Harington of Cumberland and Lancashire, England
Sir Robert de Haverington b abt 1258, of Harington, Cumberland, England, d 1297. He md Agnes Cansfield, Lady of Aldingham, abt 1280, daughter of Sir Richard Cansfield, Knight, and Eleanor/Alicia le Fleming.
Child of Robert de Haverington and Agnes Cansfield was:

Sir John Harington [a], Lord Harington, Knight, b abt 1281, of Aldingham, Lancashire, England, d 2 Jul 1347. He md (prob) Joan Dacre abt 1305, daughter of Sir William de Dacre and Joan Gernet.
Child of John de Harington and Joan Dacre was:

Sir John Harington b abt 1309, Aldingham, Lancashire, England, d 1359. He md Katherine Banastre abt 1328, daughter of Sir Adam Banastre, Knight, and Margaret de Holand.
Child of John de Harington and Katherine Banastre was:

Sir Nicholas Harington [b] b 1345, of Farleton, Lancashire, England, d aft 1397. He md Isabella English abt 1363, daughter of Sir William English. She was b abt 1348, Lancashire, England. Children of Nicholas de Harington and Isabella English were:

  • Sir William Harington, Knight of the Garter, b abt 1365.
  • Sir James Harington, Knight, b abt 1368, Lancashire; md Ellen Urswick.
  • Isabel Harington b abt 1370, of Lancashire, England. She md Sir Thomas Tunstall bef 1392, Thurland, Yorkshire, England, son of William Tunstall and Alice Lindsey.
  • Isabel Harington b abt 1386, of Lancashire, England. She md Sir John de Stanley, Knight, abt 1404, Lancashire, England, son of Sir John de Stanley, Knight of the Garter, and Isabel de Latham.

Sir William Harington, Knight of the Garter, b abt 1365, of Hornby, Lancashire, England. He md Margaret de Neville abt 1382, daughter of Sir Robert de Neville and Margaret de la Pole.
Children of William Harington and Margaret de Neville were:

  • Isabel Harington b abt 1390, Lancashire, England, d 1441, Anglesey, Wales. She md Sir John Boteler, Knight, 1411, son of William Boteler and Elizabeth Standish.
  • Agnes Harington b aft 1401, d 1490; md Sir Alexander de Radcliffe.

a. He succeeded his mother in 1293, and his father in 1297, being still under age. He was ceremonially knighted 22 May 1306 (when Edward, Prince of Wales was made a knight) and probably accompanied the Prince in his expedition to Scotland to avenge the murder of Comyn. He was summoned to military service from 26 Oct 1309 to 27 Mar 1335, and to Parliament from 3 Dec 1326 to 30 Jul 1347, whereby he became Lord Harington. As an adherent to the Earl of Lancaster, he received pardon in 1315 for complicity in the murder of Piers de Gaveston. He was commissioner of array in 1316, 1318, 1322, and 1324. He was forbidden to attend the Earl of Lancaster's meeting of "good peers" at Doncaster, and does not appear to have been a part of the Earl's uprising the following spring. Upon the death of his brother, Michael, he succeeded him in possession of Beetham and Witherslack in Westmorland. That his wife was most probably Joan Dacre is based upon he being, as a minor, under the guardianship of Sir William Dacre (father of Joan), and also upon the Dacre arms appearing on the Harington tomb which is believed to be that of Sir John and his wife Joan.

b. A recent discovery by Douglas Richardson, to appear in detail in one of his upcoming publications and posted on soc.genealogy.medieval, is that Isabel Harington, wife of Sir John Stanley, was the daughter of Sir Nicholas Harington and Isabella English, and not, as previously thought, a daughter of Sir Robert Harington and Isabel Loring. Also, that Sir Nicholas had two daughters by the name of Isabel who were approximately twenty years apart in age, one who married Thomas Tunstall and the aforementioned Isabel who married Sir John Stanley. He offers that it is possible that each Isabel, while both daughters of Sir Nicholas, may have been half-sisters, one by another wife (as yet unproven) of Sir Nicholas.

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