le Strange, Lords of Blackmere
Roald Lestrange [a] b abt 1096, d bef 1158. He md Maud of Hunstanton abt 1122, daughter of Ralph of Hunstanton and Helewise de Plaiz. She was b abt 1105.
Child of Roald Lestrange and Maud of Hunstanton was:

John I Lestrange [b] b abt 1136, of Shropshire, England, d abt 1178. He md Hawise abt 1160. She was b abt 1145.
Child of John I Lestrange and Hawise was:

John II Lestrange [c] b abt 1172, of Shropshire, England, d bef 20 Jan 1233/34. He md Amice abt 1190. She was b abt 1176.
Child of John II Lestrange and Amice was:

Sir John III Lestrange [d], Lord of Knockin, b abt 1194, of Chesawardine, Shropshire, England, d bef 26 May 1269, Knokyn, Shropshire, England. He md Lucy de Tregoz abt 1225, daughter of Robert I de Tregoz and Sibyl de Ewyas.
Children of John III le Strange and Lucy de Tregoz were:
  • Sir John IV le Strange, Lord of Knockin, b abt 1226, d bef 26 Feb 1275/76; md Joan de Somery abt 1245.
  • Robert le Strange b abt 1228.
  • Hawise le Strange b abt 1232, Hunstanton, Norfolk, England. She md Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn, Prince of Powys, abt 1250, son of Gwenwynwyn ap Owain-Cyfeiliog and Margaret Corbet.
Robert le Strange b abt 1228, Hunstanton, Norfolk, England, d Aug 1276, Litcham, Norfolk, England. He md Eleanor de Whitchurch abt 1264, daughter of William de Whitchurch. She was b abt 1236, Blancminster, Norfolk, England, d 1304.
Child of Robert le Strange and Eleanor de Whitchurch was:

Sir Fulk le Strange, Lord of Blackmere, b abt 1267, Longnor, Shropshire, England, d 23 Jan 1324/25. He md Eleanor Giffard abt 1296, daughter of Sir John Giffard, Lord Giffard, and Maud de Clifford.
Child of Fulk le Strange and Eleanor Giffard was:

John le Strange b 25 Jan 1305/06, Blackmere, Herefordshire, England, d 21 Jul 1349. He md Ankaret le Botiler abt 1320, daughter of Sir William le Botiler, Lord le Botiller, and Ela de Herdeburgh.
Children of John le Strange and Ankaret le Botiler were:

  • Sir John le Strange, Lord of Blackmere, b 13 Jan 1321/22.
  • Eleanor le Strange b abt 1334, d 20 Apr 1396. She md Sir Reynold de Grey, Lord Grey, bef 13 Nov 1360, son of Sir Roger de Grey, Lord Grey, and Elizabeth de Hastings.
Sir John le Strange, Lord of Blackmere, b 13 Jan 1321/22, Whitechurch, Shropshire, England, d 12 May 1361. He md Isabel/Mary Fitz Alan abt 1345, daughter of Sir Edmund Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel, Knight, and Alice de Warenne.
Child of John le Strange and Isabel/Mary Fitz Alan was:

Ankaret le Strange b abt 1361, Blackmere, Herefordshire, England, d 1 Jun 1413. She md Sir Richard Talbot, Lord Talbot, bef 23 Aug 1383, son of Sir Gilbert Talbot and Petronella Butler.

a. As a tenant of Alan FitzFlaald in Mileham, Norfolk, he, with others, witnessed a charter of his lord before 1122 in favor of Castleacre Priory. He held Hunstanton where he made a grant of land which was later confirmed by John Lestrange IV. He married Maud, daughter of Ralph, son of Herlewin, or de Hunstanton, by Hawise, daughter of Hugh de Plaiz of Bernham, Suffolk. He died probably some time before 1158.

b. In 1158 he had a grant of land from the King in Ness, Shropshire, and in 1163-64, the land of his brother, Hamon, in Cheswardine had passed to him. In 1168-69, he had a grant from the King of pasture in Staffordshire. Before 1176 he gave the churches of Hunstanton and Cheswardine to Haughmond Abbey, and in 1171 had a grant to pay the men serving in the March of Wales. He died before Mich. 1178.

c. In 1196/97, he acquired rights in lands at Knockin in Shropshire, and in 1198 he took the place of his cousin, who was ill, in the King's service. In 1206 he had sent his Knights overseas. In 1212 he was returned as holding the manors of Ness and Cheswardine of the gift of King Henry II, and in 1216, the King committed to him the counties of Stafforshire and Salop during pleasure, and directed that he be treated as sheriff; also in that same year he was to have the manor of Kidderminster during pleasure. In Mar 1217/18, he was, with Hugh de Mortimer and Henry de Audley, directed to give safe conduct to the Magnates of North Wales, that they might do homage at Worcester, and in the same month the sheriff of Staffs and Shropshire was directed to give him aid from the counties for strengthening his castle at Knockin. In Aug 1226, he was granted a pardon for debts, and the vill of Wrockwardine for his maintenance during pleasure, for his services to the King and his father. He was deceased by 20 Jan 1233/34, when his son did homage.

d. He was serving in Poitou in 1214. In May 1231, the King granted to him and his heirs the manor of Wrockwardine, and in 1232, and frequenty thereafter, he was appointed to see that the truce with Llewelyn was observed on both sides. In 1235, he was Constable of Montgomery, and on 24 Oct 1236 he was appointed sheriff of Salop and Shropshire, as well as Justice of Chester in late 1240 to early 1241. He was summoned in Aug 1260 to Chester, in Oct 1261 to London, in Jan 1262/63 to Hereford, and in May to Worcester, all in connection with the disturbances in Wales. He is said to have married Lucy, daughter of Robert Tregoz.

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