Tattershall of Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England
Hugh Fitz Eon [a] b abt 1108, of Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England, d bef 1166. The identity of his wife is not known.
Child of Hugh Fitz Eon was:

Robert Fitz Hugh de Tattershall [b] b abt 1136, of Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England, d bef 1185. He md Isabel/Elizabeth Fitz Walter abt 1160, daughter of William Fitz Walter and Daughter de Gant. She was b abt 1145, of Norfolk, England, d aft 1212.
Child of Robert de Tattershall and Isabel/Elizabeth Fitz Walter was:

Walter de Tattershall b abt 1170, of Tattershall, Lincolnshire England, d 1199/1200. He md Iseult Pantulf abt 1195, daughter of William Pantulf. She was b abt 1175, d abt 1222.
Child of Walter de Tattershall and Iseult Pantulf was:

Robert de Tattershall [c], Sheriff of Lincolnshire, b abt 1198, of Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England, d 16 Jul 1249. He md [1] Maud/Mabel d'Aubigny bef 1222, daughter of Sir William d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel and Sussex, and Mabel of Chester.
Child of Robert de Tattershall and Maud/Mabel d'Aubigny was:

Robert de Tattershall [d] b 1222, Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England, d 22 Jul 1273, Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England. He md Nichole bef 1249. She was b abt 1228, d 1277.
Children of Robert de Tattershall and Nichole were: Sir Robert de Tattershall [e], Lord Tattershall, b 5 Dec 1248, of Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England, d bef 8 Sep 1298. He md Joan Fitz Randolf bef 1268, daughter of Sir Ralph Fitz Randolf, Lord of Middleham, and Anastasia de Percy.
Child of Robert de Tattershall and Joan Fitz Randolf was:

Joan de Tattershall b abt 1270, of Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England. She md Sir Robert de Driby abt 1283, son of Sir Simon de Driby and Alice Fitz Hugh.

a. Son of Eon (who in 1086 held lands as tenant-in-chief in cos. Lincoln, Norfolk and Suffolk), Hugh had succeeded to Tattershall not later than 1118. He founded Kirkstead Abbey in Lincoln in 1139, and was deceased by 1166. He had at least six sons, Robert, Andrew, William, another William, Roger, and Walter.

b. In 1166 he held 25 knights' fees of the new feoffment. He granted a new site for Kirkstead Abbey, as well as making gifts to the Templars and witnessing a charter granted to Rievaulx Abbey. He married Isabel (or Elizabeth) daughter of William Fitz Walter of Wells and Claxby, Norfolk, by an unnamed daughter of Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln. He was dead in 1185, when his widow was said to be 50 years of age. While one source states that they had 10 sons, only Philip, Roger, Robert, John, and Walter, are accounted for by the records.

c. Nephew and heir, being son and heir of Walter de Tattershall by Iseult, daughter and eventually heir of William Pantulf, he was a minor in 1214. In 1223 he obtained livery of the lands of his mother, which had been taken into the King's hand by reason of her debt to the Crown. In 1226 and 1227 he was given custody of the castles and towns of Bolsover, co. Derby. He served at the siege of Biham Castle in 1221 and in the Welsh campaign of 1228, and also served in Brittany in 1230. In Mar 1242 orders were given for him to be supplied with one or two ships to accompany the King abroad, and in 1244, he and his son Robert were going on service in Scotland and Wales. He married firstly, Maud, before 1222, sister and in her issue coheir of Hugh, 5th Earl of Arundel. She died between 1238 and 1242, and he secondly married before 1242, a daughter of John de Grey, by whom he obtained the manor of Shalbourne in Wiltshire.

d. Son and heir by his father's first wife, he was aged 26 years in 1249. Upon the death of his uncle, Hugh d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel, 7 May 1243, he succeeded to the manor of Buckenham in Norfolk. He was in Gascony with the King in 1253 and was summoned to muster at Chester for service against Llewelyn in 1258. He was summoned for service against the Welsh in 1260, 1263, and 1264. During the Barons' War he supported the King and was captured at the battle of Lewes 14 May 1264. In June 1266 he was appointed to keep the peace in Lincolnshire and to receive into the King's peace those who were willing to stand trial for their misdeeds. The following March he was one of the Royal commanders in East Anglia. He md Nichole, who survived him and was still living 30 May 1277.

e. He was summoned for service in Wales in 1277, 1282, 1284 and 1287, and for same in Scotland in 1291, 1296, 1297 and 1298. He was summoned to Parliament from 24 Jun 1295 to 26 Jan 1296/97, whereby he became Lord Tateshal. He sided with the King against the Barons in 1297 and was appointed to aid the sheriffs of Norfolk and Suffolk in arresting evildoers and to negotiate with the clergy. He was going to Rome with Hugh de Vere on the King's business in Mar 1297/98, and fought in the vanguard at the battle of Falkirk 23 Jul 1298. He married, perhaps before 1268, Joan, second daughter and coheir of Ralph Fitz Ranulf by Anastasia, daughter of William de Percy. He died shortly before 8 Sep 1298, aged 49. His widow survived him.

CP: Vol XII/1[645-651]; MCS: Line 132[2-5].

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