Malet, Barons of Curry Malet, Somerset, England
William Malet, Seigneur of Graville, b abt 1022, of Graville St. Honorine, Normandy, d abt 1071. He md Esilia Crispin abt 1042, daughter of Gilbert Crispin, Count of Brionne and Eu, and Gunnora d'Aunou.
Children of William Malet and Esilia Crispin were:
  • Robert Malet.
  • Durand Malet.
  • Daughter Malet b abt 1050. She md (poss) Turold, Sheriff of Lincoln, abt 1064. Their daughter, Lucy md Ranulph le Meschin, "le Briquessart", Earl of Chester, Lord of Cumberland, Vicomte of Bayeux, Vicomte d'Avranches, abt 1093.
  • Beatrice Malet; md William, Vicomte of Arques.
  • Gilbert Malet b abt 1055.
Gilbert Malet b abt 1055. The identity of his wife is undetermined.
Child of Gilbert Malet was:

Sir Robert Malet [a], Lord of Curry Malet, b abt 1088, of Curry Malet, Somerset, England, d bef 1156.
Child of Robert Malet was:

Sir William I Malet [b], Lord of Curry Malet, b abt 1115, Curry Malet, Somerset, England, d 1169.
Child of William Malet was:

Sir Gilbert Malet [c], Lord of Curry Malet, b abt 1148, Curry Malet, Somerset, England, d abt 1194. He md Alice Picot abt 1168, Milton, Kent, England, daughter of Ralph Picot. She was b abt 1154, Milton, Kent, England.
Child of Gilbert Malet and Alice Picot was:

Sir William II Malet [d], Magna Carta Surety, Lord of Curry Malet, b abt 1173, Curry Malet, Somerset, England, d abt 1216, Curry Malet, Somerset, England. He md [1] Unknown; and [2] Alice Basset abt 1212.
Children of William Malet and unknown first wife were:

  • Mabel Malet b abt 1200, Curry Malet, Somerset, England. She md Hugh de Vivonia, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset, abt 1215.
  • Hawise Malet b abt 1202, Curry Malet, Somerset, England, d 4 May 1287. She md [1] Sir Hugh Poyntz bef 23 Mar 1216/17, [2] Sir Robert de Muscegros bef 11 Feb 1220/21.

a. Complete Peerage states that Robert Malet is "thought to be a grandson of William Malet (d 1077) who fought at the battle of Hastings 1066, and was sheriff of Yorkshire 1068."

b. He was a favorite of Henry II. In addition to holding the barony of Curry Malet, he also held other lands in Kent, Cambridge, and Sussex.

c. Served as steward during the reign of Henry II, and witnessed a treaty in 1174 between that King and William, King of Scotland.

d. He was of age by 1196, and served as sheriff of co. Somerset and Dorset in 1209. He was one of the barons appointed as surety for the observance of Magna Carta, and died the following year, 1216. A recent discovery reveals that all three of the daughters of William Malet II were not by his second wife, Alice Basset, but rather by his, as yet unknown, first wife. This had only been previously surmised in Ancestral Roots, but Mr. Henry Sutliff, posting on SGM, notes that "Alice's three daughters by her second husband (John Bisset, d 1241) were coheirs of Alice's sister Philippa, but the Malet children were not." Additionally, following this discovery, Mr. Douglas Richardson found convincing evidence that Alice was not mother of the Malet children.

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