Graves Family of Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Thomas Graves [a] b bef 1585, England, d Nov 1662, Hadley, Hampshire, MA. He md Sarah abt 1619. She was b abt 1595, England, d 26 Dec 1686, Hatfield, Hampshire, MA.
Children of Thomas Graves and Sarah were:
  • Isaac Graves b 1620.
  • John Graves b abt 1622, England, d 19 Sep 1677, Hatfield, Hampshire, MA; md Mary Smith abt 18 May 1652.
  • Samuel Graves b 1625, England.
  • Elizabeth Graves b 1627, England.
  • Nathaniel Graves b 1629, England, d 28 Sep 1682, Wethersfield, CT; md Martha Betts 16 Jan 1655.
Isaac Graves [b] b 1620, England, d 19 Sep 1677, Hatfield, Hampshire, MA. He md Mary
abt 1645, daughter of Richard Church and Anne Marsh.
Children of Isaac Graves and Mary Church were:
  • Mary Graves b 5 Jul 1647, Hartford, CT; md Eleazer Frary 28 Jan 1665.
  • Isaac Graves b 21 Aug 1650, Hartford, CT, d bef 1677.
  • Rebecca Graves b 3 Jul 1652, Hartford, CT; d bef 1677.
  • Samuel Graves b 1 Oct 1655, Hartford, CT, d 8 Feb 1692; md (1) Sarah Colton 31 Oct 1678, (2) Deliverance 1 Jan 1689.
  • Sarah Graves b 17 Apr 1657.
  • Elizabeth Graves b 16 Mar 1661, prob Hartford, CT, d bef 8 Feb 1697; md Benjamin Hastings 1683.
  • John Graves b 1664, Hadley, Hampshire, MA, d 1746; md Sarah Banks 26 Oct 1686.
  • Hannah Graves b 24 Jan 1666, Hadley, Hampshire, MA; md William Sackett 1689.
  • Jonathan Graves b 24 Jan 1666, Hadley Hampshire, MA, d 12 Oct 1737, Hatfield; md [1] Sarah Parsons, [2] Mary Janes 19 Jul 1721, Hatfield, Hampshire, MA.
  • Mehitable Graves b 1 Oct 1671, Hatfield, Hampshire, MA, d 22 Mar 1742, Colchester, CT; md (1) Richard Morton 29 Jan 1690, (2) William Worthington abt 1694.

Sarah Graves b 17 Apr 1657, prob Hartford, CT, d abt 1687, Sunderland, MA. She md Benjamin Barrett 27 Apr 1677, Hatfield, Hampshire, MA, son of John Barrett and Mary Littlefield.

a. He was born in England before 1585, and came to New England with his wife Sarah and five children before 1645. His children were all born in England, and were all of mature age when they came to this country, the youngest of his sons being about 16 years old. He initially settled in Hartford, CT, where the first official record of he and his family is found. Son Isaac also took up residence there, while sons John and Nathaniel settled in Wethersfield, CT. A schism in the church at Hartford occasioned the removal of an aged Thomas and his wife Sarah, and two sons John and Isaac, along with their wives and children, to Hadley, MA. He and his wife remained with Isaac's family until his death in Nov 1662, just a little more than a year following their removal to their new home. Sarah survived him by about four years.

b. A carpenter by trade, Isaac, as mentioned above, settled in Hartford, Conn. before 1645, and about this same year married Mary, the daughter of Richard Church of Hartford. He was made freeman at General Court, Boston, Mass., May 16, 1669, was Sergeant in the Colonial Militia, and Clerk of the Writs for Hatfield, to which he had removed in 1661. He was a prominent man in his time, and was one of the representatives of that portion of Hadley--that afterwards became Hatfield--who appeared before the General Court, at Boston, in favor of separate church and town rights for Hatfield. He, along with numerous others, was killed in the sudden Indian attack on the Hatfield settlement, 19 Sep, 1677. While his home was within the stockade built to protect the town, on that fateful day he was, it is said, laying shingles on his son's house, outside the stockade.

GL: Genealogy of the Graves Family in America, Vol I, by John Card Graves, 1896, pp 1-11; SG.

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