Henry Raynsford b abt 1410, of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, England, d sh bef 3 May 1469, Great Tew, Oxfordshire, England. He md Elizabeth Wilcotes abt 1428, daughter of John Wilcotes and Elizabeth Cheney.
Children of Henry Raynsford and Elizabeth Wilcotes were:
  • William Raynsford, Esquire, b abt 1436.
  • John Raynsford.
William Raynsford b abt 1436, of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, England, d 5 Aug 1487. He md Alice Anne abt 1460, daughter of Sir John Anne and Alice Giffard. She was b abt 1445.
Child of William Raynsford and Alice Anne was:

John Raynsford, Esquire, b abt 1475, of Great Tew and Michell Tew, Oxfordshire, England, d bef 29 Aug 1551. He md Alice Danvers abt 1496, daughter of Sir William Danvers and Anne Pury. She was b abt 1482, of Cothrop, Oxfordshire, England, d bef 13 Feb 1530/31.
Children of John Raynsford and Alice Danvers were:

  • William Raynsford b abt 1498, of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, England, d 1557; md Jane Osbaldeston.
  • John Raynsford, of Oxfordshire, England.
  • Margaret Raynsford; md Thomas Holloway.
  • George Raynsford b abt 1508.
  • Anne Raynsford; md Thomas Langston.
  • Mary Raynsford; md Francis Greville.
George Raynsford b abt 1508, of North Weald Bassett, Essex, England, d bef 27 Mar 1558/59, Essex, England. He md Katherine Taverner abt 1530, daugter of Walter Taverner and Alice. She was b abt 1516, d Sep 1558.
Children of George Raynsford and Katherine Taverner were:
  • Hercules Raynsford, d.s.p.
  • John Raynsford, d.s.p.
  • Richard Raynsford b abt 1536.
  • Martha Raynsford b abt 1540; md Andrew Larder bef 1559.
  • Henry Raynsford b abt 1542.
  • Ursula Raynsford b abt 1545; md Henry Ailey 1578.
  • Jane Raynsford b abt 1550; md Edward Bugge 26 Apr 1568.
  • Marcus Raynsford b abt 1558, d 24 Sep 1558.
Richard Raynsford b abt 1536, of Epping, Essex, England, d 14 Feb 1603/04. He md [1] Anne Meade 8 Nov 1559, North Weald Bassett, Essex, England, daughter of Thomas Meade. She was b 1539, of North Weald Basset, Essex, England, d bef 6 Jul 1585. He md [2] Elizabeth Revell 6 Jul 1585, London, Middlesex, England.
Children of Richard Raynsford and Anne Meade were:
  • Philippa Raynsford bapt 11 Jun 1561, North Weald Bassett, Essex, England; md Henry Marshe 3 May 1585, London, Middlesex, England, d Mar 1586.
  • George Raynsford bapt 6 Jun 1562, d Jun 1562.
  • John Raynsford d.s.p.
  • Judith Raynsford bapt 28 May 1564, North Weald Bassett, Essex, England, md Thomas Bedwell 1590.
  • Susan Raynsford bapt 23 Dec 1565, d Jan 1565/66.
  • Robert Raynsford, Esquire, bapt 7 Feb 1566/67.
  • Jane Raynsford bapt 19 Apr 1568, Epping, Essex, England.
Robert Raynsford, Esquire, bapt 7 Feb 1566/67, Epping, Essex, England, d 15 Apr 1629, Staverton, Northamptonshire, England. He md [1] Georgina Pope, and [2] Mary Kirton 14 Dec 1602, Croydon, Surrey, England, daughter of Thomas Kirton and Mary Sadler.
Children of Robert Raynsford and Mary Kirton were:
  • Elizabeth Raynsford bapt 6 Nov 1603, Epping, Essex, England; md John Aglionby 30 Jan 1626.
  • John Raynsford b abt 1604-05, of Staverton, Northamptonshire, England, d 1634; md Rachel Norton 10 Sep 1629.
  • Richard Raynsford b 1605, d 17 Feb 1679/80, md Catherine Clerke 30 May 1637.
  • Robert Raynsford bapt 27 Sep 1607, Staverton, Northamptonshire, England, d abt 24 Mar 1608.
  • Edward Raynsford b 5 Sep 1609.
  • Anne Raynsford; md Samuel Leete 9 Oct 1638, Staverton, Northamptonshire, England.
Edward Raynsford [a] b 5 Sep 1609, Staverton, Northamptonshire, England, d 16 Aug 1680. He md [1] Unknown, and [2] Elizabeth. His first wife d Jun 1632.
Child of Edward Raynsford and unknown first wife were:
  • Joshua Rainsford b 1 Apr 1632, d Jul 1632.
  • Mary Rainsford b 1 Apr 1632.
Mary Rainsford (twin) b 1 Apr 1632, Boston, Suffolk, MA, d 31 Aug 1689, Deerfield, Franklin, MA. She md William Bassett abt 1652, Plymouth, MA, son of William Bassett and Elizabeth.

a. He migrated from London to New England in 1630, settling in Boston, where he was granted freeman status 17 Apr 1637. He was a fisherman by vocation initially, but appears to have branched out, purchasing interests in several vessels, as well as becoming a merchant, buying and reselling goods in Boston harbour. He served on various committees, and as one of the wealthier inhabitants was among those who contributed funds toward the school and its master. The name of his first wife is lacking, and she died shortly after their arrival, presumably as a result of giving birth to twins, Josiah, who did not survive, and Mary. He secondly married Elizabeth, by whom he had ten children. She survived him.
NEHGR: Edward Raynsford of Boston, by James A. Rasmussen, Vol 139, 1985, pp 228-238; RD: [438]; ANC: The Great Migration Begins, by Robert Charles Anderson, under the auspices of the NEHGS, profile of immigrant Edward Rainsford.
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