robert de Ufford and Margaret de Norwich were:

  • Catherine de Ufford b abt 1320, Suffolk, England. She md Sir Robert de Scales, Lord Scales, bef 6 May 1335, Suffolk, England, son of Sir Robert de Scales, Lord Scales, and Egeline de Courtenay.
  • Cecily de Ufford b abt 1328, Suffolk, England; md Sir John Willoughby abt 1346.
  • Margaret de Ufford b abt 1330, Suffolk, England; md Sir William de Ferrers, Lord Ferrers, Knight, bef 25 Apr 1354.

a. Robert de Ufford, whose origins are unknown, had interests in Ufford, Suffolk by 1255/56. He is known to have been in Wales with Edward, the King's son in Oct 1257, as well as Boulogne-sur-Mer in Jan 1263/64. In Sep 1268, while in Ireland he was made Justiciary there, and again 17 Jun 1276 through Nov 1281. His first wife, Mary, was the widow of William de Say (d shortly before 12 Feb 1271/72).

b. Robert de Ufford summoned to Parliament from 4 Mar 1308/09 to 19 Dec 1311, where by writs he became Lord Ufford. His age at death was 37 years. His widow, Cecily, was stated to be aged one year in 1282, the younger daughter and coheir of Robert de Valoines and his wife Eve who was the widow of Nicholas de Tregoz (d 1316). Cecily and her sister Rose were coheirs of their paternal great-grandmother, Isabel, wife of John de Valoines, which Isabel was sister, and in her issue, coheir of Bartholomew de Creke, of North Creake, Norfolk, and Combs, Suffolk. Cecily de Valoines was aged 44 at her death. She was going on a pilgrimmage overseas in Feb 1318/19.

c. Robert de Ufford, second son and heir, succeeded his older brother, William, who was living 1311/12, but died s.p. and v.p. Robert was summoned to Parliament from 27 Jan 1331/32 to 29 Nov 1336. He was created Earl of Suffolk on 16 Mar 1336/37. His marriage was granted to Walter de Norwich in 1317, and on or before 31 Oct 1329, Robert married Walter de Norwich's daughter, Margaret, the widow of Sir Thomas de Cailly. He was in the King's service on many occasions, serving as captain and admiral of the fleet, northward from the Thames, in 1337 and for some time thereafter. In 1338 he was with the King at Antwerp, and in 1338 and 1339 was appointed, with others, to treat with the King of France. After the King's return to England, he remained with the Earl of Salisbury in garrison at Ypres, where they were ambushed at Lille, captured and taken to Paris. By January of 1340/41 he was again in England and by the following June he was going overseas. In August of 1343 he was one of the envoys appointed to treat with the Pope. From 1344 to 1347, he was constantly in France, having with him a banneret, 36 knights, 58 esquires, and 63 archers and landed, with the King as the Marshal of the army in 1346, serving in the Prince's division at Crecy. In June of 1356 he was at Bordeaux with the Prince of Wales, as joint marshal, with the intent of crossing the Loire into Normandy, and was at the battle of Poitiers on 19 September. In August of 1359 he was going overseas with the King, and on 1 February 1363, he was present at the confirmation of the treaty between the King and Peter, King of Castile and Leon. In July 1369, he was at Calais with the Duke of Lancaster. His inquisition post mortem shows that he had at least four sons, Robert, his first son and heir, who died s.p. and v.p. before 29 Jun 1368, William, Earl of Suffolk, Thomas, and Walter. Son William, Earl of Suffolk, had four sons, all of whom died v.p and s.p.; his heirs were found to be his nephews, Robert de Willoughby, Roger de Scales, and Henry de Ferrers. Less than four years after William's death, the earldom of Suffolk was given by the King to the baron of an entirely different family, Michael de la Pole.

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