Raleigh of Farnborough, Warwickshire, England
Sir William de Raleigh, Knight, b abt 1212, of Devon, England, d between 1269-1271. He md [1] Clarissa abt 1235, and [2] Isabel.
Child of William de Raleigh and Clarissa was:

Sir Henry Raleigh, Knight, b abt 1245, of Devon, England. He md Mabel Punchardon abt 1265, daughter of Sir John Punchardon, Knight. She was b abt 1250.
Child of Sir Henry Raleigh and Mabel Pincherdon was:

Sir John Raleigh, Knight, b abt 1270, of Farnborough, Warwickshire, England, d shortly aft 29 Sep 1348. He md [1] Joan de Grey abt 1294, daughter of Sir John de Grey, and Margaret de Odingsells. He md [2] Amy/Anne bef 1339/40.
Children of Sir John Raleigh and Joan de Grey were:
  • John Raleigh b abt 1305.
  • Katherine Raleigh.
John Raleigh b abt 1305, of Farnboroough, Warwickshire, England, d bef 29 Sep 1348 He md Rose Helion abt 1326, daughter of Sir Peter Helion, Knight. She was b abt 1312.
Child of John Raleigh and Rose Helion was:

Thomas Raleigh b abt 1328, of Farnborough, Warwickshire, England, d 6 Nov 1396. He md [1] Elizbeth Evesham 1342-1343, and [2] Agnes Swinford bef 1380. She was b abt 1355.
Children of Thomas Raleigh and Agnes Swinford were:

  • Thomas Raleigh b 9 Feb 1379/80, Farnborough, Warwickshire, England; md Joan Asteley.
  • John Raleigh b abt 1382.
John Raleigh b abt 1382, of Farnborough, Warwickshire, England. He md Idony Cotesford, abt 1397, daughter of Sir Thomas Cotesford, Knight, and Alice. She was b abt 1390.
Child of John Raleigh and Idony Cotesford was:

William Raleigh, Esquire, b abt 1405, of Farnborough, Warwickshire, England, d 15 Oct 1460. He md Elizabeth Greene abt 1428, daughter of Sir Thomas Greene, Knight, and Philippa de Ferrers.
Children of William Raleigh and Elizabeth Greene were:

  • Thomas Raleigh.
  • Gilles Raleigh.
  • William Raleigh.
  • Sir Edward Raleigh, Knight, b abt 1440.
  • Margaret Raleigh.
Sir Edward Raleigh, Knight, b abt 1440, of Farnborough, Warwickshire, England, d bef 6 Jun 1513. He md Margaret Verney 1467, daughter of Sir Ralph Verney, Lord Mayor of London, and Emme. She was b abt 1453, d aft 1478.
Children of Edward Raleigh and Margaret Verney were:
  • Anne Raleigh.
  • Alice Raleigh.
  • Joan Raleigh.
  • Sir Edward Ralegh, Knight, b abt 1472.
  • Elizabeth Raleigh; md Augustine Gaynesford.
  • Emme Raleigh.
  • Anthony Raleigh; md Elizabeth Harwell.
Sir Edward Raleigh, Knight, b abt 1472, of Farnborough, Warwickshire, England, d 1508. He md Anne Chamberlain abt 1494, daughter of Sir Richard Chamberlain, Esquire, and Sibyl Fowler.
Children of Edward Raleigh and Anna Chamberlain were:
  • Mary Raleigh; md Nicholas Wodhull 1507/08.
  • George Raleigh, d bef 1546; md [1] Jane Connysby, [2] widow Fitzgarethe, [3] Anne Erneley
  • Edward Raleigh, d.s.p.
  • Leonard Raleigh.
  • Anthony Raleigh.
  • Thomas Raleigh; md Maria.
  • Bridget Raleigh b 1506.
  • Margaret Raleigh; md Richard Musket.
Bridget Raleigh b 1506, Northamptonshire, England, d 6 Jan 1558. She md Sir John Cope, Knight, abt 1525, prob Northamptonshire, England, son of William Cope and Jane Spencer.

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