Southworth of Lancashire, England, and Plymouth, Massachusetts
Sir Richard de Southworth b abt 1420, of Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, d 21 Dec 1472, Salmesbury Hall, Lancashire, England. He md Elizabeth Molyneux abt 1440, daughter of Sir Richard Molyneux, Knight, and Joane Haydock.
Child of Richard de Southworth and Elizabeth Molyneux was:

Sir Christopher de Southworth, Knight, b 1443, of Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, 1487, England. He md Isabel Dutton 11 Jul 1463, daughter of Sir Thomas Dutton and Anne Touchet de Audley.
Child of Sir Christopher de Southworth and Isabel Dutton was:

Sir John de Southworth, Knight, b 1478, of Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, d 1517/18, England. He md Helen Langton abt 1495, daughter of Sir Richard Langton, Baron of Walton-le-Dale, and Isabel Gerard.
Child of Sir John de Southworth and Helen Langton was:

Sir Thomas Southworth, Knight, b 1497, of Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, d 13 Jan 1545/46, England. He md Margery Boteler abt 9 Aug 1518, Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, daughter of Sir Thomas Boteler , Knight, Lord of Warrington, and Margaret Delves.
Child of Sir Thomas Southworth and Margery Boteler was:

Sir John Southworth, Knight, b 1526, Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, d 3 Nov 1595, Samlesbury Hall, Lancashire, England. He md Mary Ashton 23 Jul 1557, St. Leonard's, Middleton, Lancashire, England, daughter of Sir Richard Ashton and Anne Strickland.
Child of Sir Knight John Southworth and Mary Ashton was:

Thomas Southworth b abt 1548, Samlesbury, Lancashire, England, d 30 Nov 1616, England. He md Rosamond Lister abt 1582, daughter of Sir William Lister and Bridget Pigot.
Child of Thomas Southworth and Rosamond Lister was:

Edward Southworth b 1590, London, England, d bef 1622, Leiden, Holland. He md Alice Carpenter 28 May 1613, Leiden, Holland, daughter of Alexander Carpenter and Priscilla Dillen.
Children of Edward Southworth and Alice Carpenter were:

  • Ensign Constant Southworth b 1615.
  • Capt. Thomas Southworth b 1616.
Ensign Constant Southworth b 1615, Leiden, Holland, d 10 Mar 1678/79, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. He md Elizabeth Collier 2 Nov 1637, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, daughter of William Collier and Jane Clarke.
Children of Ensign Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier were:
  • Mercy Southworth b 11 May 1638.
  • Priscilla Southworth b abt 1642, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; md (1) Samuel Talbot 1 Mar 1688/89, Bristol, MA, (2) John Irish 1 May 1708.
  • Edward Southworth b abt 1644, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d abt 1727; md Mary Pabodie 16 Nov 1669, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.
  • Alice Southworth b abt 1646, d 5 Mar 1718/19, d prob Little Compton, Newport, RI; md Col. Benjamin Church 26 Dec 1667.
  • Nathaniel Southworth b abt 1649, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d 14 Jan 1710/11, Middleborough, MA; md Desire Gray 10 Jan 1671/72, Plymouth, MA.
  • Mary Southworth b abt 1654, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; md David Alden abt 1673.
  • William Southworth b abt 1659, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d 25 Jun 1719, Little Compton, Newport, RI; md (1) Rebecca Pabodie abt 1678, (2) Martha Kirtland Nov 1705, Saybrook, MA.
  • Elizabeth Southworth b abt 1661, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; md Samuel Gallup 12 May 1685, Bristol, MA.

Mercy Southworth b 11 May 1638, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, d 25 Nov 1712, prob Barnstable, MA. She md Deac. Samuel Freeman 12 May 1658, Eastham, Barnstable, MA, son of Samuel Freeman and Apphia Quicke.

The critical connection of Constant Southworth as son of Edward Southworth centers on the identification of Edward Southworth of Leiden as being one and the same as the man by that name who was born in London; the latter known to be of the old Samlesbury, Lancashire line, as shown here. Thus, while this connection has been adopted by many sources, it still remains an issue under debate, without absolute proof.
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