Counts of Louvain and Hainault
Giselbert, Count of Darnau, b abt 824, d aft 863. He md Ermengarde of Lorraine abt 845, daughter of Lothair I, King of Italy, and Ermengarde of Tours.
Child of Giselbert and Ermengarde of Lorraine was:

Regnier I of Hainault, Count of Hainault, b abt 850, of Hainault, Belgium, d 915-916. He md Hersent abt 876, daughter of Charles II, King of the Franks, "the Bald" and Ermentrude of Orleans.
Children of Regnier I and Hersent were:

  • Regnier II of Hainault, Count of Hainault, b abt 890. See LINE A
  • Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine, b abt 896. See LINE B
Regnier II of Hainault, Count of Hainault, b abt 890, Hainault, Belgium, d 932. He md Adelaide of Burgundy abt 912, daughter of Richard of Burgundy, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Autun, "the Justiciar", and Adelaide of Auxerre.
Child of Regnier II of Hainault and Adelaide of Burgundy was:

Regnier III of Hainault, Count of Hainault, b abt 915, Hainault, Belgium, d 973. He md Adele of Louvain abt 940, daughter Lambert of Louvain, Count of Louvain. She was b abt 925, d 961.
Child of Regnier III of Hainault and Adele of Louvain were:

  • Regnier IV of Hainault, Count of Hainault, b abt 946. See LINE A1
  • Lambert I of Louvain, Count of Louvain, "the Bearded", b abt 950. See LINE A2

  • LINE A1
    Regnier IV of Hainault, Count of Hainault, b abt 946, Hainault, Belgium, d 1013. He md Hadwige abt 985, daughter of Hugh Capet, King of France, and Adelaide of Poitou.
    Child of Regnier IV and Hadwige was:

    Beatrix of Hainault b abt 995, Hainault, Belgium, d abt 1039. She md Ebles I, Count of Roucy and Rheims, Archbishop of Rheims, abt 1012, son of Giselbert of Roucy, Count of Roucy.

    LINE A2
    Lambert I of Louvain, Count of Louvaine, "the Bearded", b abt 950, d 12 Sep 1015. He md Gerberga of Lorraine abt 994, daughter of Charles of Lorraine, Duke of Lower Lorraine, and Bonne of Ardennes.
    Children of Lambert I and Gerberga of Lorraine were:
    • Lambert II, Count of Louvain, b abt 995.
    • Maud of Louvain b abt 998, of Louvaine, Brabant, Belgium. She md Eustace I of Boulogne, Count of Boulogne, abt 1018, son of Baldwin of Boulogne, Count of Boulogne, and Adele of Ghent.
    Lambert II of Louvain, Count of Louvaine, b abt 995, d aft 21 Sep 1062. He md Oda abt 1026, daughter of Gozelon I, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Count of Verdun.
    Child of Lambert II and Oda was:

    Henry II of Brabant, Count of Lorraine and Louvaine, b abt 1031, of Brabant, Belgium, d 1078-1079. He md Adelaide of Orlamunda abt 1045. She was b abt 1035, d aft 1086.
    Children of Henry II of Brabant and Adelaide of Orlamunda were:

    • Ida de Louvain b abt 1065, d 1139. She md Baldwin II of Hainault, Count of Hainault 1084, son of Baldwin VI de Mons, Count of Flanders and Hainault, and Richilde.
    • Godfrey I of Brabant, Count of Louvaine, Duke of Lower Lorraine, "the Bearded", b abt 1070.
    Godfrey I of Brabant, Count of Louvain, Duke of Lower Lorraine, "the Bearded", b abt 1070, Brabant, Belgium, d 25 Jan 1139/40. He md [1] Ida de Namur abt 1100, daughter of Otto II, Count of Chiny, and Adelaide of Namur, and [2] Clemence of Burgundy abt 1110.
    He also had an Unknown Mistress.
    Children of Godfrey I of Brabant and Ida de Chiny-Namur were:
    • Godfrey II of Louvain, Count of Louvaine, b abt 1104.
    • Adelize of Louvain b abt 1116, Brabant, Belgium, d abt 23 Apr 1151, Flanders. She md Sir William d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel and Sussex, "Strong Hand", 1138, son of Sir William "Pincerna" d'Aubigny, Lord of Buckenham, and Maud Bigod.
    • Godfrey II of Louvain, Count of Louvaine, b abt 1104, d 1143. He md Luitgarde of Sulzbach abt 1135, daughter of Berenger I, Count of Sulzbach. She was b abt 1115, d aft 1162.
      Child of Godfrey II and Luitgarde of Sultzbach was:

      Godfrey III of Louvain, Duke of Brabant, Count of Louvaine, b abt 1142, d 1186. He md:
      [1] Margaret von Limbourg 1155, daughter of Henry II, Count of Limbourg, and Matilda. She was b abt 1144, d 1172-1173.
      Child of Godfrey III of Louvain and Margaret Von Limbourg was:

        Henry I of Brabant, Duke of Brabant, b abt 1164, d 5 Sep 1235. He md Maud of Flanders 1179, daughter of Matthew of Alsace and Mary of Blois.
        Children of Henry I of Brabant and Maud of Flanders were:
        • Henry II of Brabant, Duke of Brabant, b abt 1197.
        • Mechtild of Brabant b abt 1208, d 21 Dec 1267. She md Florent IV of Holland, Count of Holland, bef Dec 1224, son of William I of Holland, Count of Holland and Zealand, and Adelaide of Guelders.
        Henry II of Brabant, Duke of Brabant, b abt 1197, Brabant, Belgium, d 1 Feb 1247/48. He md Marie of Swabia bef 22 Aug 1215, daughter of Philip II, Emperor of Germany, Margrave of Tuscany, Duke of Swabia, and Irene Angelica.
        Children of Henry II of Brabant and Marie of Swabia were:
        • Matilda de Brabant b abt 1220, Brabant, Belgium, d 29 Sep 1288. She md Robert I d'Artois 14 Jun 1237, France, son of Louis VIII, King of France, and Blanche of Castile.
        • Henry III of Brabant, Duke of Brabant, b abt 1228, d 21 Feb 1260/61; md Alix/Adelaide of Burgundy 1251.
      [2] Imaine, daughter of Louis of Loos, Count of Loos, abt 1173/74. She was b abt 1150.
      Child of Godfrey III of Louvain and Imaine was:

        Sir Godfrey de Lovaine [a] b abt 1168, of Eye, Suffolk, England, d abt 26 Apr 1226. He md Alice de Hastings abt 1199, daughter of Robert de Hastings and Maud de Flamville.
        Child of Godfrey de Louvain and Alice de Hastings was:

        Sir Matthew de Lovaine [b], Knight, b abt 1200, Little Easton, Essex, England, d Jun 1258. He md Muriel abt 1218, prob Little Easton, Essex, England. She was b abt 1205, d aft 1275.
        Children of Matthew de Louvain and Muriel were:

        • Hawise de Lovaine b abt 1221, Little Easton, Essex, England, d bef 1255. She md Sir Philip Basset abt 1235, son of Alan Basset and Aline de Gay.
        • Sir Matthew de Lovaine b abt 1236, Little Easton, Essex, England, d 1302; md Helisant abt May 1268.
    Child of Godfrey I of Brabant and Unknown Mistress was:

    Sir Jocelin of Louvain [d], Knight, b abt 1112, of Petworth, Sussex, England, d 1179/80. He md Agnes de Percy aft 1154, daughter of Sir William de Percy, Lord of Topcliffe, and Adelize/Alice de Tonbridge.
    Child of Jocelin of Louvain and Agnes de Percy was:

    Sir Henry de Percy, Knight, b 1160.
Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine, b abt 896, d 2 Oct 939. He md Gerberga of Saxony 929, daughter of Henry I of Saxony, King of the Saxons, Duke of Saxony, "the Fowler", and Mechtilde of Ringelheim.
Children of Giselbert and Gerberga of Saxony were:

a. He lived most of his life in England and was, several times, custodian of the honour and castle of Eye in Suffolk, which had been acquired by his brother, Duke Henry through said Henry's marriage with Maud, granddaughter of King Stephen. In 1212 he was sent by the King on a political mission to Duke Henry, and while he was in arms against King John late in his reign, he returned to his allegiance in 1217, whereby his lands were restored to him.

b. His uncle, Henry, Duke of Lothier and Marquis of the Roman Empire, confirmed to him the custody of the honour of Eye, as his father had held. He was summoned to join the King at Saintonges June 1242. He died before Jun 1258 on which date his widow was plaintiff in a plea concerning land in Essex. She was still living in 1275.

c. He was aged 24 and more when the King took his homage 26 Nov 1261. He held Easton, near Dunmow, the seat of his barony, as well as Bildeston in Suffolk. He was summoned to the assembly at Shrewsbury in 1283, to a military council at Gloucester in 1287, among others, and was also summoned for military service from 1258 to Mar 13001/01 against the Scots, Welsh, and French. His first wife, Helisant, was a kinswoman of Henry III, who gave 300 marks as her marriage portion. He died early in 1302.

d. He married Agnes, one of the two coheirs and daughters of William de Percy. His sister Queen Adelize (second wife of Henry I), while married to her second husband, William d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel, gave him the honor of Petworth in Sussex. In Dec 1170, he was one of two knights sent to forbid Archbishop Becket's approach to the young King's court, and he witnessed charters of Henry II at Argentan, Winchester, and Tours. From lands of the honor of Petworth, he was benefactor of Reading and Durford Abbeys, and of Lewes Priory, and from the lands of the Percy fee, a benefactor of Sixle Priory. He was presumably deceased in 1180, when the honor of Petworth passed into the King's hand. His widow survived him. Both of their sons, Henry and Richard, took their mother's name of Percy.

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