Louthe of Huntingdonshire, England
Roger Louthe b abt 1396, of Huntingdonshire, England. He married Mary [a] abt 1418. She was b abt 1400.
Child of Roger Louthe and Mary was:

Lionel Louthe, Lord of Beames, b abt 1420, of Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, England, d 30 Nov 1471. He md Katherine Sutton/Dudley abt 1442, daughter of Sir John Sutton/Dudley, Lord Dudley, Knight of the Garter, and Elizabeth de Berkeley.
Child of Lionel Louthe and Katherine Sutton/Dudley was:

Thomas Louthe b abt 1456, of Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, England, d 26 Oct 1553. He md Anne Mulso abt 1480, daughter of William Mulso and Alice Wandesford. She was b abt 1463.
Child of Thomas Louthe and Anne Mulso was:

Edmund Louthe b abt 1485, d 1522. He md Edith Stukeley abt 1504, daughter of John Stukeley. She was b abt 1488.
Child of Edmund Louthe and Edith Stukeley was:

Anne Louthe b abt 1507, Huntingdonshire, England, d 1577. She md Simon Throckmorton abt 1522, son of John Throckmorton and Jane Baynard.

a. According to C. Wickliffe Throckmorton's account of the Throckmorton family, the wife of Roger Louthe was Mary of Henawd, stated to have been a cousin of Lionel, Duke of Clarence and Earl of Ulster. A posting by Douglas Richardson on soc.genealogy.medieval indicates that there is truth to this statement, as he mentions that Mary, wife of Roger Louthe, was a kinswoman to Queen Philippa of Hainault (mother of Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence, Earl of Ulster).

AR: Line 208[37-39]; GL: A Genealogical and Historical Account of the Throckmorton Family, by C. Wickliffe Throckmorton, 1930, Old Dominion Press, Richmond, Va., p. 201.

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