Kings of Norway
Gudrod I, King of Vermaland, Vestfold, and Vingulmark, "the Magnificent", "the Hunting-King", b abt 770, Norway, d 810-827 (murdered). He md [1] Alfhilde, and [2] Asa abt 800, daughter of Harald "Red Beard", King of Agdir. She was b abt 780.
Child of Gudrod I and Asa was:

Halfdan, "the Black", King of Vestfold, b abt 802, Norway, d abt 860. He md [1] Thora abt 820, and [2] Ragnhild abt 844, daughter of Sigurd Hiort, King of Ringerike, and Thyri. She was b abt 830.
Child of Halfdan the Black and Ragnhild was:

Harald, 1st King of Norway, "Fairhair", b abt 850, d 934. He md Swanhild abt 866, daughter of Eystein Glumra, Jarl of the Upplands.
Child of Harald Fairhair and Swanhild was:

Bjorn, Under-King of Vestfold, b abt 872, d abt 927 (murdered by his brother).
Child of Bjorn was:

Gudrod II, Under-King of Vestfold, b abt 895, d abt 955 (murdered by his cousin, son of his father's murderer). He md Cacilie abt 915. She was b abt 899.
Child of Gudrod and Cacilie was:

Harald, Under-King of Vingulmark, Vestfold, and Agdir, b abt 935, of Grenland, Norway, d abt 995 (murdered by foster sister). He md Asta abt 980, daughter of Gudbrand Kula and Ulfhilde. She was b abt 965.
Child of Harald and Asta was:

St. Olaf II, 1st Christian King of Norway, b abt 995, Norway, d 31 Aug 1030 (slain in battle). He md Astrid Feb 1018, daughter of Olaf Skotkonung, 1st Christian King of Sweden. She was b abt 1005, Sweden.
Child of Olaf II and Astrid was:

Wulfhilde b abt 1023, Norway, d 24 May 1070. She md Ordulf, Duke of Saxony, Nov 1042, son of Bernhard II, Duke of Saxony, and Elica von Schweinfurt.

AR: Line 243A[15-22].

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