Francis Cooke of the Mayflower
Francis Cooke [a] abt 1583, Yorkshire, England, d 7 Apr 1663, Plymouth, MA. He md Hester Mahieu 20 Jul 1603, Leiden, Holland, daughter of Jacques le Mahieu and Hester. She was b abt 1584, Canterbury, Kent, England, d 18 Jun 1666, Plymouth, MA.
Children of Francis Cooke and Hester Mahieu were:
  • John Cooke b abt 1605, Leiden, Holland, d 23 Nov 1695; md Sarah Warren 28 Mar 1634, Plymouth, MA.
  • Jane Cooke b abt 1609.
  • Elizabeth Cooke b abt 20 Dec 1611, Leiden, Holland, d bef 22 May 1627, Plymouth, MA.
  • Jacob Cooke b abt 1619, Leiden, Holland; md Damaris Hopkins.
  • Hester Cooke b abt 1624, Plymouth, MA; md Richard Wright.
  • Mary Cooke b abt 1625, Plymouth, MA; md John Thompson.
Jane Cooke b abt 1609, Leiden, Holland, d bef 1641, Plymouth, MA. She md Experience Mitchell 1 Jun 1627, Plymouth, MA.

a. Born in Yorkshire, England, he, like many of the Mayflower pilgrims, had left England due to religious persecution, and settled, as early as 1603, in Leiden, Holland. A woolcomber by profession, he and his eldest son arrived in Plymouth in 1620 aboard the Mayflower. He had married Hester in Leiden, but she did not accompany her husband and son, instead arriving in 1623, along with other children Jane, Elizabeth, and Jacob. Their last two children were born in Plymouth.
ANC: The Great Migration Begins, by Charles Robert Anderson, under the auspices of New England Historical Society, profile of Francis Cooke.

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