de la Marche
Adelbert I, Count de La Marche, b abt 964. He md Almodis of Limoges abt 985. She was b abt 970.
Child of Adalbert I de La Marche and Almodis of Limoges was:

Bernard I [a], Count de La Marche, b abt 995, d 1047. He md Amelia of Aulay abt 1015, daughter of Cadelon III, Vicomte of Aulay. She was b abt 1002.
Children of Bernard I de La Marche and Amelia of Aulay were:

  • Almodis de La Marche [b] b abt 1020, d 16 Oct 1071. She md:
      [1] Hugh V de Lusignan abt 1035,
      [2] Pons II, Count of Toulouse, abt 1039, son of William III, Count of Toulouse, and Emma of Provence, and
      [3] Raymond I Berenger abt 1055.
    • Adalbert II de la Marche, Count de La Marche, b abt 1025.
    Adalbert II, Count de La Marche, b abt 1025, d 1088.
    Child of Adalbert II de La Marche was:

    Almodis de La Marche b abt 1065, d 1116. She md Roger III de Montgomery, The Poitevin, Count de La Marche, abt 1082, son of Sir Roger II de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury, and Mabel Talvas.

    a. There are differences of opinion as to the generational nomenclature of several members of this lineage, but the facts which appear to be accurate are that (1) Bernard I, Count de la Marche, was the father of Almodis de la Marche (sometimes seen as Almodis de la Haute Marche), (2) that this Almodis married three times to the individuals shown above, and (3) that an Adalbert de la Marche was father of the later Almodis who married Roger III the Poitevin. The divergence of opinion occurs with two individuals; (1) that the first Almodis married, as her first husband, Hugh V de Lusignan, not Hugh VI, and (2) that the second Almodis was daughter of Adalbert III, not Adalbert II. See soc.genealogy.medieval for the various posts and sources cited.

    b. She was repudiated by her first husband, Hugh de Lusignan. Her second marriage to Pons III ended in divorce, one source stating said divorce occurred ca. 1051, while another states that she and Pons were still married as late as 1054. She survived her third husband, but was murdered by her stepson in 1071.

    AR: Line 185[2]; SGM: Todd Farmerie.
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