Dodge of Newport, Rhode Island
Tristram Dodge [a] b abt 1615, Suffolk, England, d Dec 1686, Block Island, Newport, RI. He md Anne 1643. She was b abt 1625, d aft Feb 1685/86, prob Block Island, Newport, RI.
Children of Tristram Dodge and Anne were:
  • John Dodge b 1644, Block Island, Newport, RI, d 1729; md Mary, New Shoreham, RI.
  • Israel Dodge b abt 1646. Block Island, d 1733, New London, CT; md Hannah.
  • Tristram Dodge b 1647/48.
  • William Dodge b 1651, Block Island, d 1731/32, Block Island; md Sarah George 24 Apr 1674, Herkimer, NY.
  • Margaret Dodge b 1658, of New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d 1702.
  • Ann Dodge b 1660, New Shoreham, d 1723, Block Island, Newport, RI; md John Rathbone 10 Jan 1687/88, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
Tristram Dodge b 1647/48, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d 18 Aug 1733, New Shoreham, Newport, RI. He md Dorcas Dickens 7 Jan 1679/80, New Shoreham, daughter of Nathaniel Dickens [b]. She was b 1664, Block Island, Newport, RI, d 18 Feb 1736/37, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
Children of Tristram Dodge and Dorcas Dickens were:
  • Ebenezer Dodge b 2 Nov 1681, New Shoreham, Newport, RI; md Anne Rathbone 23 Feb 1713/14, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
  • Nathaniel Dodge b 3 Nov 1682.
  • Thomas Dodge b 23 Jan 1683/84, New Shoreham, d 14 Jul 1755; md Susanna H. Hutchings 1712.
  • Hezekiah Dodge b 25 Dec 1690, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, md Patience Rathbone 23 Dec 1717.
  • Mariah Dodge b 25 Dec 1690, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
  • Sarah Dodge b abt 1693, New Shoreham; md Samuel Mitchell 4 Aug 1727, New Shoreham, RI.
  • Dorcas Dodge b 16 May 1694, New Shoreham; md Unknown Langworthy.
  • Tristram Dodge b abt 1696, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d 1760, prob NY; md (1) Mary, (2) Phebe Mott 28 Nov 1741.
Nathaniel Dodge [c] b 3 Nov 1682, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d bef 10 Dec 1756, Lyme, New London, CT. He md Margaret Pulling 3 Mar 1705/06, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, daughter of Simon Pulling and Mary Tosh. She was b 3 Nov 1682, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
Children of Nathaniel Dodge and Margaret Pulling were:
  • William Dodge b 1 May 1707, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d 1786; md Ann Rathbone 20 Jun 1728, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
  • Nathaniel Dodge b 11 May 1710, New Shoreham; md Desire Downing 12 Nov 1732, New Shoreham, RI.
  • Nehemiah Dodge b 9 May 1712.
  • Anne Dodge b 17 Feb 1714/15, New Shoreham, Newport, RI; md Nathan Nash.
  • Mark Dodge b 27 Mar 1717, New Shoreham; md Lydia Rathbone 1740.
  • Dorcas Dodge b 11 Feb 1721/22, New Shoreham; md Thomas Pond.
  • Joshua Dodge b abt 1723, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
  • Gideon Dodge b 27 May 1725, New Shoreham; md Elizabeth Cobb 12 Jul 1752, New Shoreham, RI.
  • Mary Dodge b 27 Nov 1728, New Shoreham; md Edward Ball 31 Aug 1746.
Nehemiah Dodge b 9 May 1712, New Shoreham, Newport, RI. He md Mary Mitchell 1 Feb 1731/32, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, daughter of Joseph Mitchell and Mary George.
Child of Nehemiah Dodge and Mary Mitchell was:

Mark Dodge b 14 Nov 1749, New Shoreham, Newport, RI. He md Penelope Franklin abt 1774, daughter of Abel Franklin and Lydia Littlefield.
Known dhildren of Mark Dodge and Penelope Franklin were:

  • John F. Dodge b 1774, New Shoreham, Newport, RI
  • Phebe Dodge b 1776, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d 18 Dec 1863; md Mr. Dodge.
  • Frederick Franklin Dodge b 3 Apr 1790, New Shoreham, Newport, RI.
  • Lydia Franklin Dodge b 1790.
Lydia Franklin Dodge b 1790, New Shoreham, Newport, RI, d 4 Feb 1863, Newport, Newport, RI. She md Dr. Aaron C. Willey abt 1809, prob New Shoreham, Newport, RI.

a. There is evidence that the founder of this family, Tristram Dodge, was in Newfoundland prior to his arrival in Rhode Island, thus his date of emigration from England was likely a bit earlier than originally proposed. He was most probably from Devonshire, where the name Tristram Dodge occurs at an earlier period, and evidently worked in the Newfoundland fisheries, where in 1647, he was residing at Ferryland on that island. He was engaged by the first settlers of Block Island to join them there in order "to teach them the art of fishing". He was admitted a freeman there in 1664. The Dodges of Block Island descend from three of his sons, John, Tristram, and William, while another son, namely Israel, was ancestor of the Dodges of Connecticut.

b. He may have been identical to the Nathaniel Dickens, baptised at Chesham in Buckinghamshire 1 Feb 1614/15, son of Thomas and Joan Dickens, or perhaps the son of Thomas and Alice Dickens, also of Chesham. The first mention of Nathaniel in his new home was in a deed given by William Wickenden of Providence, dated 21 Sep 16p46, in which reference is made to "land which Nathaniel Dickens now possesseth". In Jun 1648 is mention of his share of meadow and 60 acres of upland. In Jun 1649, he served on a jury at Providence, and 4 Dec 1649/50, he sold to Arthur Fenner 6 acres on Seekonk River. On 12 Aug 1650, he sold to Ralph Earle of Portsmouth, RI, all his lands in Providence, and removed to Newport. On 28 Jan 1655, Marmaduke Ward of Newport conveyed a lot in that town to Nathaniel Dickens, and on that same day, Nathaniel bought a house there of James Richardson. While he was obviously at this time in Newport, he likely retained some interest in Providence, as he occurs in the list of Rhode Island freeman of Providence in that year. He served as town treasurer at Newport in 1659/60, and in Sep 1661 appears among the early purchasers at Misquamacut (Westerly). About 1679, he removed to Block Island, and on 7 May 1679 he exchanged his house and land in Newport for a large tract of land in the southwestern part of Block Island. He evidently married three times, first, in 1648, to the widow Joan Tiler, by whom he evidently had no issue. He secondly married a woman whose name is not known, by whom he had Dorcas (md Tristram Dodge), Mary (md Thomas Rathbone), Thomas (md Sarah), and Mercy (md Gregory Mark). By his third wife, Sarah, whom he married about 1680 he had Roger, who probably died unmarried, and John, who md Hannah Ball.

c. By his will, dated 10 October 1753, recorded 10 Dec 1756, "Nathaniel Dodge, Sr., yeoman" mentions his wife, Margaret, sons William "eldest", Nathaniel, Nehemiah, Mark, Joshua, and Gideon, also daughters Ann Nash, wife of Nathan Nash, Dorcas Pond, wife of Thomas Pond, and Mary Ball, wife of Edward Ball.
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