Dukes of Saxony, Kings of Germany
Ludolph, Duke of Saxony, b abt 806, Saxony, d 6 Sep 864. He md Oda abt 836. She was b abt 812.
Child of Ludolph and Oda was:

Otto, Duke of Saxony, "the Illustrious", b abt 845, d 30 Nov 912. He md Hedwig abt 869. She was b abt 854.
Child of Otto and Hedwig was:

Henry I of Saxony, King of the Saxons, Duke of Saxony, "the Fowler", b 876, d 2 Jul 936, Membleben, Saxony. He md Mechtilde of Ringelheim abt 909, daughter of Dietrich of Ringelheim, Count of Ringelheim. She was b abt 892, d 14 Mar 968.
Children of Henry I of Saxony and Mechtilde of Ringelheim were:

  • Otto I of Germany, King of Germany, Emperor, "the Great", b 23 Nov 912.
  • Gerberga of Saxony b abt 916, Nordhausen, Saxony, d 5 May 984 , Rheims, Marne, France. She md:
      [1] Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine, 929, son of Regnier I of Hainault, Count of Hainault, and Hersent, and
      [2] Louis IV, King of the Franks, 939/40, son of Charles III, King of the Franks, and Eadgifu.
  • Hedwig of Saxony b abt 922, Saxony, d 14 Mar 965/66, Aix-La-Chapelle, France. She md Hugh Magnus of Paris, Count of Paris, Duke of Neustria, abt Sep 938, Rhineland, Germany, son of Robert I, King of the Franks, and Beatrice de Vermandois.
Otto I of Germany, King of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor, "the Great", b 23 Nov 912, Membleben, Saxony, d 7 May 973. He md:
[1] Eadgyth/Edith 929, daughter of Edward I, King of England, and Alfflaeda.
Child of Otto I of Germany and Edith/Eadgyth was:

[2] St. Adelaide of Lombardy Oct 951, daughter of Rudolph II of Burgundy, King of Burgundy, and Bertha of Swabia. She was b 931/32, Italy, d 16 Dec 999.
Child of Otto I of Germany and St. Adelaide of Lombardy was:

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