Reynolds of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island
James Reynolds [a] b 13 May 1625, of Plymouth, MA, d Aug 1700, North Kingstown, Washington, RI. He md Deborah 1647, North Kingstown, Washington, RI. She was b 1628, North Kingstown, Washington, RI, d 15 Oct 1692, North Kingstown, Washington, RI.
Children of James Reynolds and Deborah were:
  • John Reynolds b 12 Oct 1648, Plymouth, MA, d bef 3 Jun 1699, North Kingstown, RI; md Sarah Ayres abt 1669, North Kingstown, RI.
  • James Reynolds b 28 Oct 1650, Plymouth Colony, d bet 1703-1713, North Kingstown; md [1] Mary Greene 19 Feb 1685, and [2] Joanna Potter.
  • Joseph Reynolds b 27 Nov 1652.
  • Elizabeth Reynolds b 1654.
  • Henry Reynolds b 1 Jan 1655/56, Plymouth, MA, d bef 28 Apr 1716; md Sarah Greene abt 1685.
  • Deborah Reynolds b 17 Feb 1657/58, prob Plymouth, MA, d bef 12 Aug 1714; md John Sweet 1677, Warwick, RI.
  • Francis Reynolds b 12 Oct 1662, prob North Kingstown, Washington, RI, d 14 Apr 1722, North Kingstown, Washington, RI; md Elizabeth Greene 1688, Warwick, Kent, RI.
  • Mary/Mercy Reynolds b 22 Dec 1664, prob North Kingstown, Washington, RI; md Thomas Nichols abt 1685, North Kingstown, Washington, RI.
  • Benjamin Reynolds b abt 1666, of North Kingstown, Washington, RI.
Joseph Reynolds [b] b 27 Nov 1652, Plymouth, MA, d aft 24 Jun 1739, North Kingstown, Washington, RI. He md [1] Unknown abt 1671, and [2] Mercy abt 1706. Mercy was b abt 1678.
Children of Joseph Reynolds and Mercy were:
  • Sarah Reynolds b 21 Oct 1709, North Kingstown, Washington, RI; md Joseph Clarke 15 Nov 1727.
  • Susannah Reynolds b 1711.
  • Alice Reynolds b abt 1715.
  • Robert Reynolds b abt 1720, North Kingstown, Washington, RI; md [1] Anna Gardiner Jul 1742, [2] Hannah Bentley 15 Jul 1753.
Susannah Reynolds b 1711, North Kingstown, Washington, RI, d aft 14 Apr 1755, North Kingstown, RI. She md Elisha Clarke abt 1734, RI, son of Carew Clarke and Ann Dyer.

a. He is believed to be the same "James Renell" in Plymouth who was among those "from sixteen to sixty years of age" able to bear arms. It is believed he may then have removed to Newport, as he was among those who petitioned the R.I. Assembly for land in King's Province (later Kingstown, RI), May, 1665; many others who settled in this vicinity were known to have been Newport men. In 1669 he was living not far from the village of East Greenwich on a tract of about 150 acres. On 25 Sep 1671, the Assembly directed that "for the inhabitants between Pettaquamscutt and Warwick the Assembly do nominate Mr. Richard Smith, Mr. Thomas Gould, Mr. Samuel Dyre, Mr. James Reynolds, and Henry Tibbotts, they or any three or more of them shall be the persons to levie and assess the rate of the Inhabitants there." On the eve the breakout of King Philip's War in 1675, James' eldest son John was killed, but James and the remainder of his family escaped, as did many others, to Wickford, when Indians attacked and burned the settlers homes. He was a large landowner and later in his life, gifted or transferred much of his land to his sons. He was almost always referred to in the records as Mr. James Reynolds, indicating the degree of respect with which he was held.

b. He was about 12 years of age when his father petitioned for land in King's Province. Tradition states that he settled on the "Great Plan" (a plateau of land near Wickford and then a wildnerness) before the advent of King Philip's War. After the war, when the land had been vacated by the Indians, we find that on 3 Jun 1709, the Colony agents sold "Joseph Reynolds, Sr., Joseph Reynolds, Jr., Robert Reynolds, and William Bentley" 727 acres "as platted...North by the new highway, South by the Pettaquamscot Northwest Line, East by the road running to East Greenwich, and West by vacant lands." Joseph held 255 acres of the southeastern portion of the above 727 acres. He and his sons were literally the first white settlers of this territory. By his first wife, whose identity is not known, he had 11 children, Joseph (md Susannah Babcock, (2) Deborah (md Job Babcock), Robert (md Deliverance Smith), James (md Sarah), Benjamin (md Experience Hull), Hannah (md Samuel Crandall), John (md Hannah Hull), Mercy (md Jeremiah Jones), Samuel (md Rosanna), Mary (md Thomas Bentley), and Clement (md Jane Bentley). His second wife, Deborah, whose surname is not known, was said to have close in age to James' eldest surviving son.
The Will of Joseph Reynolds

    June 24, 1730, I, Joseph Reynolds, being aged and weak of Body but of perfect mind and memory, Thanks be given to God therefore and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make this my Last Will and Testament, That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul unto the hands of God that gave it and my Body to the earth to be buried in Decent Christian Burial and as touching such Estates wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give Devise and dispose the same in the following manner and form:

    I Give and Bequeath to Mercy, my dearly beloved wife, all the use Benefit and profit of my now Dwelling house and orchard and all the rest of my land that is remaining now in my Possession Being in all 40 acres to be and remain unto my said wife all the time that she do and shall Remain my widow, but after my said wife's Decease or marriage, said house and lands to be and Remain unto my son John Reynolds his heirs and assigns.

    I Devise and Bequeath unto my said Wife the whole profit and benefit of my onmovable estate during the whole time of her Widowhood to me and after her decease or marriage, the same to be disposed of as hereafter mentioned.

    I Devise and Bequeath unto my Grandson Joseph son of my son Joseph Deceased ..... .....

    I Devise and Bequeath unto my son James Reynolds, Benjamin Reynolds, John Reynolds, Samuel Reynolds and Clement Reynolds to each one shilling they having had considerable of my estate already.

    I do give unto my two daughters Sarah Clark and Susanna Clark to each of them one pound and unto my daughter Mercy Jones I give to her five pounds, and unto my Daughter Alice I give and Bequeath eighteen pounds but should my Daughter Alice happen to Die before she shares the eighteen pounds, then my will is that the eighteen pounds shall be given to my Daughter Mercy Jones her daughters the same to be Equally Divided between all them that shall be living.

    I give and Bequeath unto my son Robert Reynolds surviving all that my fourty-seven Acres I purchased of my son John by my agreement purchase, said land to be and remain unto my son Robert and his heirs and assigns should he attain to the age of twenty-one years but should my son Robert chance to Dye Before becoming of age, not having issue, then my Will is that all I do hereby give unto my said son Robert. both real and personal Estate, shall be divided equally between all his own sisters who are by my now wife Mercy; unto my Daughter Mary Bentley and Sarah Clark, I give and bequeath them Sixteen pounds and ... shillings; unto my Daughter Mercy Jones ..... pounds and ... shillings; unto my Daughter ..... ..... pounds and eight shillings ..... . of my money given as a Legacy of credit of some of the Coloneys out of the two-hundred and fourty pounds which my son John Reynolds shall pay at the time when he comes into the Possession of my dwelling house and fourty acres of land ajoyning. The Rest of the two-hundred and fourty pounds above mentioned. if I do not make use of the same in my lifetime. or so much Thereof as shall be Remaining after my decease, I Bequeath unto my son Robert Reynolds for Building a house and all the remaining .......... Estate which shall Remain after my Wife's Decease or marriage again, I give and Bequeath unto all the children of my now Wife Mercy, who shall be then surviving to be equally Divided among said children, and I do constitute and appoint my said Wife my Executrix and my son John Reynolds my Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly Disallow and Disannul all and any other former made Wills, Legacies, Bequests and ..... ways before named Wills and Bequeasts ..... confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, I witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal, the day and year above written.
              JOSEPH REYNOLDS

      BENJAMIN .....NELLY,

    GL: Rhode Island Vital Records, Rhode Island Genealogical Register, Volume I, No. 4, Lines of Descent from James Reynolds of Kingstown, by Alden G. Beaman, pp 227-230; The Reynolds Family Association of America 1892-1922 Thirty-First Annual Report, by Henry Suddam Reynolds, pp 49-80;The Reynolds Family Association of America 1892-1930-1931 Thirty-Ninth and Fortieth Annual Report, by Anna C. Rippier, pp 112-116.
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