Sutton/Dudley of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England
William Sutton b abt 1217, of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England, d 18 Aug 1267/68. He md Maud/Matilda abt 1238. She was b abt 1218, d aft 1250.
Child of William Sutton and Maud/Matilda was:

Robert Sutton b 1241, prob Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England, d 8 Mar 1273/74. He md Joane/Jane abt 1263. She was b abt 1244, of Yorkshire, England, d aft 1274.
Child of Robert Sutton and Joane/Jane was:

Sir Richard de Sutton b 29 Sep 1266, prob Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England, d aft 1346. He md Isabella Patrick Feb 1283/84, daughter of William Patrick and Beatrice de Malpas. She was b abt 1266, d aft 1290.
Children of Richard de Sutton and Isabella Patrick were:

  • Sir John I de Sutton, Knight, b abt 1286.
  • Agnes Sutton b abt 1293, of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England, d 12 Jun 1340. She md Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, Lord Luttrell, Knight, abt 1309, son of Sir Robert Luttrell, Lord Luttrell, and Joan.
Sir John I de Sutton, Knight, b abt 1286, d bef 1338. He md Margaret de Somery abt 1303, daughter of Roger de Somery and Agnes.
Children of John Sutton and Margaret de Somery were:
  • Sir John II de Sutton b abt 1304.
  • Maud Sutton b abt 1308, d 1344-1355. She md Ralph Jocelyn abt 1322, son of Thomas Jocelyn and Alice Liston.
Sir John II de Sutton, Knight, Lord of Dudley Castle, b abt 1304, of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England, d 23 Nov 1359. He md Isabel de Cherleton abt 1325, daughter of Sir John de Cherleton [a], Lord of Powis, and Hawyse verch Owain. She was b abt 1311, Malpas, Chester, Cheshire, England, d 10 Apr 1396.
Child of John II de Sutton and Isabel de Cherleton was:

Sir John III de Sutton, Lord of Dudley Castle, b 1329, of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England, d 1369. He md Katherine de Stafford 25 Dec 1357, daughter of Sir Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford, Knight of the Garter, and Margaret de Audley.
Child of John III de Sutton and Katherine de Stafford was:

Sir John IV de Sutton, Lord of Dudley Castle, b 6 Dec 1361, of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England, d 10 Mar 1395/96. He md Joan abt 1379. She was b abt 1364.
Child of John IV de Sutton and Joan was:

John V Sutton b 1380, of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England, d 29 Aug 1406. He md Constance Blount 10 Dec 1400, daughter of Sir Walter le Blount and Sancha de Ayala.
Child of John V Sutton and Constance Blount was:

Sir John Sutton/Dudley [b], Lord Dudley, Knight of the Garter, b 25 Dec 1400, Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England, d 30 Sep 1487. He md Elizabeth de Berkeley 1420/21, daughter of Sir John de Berkeley and Elizabeth Betteshorne.
Child of John Sutton/Dudley and Elizabeth de Berkeley was:

Katherine Sutton/Dudley b 1421, of Staffordshire, England. She md Lionel Louthe abt 1442, son of Roger Louthe and Mary.

a. John Cherleton was the son and heir of Robert, of Cherleton in Wrockwardine, Salop, and in right of his wife became possessed of the Lordship of Powis, and other large estates in Wales. Though such right was hotly contested by her uncles, the heirs male, it was confirmed to him by Royal Charter. He married, bef 2 Aug 1309 (she being aged 19, July 1310), by the gift of Edward II, Hawyse, sister and heir in 1309, of Griffin ap Owen, otherwise de la Pole, only daughter of Owen ap Griffith, Prince of Upper Powys, by Joan, daughter of Sir Robert Corbet, of Moreton Corbet, co. Salop. She was living Aug 1345, but died before him and was buried in the Grey Friars at Shrewsbury, which she had founded. He died in 1353, aged 85. Griffin ap Owen, otherwise de la Pole, was so named from his residence of Pole, now Welsh Pool, co. Montgomery.

b. Son and heir of John Sutton of Dudley, Castle, co. Staff, by his wife Constance, daughter of Sir Walter Blount, he carried the Standard at the funeral of Henry V in 1422. He was Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland 1428-30, and Constable of Clun Castle 3 Nov 1435. He was summoned to Parliament from 15 Feb 1439/40 to 1 Sep 1487, whereby he became Lord Dudley, and was Constable of Wigmore Castle 20 May 1460. He was one of those for whose removal from the King's councils the Commons petitioned in 1451, and was taken prisoner, with King Henry on 23 May 1455 at the first battle of St. Albans. He was serving at the King's side, being wounded, at the battle of Blore Heath in Sep 1459. He was nominated K.G. before 23 Apr 1459, and was Steward of the Lordship of Montgomery 2 Feb 1459/60. He was much favored by the new King, by whom he was made Constable of the Tower 1470-83. He married Elizabeth, widow of Edward Cherleton, and daughter of Sir John Berkeley by his first wife Elizabeth Betteshorne. She died shortly before 8 Dec 1478. John Sutton, Lord Dudley, was aged 87 years at his death in 1487.

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