Plaiz of Suffolk and Norfolk, England
Ralph de Plaiz [a] b abt 1130, of Suffolk, England, d aft 29 Aug 1185. The identity of his wife is not known.
Child of Ralph de Plaiz was:

Ralph de Plaiz [b] b abt 1165, of Suffolk and Oxfordshire, England, d aft 1 Jul 1208. The identity of his wife is not known.
Child of Ralph de Plaiz was:

Sir Hugh de Plaiz [c] b abt 1194, of Oxfordshire, England, d 18 Aug 1244. He md [1] Philippa de Montfitchet abt 1215, daughter of Richard de Montfitchet. She was b abt 1200, of Stanstead Mountfichet, Essex, England, d aft 1275. He md [2] Beatrice de Turnham (div.), and [3] Alice aft 1240.
Child of Hugh de Plaiz and Philippa de Montfitchet was:

Richard de Plaiz [d] b abt 1234, of Norfolk and Suffolk, England, d bef 8 Jul 1269. He md Joan abt 1255. She was b abt 1240, d aft 1302.
Child of Richard de Plaiz and Joan was:

Sir Giles de Plaiz [e], Lord Plaiz, b abt 1263, of Norfolk and Suffolk, England, d bef 15 Oct 1302. He md Joan abt 1288. She was b abt 1270, d aft Mar 1332/33.
Child of Giles de Plaiz and Joan was:

Sir Richard de Plaiz [f], Lord Plaiz, Knight, b 1 Aug 1296, of Norfolk, England, d Aug 1327. He md Margaret abt 1318. She was b abt 1300, d aft 1327.
Child of Richard de Plaiz and Margaret was:

Sir Richard de Plaiz [g], Lord Plaiz, b 21 Sep 1323, d Oct 1360. He md Margaret/Margery abt 1340. She was b abt 1325, d aft 1360.
Child of Richard de Plaiz and Margaret/Margery was:

Sir John de Plaiz [h], Lord Plaiz, Knight, b bef 14 Jan 1342/43, of Suffolk, England, d 2 Jun 1389. He md [1] Margaret de Norwich, and [2] Joan de Stapleton abt 1363, daughter of Sir Miles de Stapleton, Knight, and Joan Ingham.
Child of John de Plaiz and Joan de Stapleton was:

Margaret de Plaiz [i] b abt 1364. She md Sir John Howard, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire, abt 1376, son of Sir Robert Howard and Margaret/Margery de Scales.

a. In 1177 he had a tenant amenable to the sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, and in 1179 held the manor of or in Barnham, Suffolk. He is perhaps 3rd in descent from Hugh de Plaiz who gave land in Barnham to Ralph, son of Herlouin in marriage with his da. Heloise. He confirmed to Lewes Priory the churches of Iford, Sussex, Toftrees and Shereford, and the land in Feltwell, Norfolk "and all other things that my ancestor gave". He was a prominent tenant of the Warenne Fee, witnessing charters of Earl William in 1147, of the Earl's brother Reynold, and of the Countess Isabel and her husband. No mention is made of Ralph de Plaiz' wife. He was living 29 Aug 1185.

b. He witnessed a deed in 1185 with his father, and also attested charters of Earl Hamelin, the Countess Isabel, and their son, William. He was sued in 1194 by John Lestrange regarding the marriage portion of his ancestress Heloise (Helewise) de Plaiz, which matter was settled in 1197, when John Lestrange went to Norfolk and did homage for the land to Ralph de Plaiz. He was living 1 Jul 1208.

c. He had possession of the family property in Oxfordshire in 1212. He rebelled against King John in 1215, but sometime thereafter returned to his allegiance, when in 1217 he had order, as a knight of Earl Warenne, for return of all forfeited lands. In 1235, he was one of four justices appointed for the eyre in Surrey, Kent, Hants, and Sussex. He was probably the founder of Bromehil Priory. He was first married to Philippe, daughter of Richard de Montfichet of Stanstead Mountfitchet in Essex, and, in her issue, coheir to her brother Richard. He secondly married Beatrice, one of the five daughters of Stephen de Turnham. He divorced her in or about 1240, and thirdly married Alice.

d. He had respite of knighthood in Jan 1252/53, until John de Warenne should assume knightly arms, and held, as his ancestors held, of the Earl de Warenne in Norfolk and Suffolk, together with his Montfichet inheritance. He died shortly before 8 Jul 1269, his widow Joan, who is not further identified, was still living in 1302.

e. The custody of his lands and marriage were granted to Queen Eleanor 11 Feb 1284. In Jun 1295, he was summoned, when war with France was being prepared, and to attend the King on urgent affairs, and was one of three nominated in the Rape of Lewes to assist in the defence of the Sussex coast. He was summoned to the assembly of peers and magnates at Salisbury 26 Jan 1296/97, and thereby held to have become Lord Plaiz. In 1297 he was summoned for services overseas, and in that year and also in 1298 and 1301, for service against the Scots. He died shortly before 15 Oct 1302. His widow, Joan, was still living in Mar 1332/33.

f. A minor at his father's death, the custody of his lands and person was initially held by Queen Margaret, who then assigned such to Henry de Gildeford, Chancellor of Durham. He had order for livery of his lands in Sep 1317. He was summoned to Parliament from 20 Nov 1317 to 14 Mar 1321/22. In 1318, 1319 and again in 1322, being then a knight, and in 1323, he was summoned for service in Scotland. In 1321 he was forbidden to attend the meeting of the "good peers" summoned by the Earl of Lancaster, and in Jan of the following year he was preparing to serve in Wales under Aymer de Valence, but in Feb was ordered to muster at Coventry against the Earl of Lancaster. In Jun of 1324 he was going to France on diplomatic service with the Earl of Pembroke (Aymer de Valence), and later in that year was a comissioner of array in Cambridgeshire. In 1325 he was of the household of Mary, Countess of Pembroke when she went overseas, and served as a commissioner of array in Sussex. He died in Aug 1327.

g. A minor at his father's death, he did homage and had order for livery of his lands 2 Oct 1344, but was never summoned to Parliament. In May 1345 he was going to Brittany in the train of the Earl of Oxford, and served under him in the Crecy campaign. He was with the Prince of Wales in Gascony in 1356, and for good service at Poitiers received a gift of 250 marks. He died overseas in Oct 1360/61.

h. He had order for livery of his inheritance 14 Jan 1342/43, but was never summoned to Parliament. In Nov 1366, being then a knight, he was going to Guienne in the King's service, in the train of John of Gaunt, and took part in the Duke's historic march across France in 1373. He was appointed commissioner of array in Essex 1377, 1380, and 1386, a commissioner to assess taxes in Essex in 1381 and 1382, and Justice of oyer and terminer 1382, 1383, and 1386. He firstly married, about 1353, Margaret, daughter of Walter de Norwich, who died s.p. Secondly he married, about 1366, Joan, daughter of Sir Miles de Stapleton, by Joan, daughter and coheir of Sir Oliver Ingham. He survived her.

i. Daughter and heir by her father's second wife, she was aged 22-23 at her father's death, being at that time already the wife of John Howard. She was deceased two years later, her son John Howard, being aged 6 or more years at her death.

CP: Vol X[535-542]; AR: Line 218[34]
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