Maltravers of Dorset and Wiltshire
John Maltravers [a] b abt 1150, of Dorset and Wiltshire, England. He md [1] Alice Fitz Roger abt 1175, daughter of Roger Fitz Geoffrey, and [2] Alice de Bendeville. Alice Fitz Roger Fitz Geoffrey was b abt 1158.
Child of John Maltravers and Alice Fitz Roger was:

John Maltravers [b], Knight, b abt 1180, of Dorset and Somerford, Wiltshire, England, d 1220. He md Hawise abt 1202. She was b abt 1188, d aft 1222.
Children of John Maltravers and Hawise were:

  • Alice Maltravers b abt 1205, of Dorset and Wiltshire, England. She md Elis IV Giffard abt 1220, son of Elis III Giffard and Maud de Berkeley.
  • John Maltravers b abt 1212.
John Maltravers [c] b abt 1212, of Somerford, Wiltshire, England, d aft 1257. The identity of his wife is not known.
Child of John Maltravers was:

John Maltravers [d] b abt 1240, of Wiltshire and Dorset, England, d bef 28 Feb 1296/97. He md Joan abt 1262. She was b abt 1245, poss. Ireland.
Child of John Maltravers and Joan was:

Sir John Maltravers [e], Knight, b abt 1266, of Lytchett Mautravers, Dorset, England, d bef 5 Jul 1344. He md [1] Eleanor de Gorges abt 1288/89, daughter of Sir Ralph de Gorges and Ellen de Morville. She was b abt 1272, d bef 1324. He md [2] Joan Foliot aft 1324.
Child of John Maltravers and Eleanor de Gorges was:

Sir John Maltravers [f], Lord Maltravers, Knight, b abt 1292, of Wiltshire and Dorset, England, d 16 Feb 1364/65. He md [1] Ela/Millicent de Berkeley abt 1313, daughter of Sir Maurice de Berkeley, Lord of Berkeley, and Eva la Zouche. He md [2] Agnes de Bereford bef 26 Feb 1330/31.
Child of John Maltravers and Ela/Millicent de Berkeley was:

Sir John Maltravers [g] b abt 1316, of Wiltshire and Dorset, England, d 22 Jan 1348/49. He md Gwenthlian abt 1340. She was b abt 1322, d bef Oct 1375.
Child of John Maltravers and Gwenthlian was:

Eleanor Maltravers [h] b 1345, of Dorset, England, d 10 Jan 1404/05. She md Sir John Fitz
, Earl of Arundel, Marshal of England, Lord Maltravers, abt 17 Feb 1358/59, son of Sir Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, Knight of the Garter, and Eleanor de Lancaster.

a. In 1172 he fined to have seisin of his land and 4 knights' fees in Dorset, and also held a knight's fee in Berkshire. By his first wife, he had two sons, Walter and John, and by his second wife had sons Thomas and William. His date of death is not known.

b. He was a knight of William, Earl Marshal, and took part with the Barons in 1215, but returned to the King's allegiance in 1217, when his lands in Dorset, Somerset, WIltshire, Berkshire, Gloucester, and Hampshire were restored to him. He was named in commissions in Dorset and Wiltshire in 1219 and 1220. He was deceased before the end of 1220, his wife Hawise surviving him and still living in 1222.

c. Under age at his father's death, he was in the King's service in 1229/30, and in 1242 was summoned for service in Guienne. He was serving in Wales 1244-46. amd om 1256 and 1257 was in Ireland in the service of Prince Edward. The identity of his wife is not known.

d. He was going to Ireland in Jul 1280, where he likely stayed for some time as in 1280/81, he exchanged his life interest in his ancestral manor of Woolcombe, Dorset, with Roger Waspail for the fee of the manor of Rathkeale in Limerick. He was summoned for military service against the Welsh in Oct 1294 and died shortly before 28 Feb 1296/97. His wife Joan may have been an Irish heiress, for in Feb 1284/85 she was joined with her husband in permission to appoint attorneys in Ireland while staying in England.

e. He was aged 30 and more at his father's death. In Apr 1286, he had protection for three years, staying in England, and in 1289, with his wife Eleanor, staying still in England, leave to appoint attorneys in Ireland, which permission was continued until 1297, and frequently given until the end of his life. In Mar 1297 he had livery of his inheritance, and was summoned for military service abroad in May 1297. He was also summoned to the muster at Carlisle on 24 Jun 1300 for service against the Scots, and again in 1301, 1302, and 1314-1333. In 1316 and 1317 he was in Ireland, serving against Edward Bruce. He and his son, John, were both knighted 22 May 1306, at the knighting of Prince Edward. He served as conservator of the peace in Dorset 1307-1329. During the political troubles of the reign of Edward II, he took the King's side, while his son, John, took the side of the Earl of Lancaster. His first wife, Eleanor, was the sister of Master Thomas de Gorges, and was still living in 1314. He secondly married Joan, widow of Nicholas de Percy, daughter and heir of Sir Walter Foliot. He was living 26 Jan 1340, but was deceased in Jun 1341.

f. First son and heir by his father's first wife, he was knighted, with his father in 1306. He fought at Bannockburn 24 Jun 1314, and was going to Gascony on the King's service Mar 1319/20. Being an adherent of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, he fought with the Earl at Boroughbridge and while avoiding capture, his lands were seized, whence he fled overseas. He returned to England with Queen Isabel and Roger de Mortimer in Sep 1326 and soon rose to high favor. In Apr 1327, he and Thomas de Berkeley were given charge of the deposed King Edward, who was later taken to Berkeley Castle, where the King was murdered. Early in 1330, the deposed King's brother, Edmund, Earl of Kent, having been persuaded into believing Edward to be still alive, sent a letter to him, entrusting its delivery to John Maltravers, who promptly turned the letter over to Roger de Mortimer. This lead to the arrest of Edmund and his condemnation and execution a few weeks later. But the part John Maltravers had played in bringing about the judicial murder of the King's brother did not fare him well when Mortimer fell from power in Oct. He was condemned by Parliament and sentenced to hanging and beheading in Nov 1330, and his lands immediately forfeited, but he escaped by way of Cornwall to Germandy, where he remained for several years. In 1334, he offered to make a confession, and William de Montagu was sent to interview him, and thereafter he made efforts to appease Edward III by his attempts to bring Flanders to the King's side in the coming war with France, as well as other diplomatic services. By the time Edward III arrived in Flanders in Jul 1345, the way had been prepared for his reconciliation with the King, and in Oct he was sent on an embassy to Ghent, and was appointed Keeper of the Channel Islands in Jun 1348. On 20 Jun 1351, his outlawry was annulled, and he was fully restored the following Feb. He married firstly, Millicent, daughter of Maurice, Lord Berkeley, and secondly, before 26 Feb 1330/31, Agnes de Bereford, by whom he had no issue.

g. In Jul 1338 he was going overseas on the King's service, and in Nov 1348 he was again going abroad in the King's service with Richard Talbot. He died v.p. 22 Jan 1348/49. His widow Gwenthlian was still living in Jul 1364, but was deceased by Oct 1375. Their only son, Henry Maltravers, died at the age of about two years.

h. At the death of John, Lord Maltravers, in 1364, the Barony of Maltravers fell into abeyance between his granddaughters, Joan, aged 22 and wife of Sir John de Keynes and Sir Robert de Ros, and Eleanor, aged 19. When Joan died s.p., Eleanor became de jure Baroness Maltravers. She married firstly, John de Arundel, younger son of Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel.

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