Lord William de Grandison
Sir William de Grandison [a], Lord Grandison, b abt 1262, of Ashperton, Herefordshire, England, d 1335. He md Sibyl de Tregoz abt 1284, daughter of Sir John de Tregoz, Lord of Ewyas Harold, and Mabel Fitz Warin.
Children of William de Grandison and Sibyl de Tregoz were:
  • Sir Piers de Grandison b abt 1286, of Ashperton, Herefordshire, England, d s.p. 10 Aug 1358; md Blanche de Mortimer.
  • Sir Otes de Grandison b abt 1288, of Ashperton, Herefordshire, England, d 23 May 1359; md Beatrice Malemayns.
  • Agnes de Grandison b abt 1290, of Ashperton, Herefordshire, England, d 4 Dec 1348; md John de Northwode abt 1304.
  • John de Grandison, Bishop of Exeter, b 1292, Ashperton, Herefordshire, England, d 16 Jul 1369.
  • Mabel de Grandison b abt 1300, of Ashperton, Herefordshire, England, d 1350. She md Sir John de Pateshull, Knight, abt 1318, son of Simon de Pateshull and Isabella de Stonegrave.
  • Katherine de Grandison b abt 1304, Herefordshire, England, d 23 Nov 1349, Berkshire, England. She md Sir William de Montagu, Earl of Salisbury, 1327, Oxfordshire, England, son of Sir William de Montagu, Lord Montagu, Knight, and Elizabeth de Montfort.

a. Younger brother of Otes de Grandison, he was in the service of Edmund, Earl of Lancaster, who, on his behalf sent a letter to the King (when William's lands were seized, he being an alien), pointing out the undesireability of such seizures. On 4 Nov 1288, he had letters of protection when remaining in Wales in order to fortify the castle of Carnarvon. He was excepted from military service in Gascony in 1204, in which year he appears as governor of Jersey and Guernsey for his brother Otes. He was summoned to Parliament from 6 Feb 1298/99 to Oct 1325, whereby he is held to have become Lord Grandison. He was again in Gascony with the Earl of Lancaster before 1 Jan 1295/96, when is lands were restored to him. He was present at the siege of Carlaverock in Jul 1300, and was summoned to the coronation of Edward II on 18 Jan 1307/08. On 26 Nov 1300, it was ordered that the lands of Sir John Tregoz should be divided between William and his wife and the other coheirs. In 1318, the Prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem made complaint that William and his sons, Piers and Otes, with others, had broken into his houses and robbed and assaulted, to which William responded that there had been theft of his goods there. When he did not attend a muster for military service in 1322, his lands were seized, but as his reason for inattendance had been severe illness, he was excused and given license to remain at home, provided that he send at least 6 men-at-arms for the expedition. In Jun of 1327, he had letters of protection for going to Ireland, and on 20 Sep 1329 had respite of homage until the following Easter, as the King had learned that he was so infirm and aged that he was unable to come. However, he was summoned in Jul 1332, to be with the King at Michaelmas and take passage for the expedition to Ireland. He survived his wife, Sibyl, younger daughter and coheir of Sir John Tregoz, she dying Oct 1334, he following her in Jun 1335.

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