Fortescue of Devonshire, England
William Fortescue b abt 1318, of Whympston, Devonshire, England. He md Alice Strechlegh abt 1336, daughter of Walter de Strechlegh. She was b abt 1323.
Child of William Fortescue and Alice Strechlegh was:

Wllliam Fortescue b abt 1345, of Whympston, Devonshire, England, d aft 1410. He md Elizabeth Beauchamp abt 1378, daughter of Sir John de Beauchamp, Knight, Lord of Ryme, and Joan.

Sir John Fortescue b abt 1389, of Shepham, Devonshire, England. He md Eleanor Norreys abt 1408, daughter of William Norreys. She was b abt 1394.
Child of William Fortescue and Mabel Falwell was:

Sir Henry Fortescue [a], Chief Justice of Ireland, b abt 1420, Devonshire, England. He md [1] Joan Bosun, and [2] Daughter Fallapit.
Child of Henry Fortescue and undetermined wife was:

Margaret Fortescue b abt 1425, Devonshire, England. She md Richard Strode abt 1439.

a. The lineage for this family is well-established and generally agreed to be accurate through Sir Henry Fortescue. While Margaret Fortescue was the daughter of Henry Fortescue, it is not absolutely proven that Sir Henry above was her father. It has been revealed to this author by a response to a query on this matter on SGM, that the Fortescue book A History of the Family of Fortescue in All Its Branches, by Thomas (Fortescue), Lord Clermont, names the two wives shown here, but evidently lists only male children by each wife. Additionally, the dates here should not be used to determine which wife might be mother of Margaret, if, indeed Margaret is the daughter of Sir Henry, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland; they are rough dates only. Obviously more work will need to be done to clarify, if possibe, this connection, so it should be used seen only as a tentative placement. Richard Strode and Margaret Fortescue are ancestral to Princess Diana, but evidently, despite the immense interest in her ancestry, has not conclusively proven Margaret's exact parentage.
AR: Line 246E[33-34]; SGM: Louise Staley, John Higgens.
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