Early Anglo-Saxon Kings of England
Aethelwulf, King of England, b abt 815, d 13 Jan 858. He md Osburh abt 1834. She was b abt 820.
Children of Aethelwulf and Osburh were:
  • Aethelred I, King of Wessex, b abt 838.
  • Alfred the Great, King of England, b 849.
Alfred the Great, King of England, b 849, Wantage, Berkshire, England, d 26 Oct 899. He md Ealhswith abt 868, daughter of Aethelred, Earl of Mercia. She was b abt 850, d abt 905.
Children of Alfred the Great and Ealhswith were:
  • Alfthryth b abt 870, d 7 Jun 929. She md Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, 884, son of Baldwin I, Count of Flanders, and Judith.
  • Edward I, King of England, "the Elder", b 875.
Edward I, King of England, "the Elder", b 875, d 924. He md:
[1] Alfflaeda abt 905. She was b abt 890.
Child of Edward I and Alfflaeda was:
  • Eadgyth/Edith b abt 910, d 26 Jan 945/46. She md Otto I of Germany, King of Germany, 929, son of Henry I of Saxony, King of the Saxons, and Mechtilde de Ringelheim.
[2] Eadgifu 919, daughter of Sigelhelm, Earl of Kent. She was b abt 900, d 961.
Child of Edward and Eadgifu was:
    Edmund, King of England, "the Magnificent", b 920, d 946. He md St. Alfgifu abt 940. She was b abt 924.
    Child of Edmund and Alfgifu was:

    Edgar, King of England, "the Peaceful", b 943, d 975. He md Elfrida 965. She was b abt 952.
    Child of Edgar and Elfrida was:

    Aethelred II, King of England "the Unready", b 968, d 1016. He md:
    [1] Alfflaed 985, daughter of Thored. She was b abt 968.
    Children of Aethelred II and Alfflaed were:

    [2] Emma of Normandy abt 990, illegitimate daughter of Richard I of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, and Gunnora.
    Child of Aethelred II and Emma of Normandy was:

      Godgifu b abt 998, d 1055. She md [1] Dreux, Count of Vexin, abt 1014. She md [2] Eustace of Boulogne

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