. de Percy
Percy via Louvain
William de Percy [a] b abt 1045, of Whitby, Yorkshire, England, d abt 1096, near Jerusalem. He md Emma de Port abt 1066. She was b abt 1052, of Hambledon, Northamptonshire.
Child of William de Percy and Emma de Port was:

Alan de Percy [b] b abt 1070, d bef Dec 1135. He md Emma de Gant abt 1092, daughter of Sir Gilbert de Gant and Alice de Montfort.
Child of Alan de Percy and Emma de Gant was:

Sir William de Percy [c], Lord of Topcliffe, b 1112, d be abt Apr 1175. He md [1] Adelize/Alice de Tonbridge abt 1133, daughter of Sir Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare, Lord of Clare, and Adelize/Alice de Gernon. He md [2] Sibyl de Valognes abt 1166.
Child of William de Percy and Adeliza/Alice de Tonbridge was:

Agnes de Percy [d] b 1134, Whitby, Yorkshire, England, d bef 13 Oct 1204. She md Sir Jocelin of Louvain, Knight, aft 1154, son of Godfrey I of Brabant, Count of Louvain, Duke of Lower Lorraine, and Unknown Mistress.
Child of Agnes de Percy and Jocelin of Louvain was:

Sir Henry de Percy [e], Knight, b 1160, Whitby, Yorkshire, England, d bef 29 Sep 1198. He md Isabel de Brus abt 1188, Cleveland, Yorkshire, England, daughter of Adam II de Brus and Juetta de Arches.
Child of Henry de Percy and Isabel de Brus was:

Sir William de Percy [f] b abt 1193, Alnwick, Northumberland, England, d bef 18 Jul 1245. He md:
[1] Joan de Briwere 12 Jun 1223, Warwick, Warwickshire, England, daughter of Sir William de Briwere and Beatrice de Vaux.
Child of William de Percy and Joan de Briwere was:

[2] Ellen de Baliol abt 1234, daughter of Ingram de Baliol and Daughter de Berkeley.
Child of William de Percy and Ellen de Baliol was:

    Sir Henry de Percy, Knight, b abt 1235, d 29 Aug 1272. He md Eleanor de Warenne 8 Sep 1268, daughter of Sir John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, and Alice de Lusignan.

    Henry de Percy b abt 25 Mar 1273, d Oct 1314. He md Eleanor Fitz Alan abt 1289, prob daughter of Sir Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel, and Alasia di Saluzzo.
    Child of Henry de Percy and Eleanor Fitz Alan was:

    Sir Henry de Percy, Lord Percy, b abt 6 Feb 1300/01, d Feb 1351/52. He md Idoine de Clifford abt 1318, daughter of Sir Robert de Clifford, Lord Clifford, and Maud de Clare.
    Children of Henry de Percy and Idoine de Clifford were:

    • Sir Henry de Percy b 1320.
    • Maud de Percy b abt 1335, bef 18 Feb 1378/79. She md John de Neville, Lord Neville, Knight of the Garter, abt 1350, son of Sir Ralph de Neville, Lord Neville, and Alice de Audley.

    Sir Henry de Percy b 1320, d abt 18 May 1368. He md Mary Plantagenet Sep 1334, daughter of Henry of Lancaster, Earl of Lancaster, and Maud de Chaworth.
    Child of Henry de Percy and Mary Plantagenet was:

    Sir Henry de Percy, Knight of the Garter, b 10 Nov 1341, d 19 Feb 1407/08. He md Margaret de Neville 12 Jul 1358, daughter of Sir Randolph de Neville, Lord of Raby, and Euphemia de Clavering.
    Child of Henry de Percy and Euphemia de Clavering was:

    Sir Henry de Percy, "Hotspur", Earl of Northumberland, Knight of the Garter, b 20 May 1364, d 21 Jul 1403, battle of Shrewsbury. He md Elizabeth de Mortimer bef 10 Dec 1379, daughter of Sir Edmund de Mortimer, Earl of March, and Philippa Plantagenet.
    Children of Henry de Percy and Elizabeth de Mortimer were:
    • Sir Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, "Hotspur", b 3 Feb 1392/93.
    • Elizabeth Percy b abt 1395, d 26 Oct 1437. She md John de Clifford, Lord Clifford, betw Aug 1403 and Nov 1412, son of Sir Thomas de Clifford, Lord Clifford, and Elizabeth de Ros.
    Sir Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, b 3 Feb 1392/93, d 22 May 1455 (slain), battle of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He md Eleanor Neville abt 1412, daughter of Sir Ralph de Neville, Earl of Westmorland, Knight of the Garter, and Joan Beaufort.
    Child of Henry Percy and Eleanor Neville was:

    Sir Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, b 25 Jul 1421, d 29 Mar 1461, battle of Towton, Yorkshire, England. He md Eleanor Poynings abt 25 Jun 1435, daughter of Sir Richard Poynings, Knight, and Eleanor de Berkeley.
    Child of Henry Percy and Eleanor Poynings was:

    Sir Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, b abt 1449, d 28 Apr 1489 (murdered), near Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England. He md Maud Herbert abt 1476, daughter of Sir William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and Anne Devereux.
    Child of Henry Percy and Maud Herbert was:

    Joan Percy b abt 1482. She md Arthur Harris abt 1495, prob Essex, England.

a. Of unknown parentage, his probable origin appears to have been Percy-en-Auge in the arrondissemont of Lisieux, and he is stated to have accompanied Hugh d'Avranches (afterwards Earl of Chester) from Normandy to England, where in 1086, William was an important tenant in Yorkshire of the Earl. In 1070 he was engaged on works connected with the rebuilding of York Castle, which had been destroyed by the Danes, and in 1072 he took part in the Conqueror's expedition to Scotland. At the time of Domesday, he was a tenant-in-chief of the three ridings of Yorkshire, and other holdings, including Hambledon, co. Hants, the latter received of his wife. He built the castle at Topcliffe, and before 1086 refounded the monastery of Whitby. In 1096 he set out on the first Crusade, and died and was buried at Mount Joy, near Jerusalem. His wife, Emma de Port, was nearly related to Hugh de Port, of Basing, founder of the male line of St. John.

b. In 1100 to around 1115, and later, he issued charters to Whitby Abbey, confirming the gifts made by his father in Yorkshire and Lindsey, adding gifts of his own, and in 1115-18 he was holding his father's lands in Lindsey. He witnessed notifications issued by Henry I at Portsmouth (1109-1114), Winchester (1115-16), and Rockingham (1126-29). He was a benefactor of St. Peter's Hospital in Yorkshire. He was living in 1130, but was deceased probably before Dec 1135. After his death, his widow, Emma, daughter of Gilbert de Gant by Alice, daughter of Hugh de Montfort, with the consent of her son, William, gave land in Wold Newton, of her maritagium, to Bridlington Priory.

c. In Feb 1136, King Stephen confirmed to Whitby Abbey gifts made by William de Percy, his father and his grandfather. In 1138 William was among the Barons who fought for Stephen at the battle of the Standard. In 1166 he made a return of 28 fees of old feoffment, and a fraction over 8 fees of new feoffment, and held 4 fees of the Bishop of Durham in Yorkshire, plus 1/2 knight's fee of the honour of Richmond. From the terms of a fine made in 1218 by his grandson Richard de Percy and his great-grandson, William, it appears that he had an inheritance in Normandy. He founded Sallay Abbey in Jan 1147/48, and he was probably founder of Stainfield Priory in Lincolnshire. He was also a benefactor of Byland and Fountains Abbeys, and of Markby and Sixle Priories in Lincolnshire. His first wife, Alice de Tonbridge, was living in 1148, and by around 1166, he secondly married Sibyl de Valoignes. He was living in 1174, but died s.p.m.s. before Easter 1175. By his first wife, Alice, he had one son Alan, who died v.p., and at Easter 1175 the inheritance was partitioned between the husbands of Alan's two sisters, the Earl of Warwick, husband of Maud de Percy, and Jocelin of Lovaine, husband of Agnes de Percy.

d. Daughter and coheir, she married Jocelin of Louvain, brother of Queen Adelize (second wife of Henry I), who, while married to her second husband, William d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel, had given him the honor of Petworth in Sussex. In Dec 1170, Jocelin was one of two knights sent to forbid Archbishop Becket's approach to the young King's court, and he witnessed charters of Henry II at Argentan, Winchester, and Tours. From lands of the honor of Petworth, he was benefactor of Reading and Durford Abbeys, and of Lewes Priory, and from the lands of the Percy fee, a benefactor of Sixle Priory. He was presumably deceased in 1180, when the honor of Petworth passed into the King's hand. In 1196, Agnes de Percy, his widow, paid 40 marks for having her scutage of 15 knights, and to her younger son, Richard de Percy, she gave 5 knights' fees, with her demesne of Catton, and interests in Stamford Bridge, the city of York, and Ludford, Lincolnshire. She was a benefactor of Byland Abbey, St. Peter's Hospital in York, and Kirkham, Nun Monkton, and Sixle Priories. She was living in 1202, and was deceased before 13 Oct 1204.

e. Eldest son, he took his mother's name of Percy, and in 1190 owed 500 marks for having the honor of Petworth. He was across the seas on the King's service in 1197. He confirmed to Fountains Abbey the lands and pastures which his mother and Countess Maud, his aunt, had given, and to Reading Abbey gifts of his father, and he gave to the Canons of St.-Lo, Rouen, all the land which he held in the demesne in Hambledon. He died before Mich. 1198, his widow, Isabel, daughter of Adam de Brus, married secondly, Sir Roger Mauduit.

f. A minor at his father's death, he was in the custody of William de Briwere, and was still under age in 1212, but attained full age in 1214. He inherited the honor of Petworth, but obtained possession of a moiety only of the Percy barony. In 1214 he went to Poitou on the King's service, and in 1221 served with the King at Biham. He served in the King's French expedition in 1230, and in 1241 was one of the commissioners to survey the Royal castles in Yorkshire. He was a benefactor of Coverham Abbey, Stainfield, Healaugh Park and Shulbrede Priories, and of Sandown Hospital. His first wife, Joan, was one of the five daughters of his guardian, Sir William de Briwere. She died before 12 Jun 1233, and he married, secondly, Ellen, daughter of Ingram de Baliol. He died shortly before 28 Jul 1245. By his first wife there were five daughters, four of whose names are revealed in a memorandum of the Briwere family in the Chartulary of Tor Abbey: Joan, who married __de Ferlington; Agnes, wife of Eustace de Baliol; Alice, wife of Ralph Bermingham; and Anastasia, wife of Ralph, son of Ranulf of Middleham.

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