Counts of Flanders and Hainault
Baldwin I, Count of Flanders, "Bras de Fer", b abt 840, d 879. He md Judith 862, daughter of Charles II, King of the Franks, Emperor, "the Bald", and Ermentrude of Orleans.
Child of Baldwin I and Judith was:

Baldwin II, Count of Flanders and Artois, "the Bald", b abt 865, d 2 Jan 918. He md Alfthryth 884, daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England, and Ealhswith.
Child of Baldwin II and Alfthryth was:

Arnold I, Count of Flanders and Artois, "the Old", b abt 898, d 27 Mar 964. He md Alix de Vermandois abt 926, daughter of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois and Troyes, and Liegarde/Hildebrante.
Child of Arnold I and Alix de Vermandois was:

Baldwin III, Count of Flanders, b abt 940, d 1 Jan 961/62. He md Matilda Billung abt 956, daughter of Hermann Billung, Duke of Saxony, and Hildegarde of Westerbourg.
Child of Baldwin III and Matilda was:

Arnold II, Count of Flanders, "the Young", b abt 961/62, d 30 Mar 987. He md Rosela of Italy abt 968, daughter of Berengarius II of Ivrea, King of Italy, Margrave of Ivrea, and Willa of Tuscany.
Child of Arnold II and Rosela was:

Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders, Count of Valenciennes, "the Bearded", b 980, d 30 May 1036. He md:
[1] Otgiva of Luxembourg abt 1010, daughter of Frederick I, Count of Luxembourg, and Ermentrude of Gleiberg.
Child of Baldwin IV and Otgiva of Luxembourg was:

    Baldwin V de Lille, Count of Flanders, b 1012, d 1 Sep 1067. He md Adele of France 1028, daughter of Robert II, King of France, and Constance of Provence.
    Children of Baldwin V and Adele Capet were:

    • Baldwin VI de Mons, Count of Flanders and Count of Hainault, b abt 1030. See LINE A
    • Maud/Matilda of Flanders b 1032, of Flanders, d 3 Nov 1083, Calvados, Normandy, France. She md William I of Normandy, The Conqueror, King of England, Duke of Normandy, 1053, Normandy, France, son of Robert I of Normandy, Duke of Normandy "the Magnificent", and Arlette/Herleve of Falaise.
    • Robert le Frison, Count of Flanders, b abt 1035. See LINE B
    LINE A
    Baldwin VI de Mons, Count of Flanders and Hainault, b abt 1030, d 10 Jul 1070. He md Richilde abt 1050. She was b abt 1036, d 15 Mar 1088.
    Child of Baldwin VI de Mons and Richilde was:

    Baldwin II, Count of Hainault, b abt 1052, d 1098. He md Ida of Louvain 1084, daughter of Henry II of Brabant, Count of Louvain and Lorraine, and Adelaide of Orlamunda.
    Child of Baldwin II and Ida of Louvain was:

    Baldwin III, Count of Hainault, b abt 1085, d 8 Nov 1120. He md Yolande of Guelders abt 1105, daughter of Gerald I de Wassenberg, Count of Guelders. She was b abt 1090.
    Children of Baldwin III and Yolande of Guelders were:
    • Baldwin IV, Count of Hainault, b abt 1112.
    • Ida of Hainault b abt 1116, Mons, Hainault, Belgium. She md Sir Roger III de Toeni, Lord of Flamstead, abt 1130, son of Sir Ralph IV de Toeni, Lord of Flamstead, and Alice of Northumberland.
    Baldwin IV, Count of Hainault, b abt 1112, d 8 Nov 1171. He md Alix/Adelaide of Namur abt 1134, daughter of Godfrey of Namur, Count of Namur, and Ermesinde of
    Children of Baldwin IV and Alix/Adelaide de Namur were:
    • Agnes of Hainault b abt 1144, Mons, Hainault, Belgium, d abt 1170. She md Raoul de Coucy abt 1160, Mons, Hainault, Belgium, son of Enguerrand II de Coucy and Agnes de Beaugency.
    • Baldwin V of Hainault, Count of Hainault and Flanders, b abt 1148.
    • Laurette of Hainault b abt 1150, Hainault, Belgium, d 9 Aug 1181; md Bouchard of Montmorency.
    Baldwin V of Hainault, Count of Hainault and Flanders, b abt 1148, Hainault, Belgium, d 17 Dec 1195, Mons, Hainault, Belgium. He md Margaret of Lorraine Apr 1169, daughter of Thierry of Lorraine, Count of Flanders, and Sibyl of Anjou.
    Children of Baldwin V of Hainault and Margaret of Lorraine were:
    • Isabella of Hainault b Apr 1170, of Hainault, Belgium, d 1190. She md Philip II Augustus, King of France, 28 Apr 1180, son of Louis VII, King of
      , and Adelaide/Alix of Champagne.
    • Baldwin VI, Count of Hainault and Flanders, b Jul 1171.
    • Yolande of Flanders b abt 1175, Belgium, d 26 Aug 1219. She md Peter de Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople, Jun/Jul 1193, son of Peter of France and Elizabeth de Courtenay.
    Baldwin VI of Hainault, Emperor of Constantinople, Count of Hainault and Flanders, b Jul 1171, Valenciennes, France, d 11 Jun 1205/1206. He md Marie of Champagne abt 1190, daughter of Henry I of Champagne, Count of Champagne, and Marie of France.
    Child of Baldwin VI of Hainault and Marie of Champagne was:

    Margaret of Hainault, Countess of Flanders, b 2 Jun 1202, d 10 Feb 1280. She md [2] Bouchard of Avenes, Archdeacon of Laon, bef 23 Jul 1212, son of Jacques of Avenes and Adela de Guise.

    LINE B
    Robert le Frison, Count of Flanders, b abt 1035, d 3 Oct 1093. He md Gertrude of
    1063, daughter of Bernhard II of Saxony and Elica von Schweinfurt.
    Child of Robert le Frison and Gertrude of Saxony was:

    Gertrude of Flanders b abt 1074, d 1117. She md Thierry II, Duke of Lorraine, abt 1089, son of Gerard IV, Count of Alsace, Duke of Upper Lorraine, and Hadwide of Namur.

[2] Judith of Normandy abt 1031, daughter of Richard II of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, and Judith of Brittany.
Child of Baldwin IV and Judith of Normandy was:
    Judith of Flanders b abt 1050, of Flanders, d 4 Mar 1094. She md [1] Tostig, Earl of Northumbria, and [2] Welf IV, Duke of Bavaria, 1071.

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